Sophia felt the rocking sensation of a car in motion, the drooning noise of a familiar engine. She attempted to open her eyes and raise her head but exhaustion made little more than breathing difficult. Her body felt different. Even without movement she knew what had happened after she'd collapsed.

Her muscles unashamedly announced what had occured by their elastic looseness that what she had feared the most, feared that she would never survive it should it happen, had happened. Sophia Donner the Half-bred had succussfully survived her first flip. She was one of them now, two-natured, Wolven. The car slowed to a gradual stop and she felt someone shift as they eased out of the car.

She counted eight breaths before the door closest to her was gently opened and she was eased out of the car and swung up into the strong arms of Luc. Even before he'd gotten out of the car she'd known it was him. His scent was so particular, so familiar that she'd recognised it instantly. But something stirred within her, something more than familiarity, an instinct so strong she tense her muscles to deney. Mine.

Every cell in her body screamed, demanded it. So this is what your surfaced inner wolf felt like, sophia thought to herself a smile twitching at her mouth as she snuggled into Luc chest and drifted back to sleep.

Luc watched as sophia slept snuggled into his bed. She was restless shifting repeatedly in her sleep. She was dreaming. Luc could remember the first night after his flip. He'd thought his dreams had been vivid as warnings of his coming flip but had realised that those supposedly vivid dreams were blurry in comparison to that night.

He'd dreamt that he'd been in wolf form, streaking through the woods, howls slipping from his throat in pure joyousness. It was written within their DNA for the night journey's in wolf form following the first transformation. She seated himself beside her on the bed and watched as rolled to her back and let her muscles ripple senuously in a all-body stretch.

His eyes drifted shut, he gritted his teeth and groaned softly. He couldn't. This was all so new to her. For Christ's sake she's sleeping! He grumbled angerly to himself and opened his eyes to meeting Sophia's laughing ones. "Hi you're awake." He murmured and then cursed himself silently, No shit Sherlock.

She smiled at him. " Hi Yourself." She murmured and she stretched again. Swallowing deeply he asked huskily, "How you feeling?" She gently pushed herself upright and replied softly, "I feel great, better than i've ever felt in my life." Luc watched her his eyes softening. Slowly she raised her hand, his eyes watched her warily and gently she let her finger tips brush against his cheek.

It was only when his muscles relaxed and the wariness vanished that she let her palm meet his face and let her eyes drift shut. The pulsing sensation which teathered them was electric, it was more than attraction she knew that in her boys, goddess it was so much more.

"Luc ..." Sophia began and trailed off. "I know, I know." He murmured in reply. "Gods sophia i feel it, i've always felt it. It's stronger than it was." He murmured as he copied her placement, only both hands bracketed her face. "It's my wolf, she's at the surface. It feels..." she trailed off in confusion.

"It's indescribable." He muttered as he leant forward and placed a gentle kiss to her forehead and both temples. "*Run with me Sophia*" Luc pleaded silently. "*With you, Always*" She replied without thinking and smiling in response and mirror of luc of her successful communication. Luc held out his hand to her a charming smirk gracing his lucious lips without thought of hesitation she grasped his hand and allowed her to pull her up.

Sophia trailed behind Luc as he guided her to the french doors that were carelessly thrown open wide letting the night breeze drift across their warm skin. She trailed behind and luc glanced back, grinning at her in encourgaement. Swiftly he swung her up into his arms and she squealed in surprise.

Before she could react further they were over the balcony railed and luc had effortless landed on his feet, Sophia still secure in his gentle grip. Sophia growled at him playfully and swatted her shoulder as she slid her feet to the ground. She glanced up and saw Luc unbuttoning his shirt, sighly she glanced down.

"Don't." Sophia froze in shock. She felt Luc place his hand beneath her chin and guide his head up, "Don't you ever look away from me. I'll always want you to watch me. I'm yours, like you're mine." Luc Murmured his eyes blazing at her refusing to break her stare. "Yes, I'm yours. Always only you." Sophia whispered as Luc tugged her against him.

Everything seemed to build and revolve around this one moment. These two people, whose every cell in their bodies sang in harmony and joy at the reunion. Gently Luc cradled against him her body sighed in relief. MINE. Luc slowly tipped her head as he lowered his own. Their lips were hair-bredth apart when his eyes rose slowly and he murmured, "My Sophie, all Mine." He swiftly dropped his lips to meet her. Without doubt she unashamedly met his kiss and opened her mouth in response. Their kiss deepened instinctively and their tongues battled for dominance.

Luc gently ran his hand from her hips upwards towards her ribs and breasts. Her felt Sophia shudder at his intimate touch. Luc gently reached for the top One of ruby's old blouses he'd dressed her in and began to unbutton it.

Sophia felt the air rush at her warm and overheated breasts and pulled back in shock. "L-Luc-" Sophia stuttered neverously. "Relaxed, we won't do anything you don't want to do. We're just kissing and getting ready for a run." Luc murmured reassuredly. "I-It's not that i don't want to it's, it's just-" Luc cut her off. "Alots happened Sophia. There is no rush. I want it, us. After everything you've been through, we can wait. " Luc murmured as he placed a chaste kiss upon her mouth before gently lowering his hands to the buttons once again and nodded to ensure her consent to continue.

Sophia drew in a deep breath and nodded shyly at Luc as he slowly unbuttoned the blouse. She could feel herself shaking in nerves. Slowly and shakily she reached out her arms and finished unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. Without thoguht sophia reached for his jeans and began to unbutton before she froze in shock. She stepped back and smiled hesitantly at him.

Luc softly smiled in response to let her know that it was fine. Luc reached for his jeans and finished unbuckling them and pushing them to his feet. With a brief smile of encouragement Sophia mirrored Luc's movement and began to remove the loose sweat pants that she thought due to the sent that it also belonged to Ruby. Luc hunched over and suddenly a shimmering light blasted from his chest as he began to shift into his wolf form. Sophia laughed joyfully as luc in wolf form began to pounce about playfully. And nip at her.

"*Play with me, Sophia. Come play.*" Hunching over in mirror of Luc pose, sophia relaxed her muscles and let her wolf take over. Sophia knew the instant she'd transformed. Unlike the first time she shifted this time was no where near as painful.

The pain was sharp but the transformation caught like wildfire. She was free.