Authours Note: Hello all. If you have read The Pipers Son I hope you enjoy my continuation of the story through Tara Finkes eyes and how I wish it ended! It just finished to me to abruptly! I loved the friendships & needed more. So review and let me know your thoughts :) x Lauren.

It has been exactly 8 months and 3 days since Thomas returned home with his grandfather, Tom Finchs' body. It was the best that happened to his family under the circumstances. Although they are still hurting from the loss, they have all found some sort of closure knowing they have been able to bring his body back to Australia. Back home. Where he belongs.

Thomas once told me he thought he came from a broken home. I understood what he meant, no matter how far away we were at the time as he went on the plane with his Pop Bill and father Dominic. He left the girls in his life at home.

When he waited at the airport to be confronted with his mother and sister Annabel waiting I knew it was the best feeling in the world. Finally his family were together again. His mother had got up and left him afew months prior taking his beloved sister to Brisbane. Tom, stubborn as he is, didn't go with her. He was hurt. Hurt badly. He couldn't forgive his mother for getting up and walking out on his father. So he stuck around and despite how difficult the time was for him as his fathers quick decent. Turning to alcohol for solace, after the equally tragic and abrupt death of his brother Joe. Having his mother and sister though, reuniting at the airport at such a important time for both he and his father Dominic meant the world to the Finches.

As his father and he stepped out into the girls had come running to them. Annabel was quicker and she almost knocked Tom over with the power of her embrace. She quickly leaned up to do the same to her father. Tom put his hands on his sisters shoulders comforting as she pulled away from her father, to stand in front of Tom. Waiting, hoping for their parents to forgive and forget. They both watched as their parents looked at each other with such an intensity. It had been months since the two had seen each other, let alone heard each other. All they kept in contact was by letters.

"Hello Dom" Tom's mother had said quietly.

"I'm sorr-" His father began, but stopped when his mother stepped forward and shh'ed him with a hand bringing him into a tight embrace. He squeezed Annabel's shoulder with joy. She beamed up at him, her face oddly beautiful as it was upside down as the two faced the direction of their parents. His mother pulled away from Dominic only to pull Annabel and Tom into the hug. And then his mother was crying. Just like everyone in his family had been doing lately. He didn't mind he was used to the crying now. Besides he shed a tear himself when he saw who else was at the airport.

"I don't believe it" Annabel had mumbled. Looking up from the group hug.

Tom pulled away to see who his sister was referring too.

In those moments everything changed for Tom. It was as if everything in the world was suddenly less daunting. That maybe life was bearable. He told me so himself. He had a slight feeling of deja vu. It had only been a week or so. Since he'd been at this airport and seen the very same face.

Seen my face.

He almost tripped over his own feet as he rushed over dumb founded by everything that had happened. It turned out to be one of those hopeless romantic movies, as we both ran to each other in the middle of the airport. Probably catching the attention of many surrounding people. I think I took him by surprise when I immediately jumped into his arms. Hitching my legs around his hips and embracing him. He had one arm under my thigh, the other on my back pushing me closer too him. Yet it still wasn't close enough. I was taking in his scent that I missed so warmth of his touch the feel of his hot breath. My hands moved from around his neck to his face and I pulled my head back slightly to face him. I closed my eyes and our lips met. Suddenly everything that had been aching inside of me seemed to ease. The emotions I had been denying for so long, overcame the truth. And I was kissing him passionately. His lips greeting mine with equally longing and enthusiasm. After a minute or so I pulled back so I could breath. It was fast and heavy. So was his.

"Hey Finke" he whispered smirking, then kissing my neck softy.


"I've. Missed. You. So. Much" I said between kisses.

"I've never stopped missing you. Never" He said seriously. And I believed him completely. Because he his the one person who cannot fool to me. I kissed him once more before remembering where we were. Realizing his whole family was here. No doubt watching our very, very, public display of affection. Usually I'd have been strongly embarrassed especially when it came to such physical affection but the whole situation was so much more manageable when I had his hand in mine and we walked over to collect his bag and greet his family once more.

It was the most romantic gesture to my memory. I feel giddy just remembering it now.