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My Interview with Zelgadiss

Me: Hello everyone and welcome to another interview! Today I have with me a friend that our
earlier interviewee Gourry suggested, Zelgadiss Greywards! Welcome to the interview

Zelgadiss: Hmph.

Me: So Zelgadiss, there seems to be a lot of confusion about how to spell your name. Tell
us, is it one "s" or two?

Zelgadiss: It's two "s", even though tons of people spell it with one.

(authors note: according to the manga, it's two "s")

Me: Neat! So then, how old are you?

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: Um, I asked how old you were?

Zelgadiss: ...18...if you must know...

Me: So then Zelgadiss, do you have any family?

Zelgadiss: The biggest @#$%&# in the world for one. That's all I'm saying.

Me: Oooooooookkkkkk, I hope the censors bleeped that. So, got a best friend?

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: Aw come on, you must have SOMEONE whose a best buddy!

Zelgadiss: I have no best friends...

Me: Ok, do you have a girlfriend?

Zelgadiss: *Sputters* HUH?!?!

Me: Aha! I got ya! Who is it? Come on, spill it!

Zelgadiss: No one! Nobody!

*Suddenly the dead-bolted doors explode, Lina Inverse right behind them*

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: ACK!!! No again! I just had those replaced!

Lina: Aw come on Zel, you know you're totally into Amelia!

Zelgadiss: (Tries desperately to keep his cool) I am not.

Lina: Yes you are!

Zelgadiss: (Losing his cool)

Lina: Yes you are!

Zelgadiss: *Blushing furiously* AM NOT!!!

Lina: *Having fun with this* ARE TOO!!!

Zelgadiss: AM NOT!!!

Lina: ARE TOO!!!

Me: *Hides* Why me?

Zelgadiss: I don't have time for this *Reverts back to his normal cool self, casts a sleep
spell on Lina*

Lina: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: ...

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: *Climbing out from under the chair* So, er, um, what's your favorite food?

Zelgadiss: (Cooly) ...I have no favorite food.

Me: Um, don't you eat?

Zelgadiss: ...Yes...

Me: Well, what's your favorite thing to eat?

Zelgadiss: ...Coffee...

Me: That's a drink.

Zelgadiss: It's my favorite thing.

Me: Ok...

Zelgadiss: Coffee and tea, that's all I eat and drink all day long...

Me: Wow, I'm surprised you haven't keeled over and died yet from all that caffeine!

Zelgadiss: (Getting annoyed) ...

Me: Moving on, what are you up to now? Doing anything special?

Zelgadiss: ...Same as always...looking for my cure...

Me: Oh.

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: Well, I think we're about done here, anything else you'd like to add?

Zelgadiss: ...

Me: Ok then, join me next time for another interview with the Slayers!

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