His Black Heart

By Crimson Solitude of the Moon

~Sneak Peak~

Thunder boomed as white hot lightning crackled through the seething, moody sky. Wind whipped through the dark forest which had fallen eerily quiet. The pulsing, poisonous purple rived gurgled and spat. A shadow flew over the trees.

Crashing harshly to the ground, the light purple dragon growled. Flipping himself onto his paws, the dragon sniffed at the air. A dark grin spread across his maw as her scent invaded his nostrils. Quietly he began to pad forward, the flashes of lighting illuminating his putrid eyes.

The black dragoness ran, struggling desperately with branches that had snagged on her white wing membranes. Pain ripped through her as she tore them, desperately trying to gain distance between her and that… monster!

Thunder cracked and lightning cackled, rain answered her plea.

No! The large creature snarled, lifting his lips to show glinting fangs. Throwing himself forward, he struggled to catch the remaining scent. His wings were tucked impossible tight to his side, gaining only small scratches from the swaying trees. A chuckle rumbled in the dragon's chest as he smelt the dragoness' blood. He bolted forward, struggling to keep in the triumphant roar.

She skidded to a halt. No where to run, a cliff edge mocked her. The wind howled and her eyesight blurred. At least the rain would wash away her scent, even if it took away her vision.

A dark chuckle brought her head up. Standing before her, blocking the only escape route was "Malefor…"

"Shouldn't have run dear," he cried cruelly, "I might have spared you if you hadn't taken something of mine…"

"It's not yours! It will never be yours!" The dragoness shrieked, hugging a dark object to her chest, shielding it from the weather.

She shouldn't have said that, the female dragon realised in a burst of panic. Vicious anger crackled through the air.

Malefor stalked closer, his muscles bunched and ready to spring. Slowly he raised his wings, intimidating the much smaller female.

"Nowhere to run… Can't fly with the wind… No one to hear your screams!" he hissed, pushing his face into hers.

Fear racked her body. Instincts took over and she bolted.

Malefor let out a scream of anger, smashing his talons into her side and watching with hidden glee as the black dragoness was flung onto the ground. Something snapped, physically and mentally.

Her screams filled the night.

Yes I know this isn't a new chap (Please don't hurt me!) But I wanted to give you this and say that I am continuing this story. It's just going slower that I expected. A lot of things have been happening at home recently so my priorities say this is kinda low on the list which sucks but it has to be :(

I would enjoy to hear reviews on where you think this links in^^ I must admit I can't wait to get into this part of the story... I think I'm a sadist^^ I hope you can see why this is rated M. It's gonna get pretty bloody... Right should stop giving you hints now.

I would also love to hear on what you think the little black dragoness has taken, I'll find it interesting^^

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