Title: Runaround Affair

Summary: Valentine's Day is coming. If only Vincent could convince Cid that he was not trying to get into Yuffie's pants...

Pairing: Chaos, Hellmasker, Galian, Death Gigas, Vincent X Cid.

Warnings: ...Hell. Cid bottoms, ChaosCid, VincentCid, swearing, graphicness, violence, grammar, spelling, yadda, yadda, yadda. Anything goes in one of mine! NOT FOR CHILDREN!

Disclaimer: I own very little; FFVII is not among the items on my list.

A guttural moan escaped parted lips as hips shifted under the thin blanket. Sweat rolled down his tan skin as blonde hair was matted and his eyes were closed. Unaware of the glowing yellow eyes that watched him in his sleep, Cid rocked his hips against his mattress, his bare back revealed to the demon in his sleep.

Smirking, Chaos silently reached down, pulling down the thin cloth and revealing more of the tan skin. Yellow eyes widened slightly, grin growing as the pilot's unclothed body was completely revealed to the eager eyes. Fangs glinted off of the moonlight as he grinned, reaching down and running his clawed hands up the blonde's thighs. He gently spread the limbs before smirking even more, kneeing on the bed slowly as to not wake the slumbering human.

"Ngh...oh fuck, baby..." Cid drawled out, hips jerking as his cock throbbed against the sweat dampened sheets.

Chaos leaned down, pressing a soft kiss against the aviator's neck as he spread Cid's cheeks with his thumbs, exposing his puckered entrance. He tenderly rubbed the length of his hard cock along the pilot's ass, smearing precum in its wake before he prodded the tight opening with the thick crown of his cock. Gradually, he began to enter to blonde, persuaded to push in deeper at the desperate moans that departed from the man underneath him.

"Fuck..." Cid moaned when the demon's girth pressed against his prostate, stimulating the sensitive bundle of nerves and causing his hips to push back, making the demon purr as his balls pressed against the human's ass. Slipping a hand underneath the sleeping man, Chaos wrapped his clawed fingers around Cid's weeping cock, stroking him slowly as he calmly pumped his hips.

After a few minutes of thrusting inside of the unknowing blonde, the demon purred louder, heat coiling in his abdomen as he knew he was reaching his release. Pressing soft kisses along Cid's neck, he grinned when the pilot suddenly came with a thick moan. Thrusting a few more times, the demon pulled out before stroking himself to reach his peak; white cum surging out and coating the small of the blonde's back in long streaks.

Running his tongue along the pilot's ear, Chaos gently covered Cid's bare form with the blanket before taciturnly exiting the Captain's quarters and returning to Vincent's room. Lying down, he grinned to himself before relinquishing his control over the gunslinger's body.

Red eyes snapped open early the next morning, glaring at the hard bulge underneath his sheets as he silently got up. After a long, cold shower, Vincent dressed in his usual effects before heading outside of his room.

"Sleep well, host?" Chaos nearly purred in his ear, smirking in satisfaction in his mind.

Feeling the demon's pleased state, concern began to grow in the brunette's stomach as he hesitantly asked, "What did you do?"

"I merely did what you did not have the balls to do," the demon replied as his smirk grew. "I took the blonde."

Fingers twitched as his eyes widened, voice raising to a slight panic as he paused in the hallway of the Highwind. "...What?"

"Hey, Vinny!" Yuffie exclaimed as she beamed up at him. "Sleep well?" Vincent carefully turned his crimson eyes on the Wutaian girl.

"I slept well," he replied as calmly as he could.

Snickering, the brunette female continued to speak, "We could tell! It's almost noon, you know? Have a good dream or something?" Managing to contain a blush, the gunman opened his mouth to reply, just to be cut off by a stream of swears as Cid hobbled past them. "Finally remove the pipe up your ass, old man?"

Chaos smirked widely as he retorted in Vincent's mind, "In a sense, he had a "pipe" shoved up his tight ass, yes."

"Shut up," Vincent grumbled softly to his demon, the words drowned out as Cid snapped at the young girl.

"Fuck ya! Jus' managed ta sleep wrong, 's all!" The blonde shouted, limping as he made his way to the steering column, beginning to lift the large airship off of the ground as he light as cigarette, sucking on the filter as he spread his legs to accommodate the pain in his ass. Crimson eyes glazed over slight as they roamed over the pilot's body, tongue running over to wet his lips as he felt his cock begin to stir.

Yuffie huffed as she stomped over to the blonde, picking an argument with him as the gunslinger looked on. Blood red irises focused on his muscles, watching them ripple under tan skin as he flipped off the ninja.

"Want to push him up against the controls and fuck him hard?" Chaos purred, golden eyes observing the pilot as eagerly as the crimson counterparts did. "He moans like a seasoned whore, but is as tight as a virgin."

Blushing darkly, Vincent murmured softly under his breath, "No. You already raped him. I need to atone for it." Even as he spoke, he continued to ogle the smoking blonde. Desire shone in his eyes as he began to walk away.

"You want him," Chaos smirked. "Either you tell him now or I'll take him again." Purring lustfully as he eyed Cid, he flexed his claws, "I can get out when you sleep; take him while he's awake next time." Images from last night flooded Vincent's mind as he blushed darkly, thankful that his cloak hid the pigmentation form view. "He is quite surprising; slept through the whole thing. I bet he's even more impressive once awake; begging, moaning, pleading for more... We've already seen how limber he is when repairing this place. I'll let you know how far I can get his legs over his head."

"Don't you dare!" Vincent snarled darkly, making Cid and Yuffie pause.

"Ha!" the Wutaian shouted as she pointed her finger at the pilot. "I told you he loves me! Vincent won't let you throw me overboard!" Running over, she hugged Vincent tightly around the waist, hand narrowly missing the bulge in his leather pants before she skipped away.

"Eh..." Cid muttered as he smoked. "Ya ain't had ta shout, Vampy, I wasn't really gonna toss 'er overboard." He blew out a mouthful of smoke before jerking his thumb in the direction Yuffie ran off in. "Never knew ya liked 'er so much, 'fore. Never let it show 'til now." Grinning at the brunette, he winked. "Ya know yer gonna have to get 'er shit next time we land. Valentine's Day is righ' 'round the fuckin' corner. Women love that kind 'a romantic shit."

Vincent blinked as Chaos went silent in shock, "But-"

"No buts 'bout it, Valentine. Ya ain't gettin' in 'er pants 'til she's of age an' pissin' 'er off on the day yer named after ain't gonna help ya a damn bit. Take my advice; get a nice restaurant, flower, candles, chocolate, the whole fuckin' shebang! Even a woman as bratty as Yuffie will melt an' give ya a little tongue fer yer efforts."

"But I-"

Cid waved his hand as he tapped his cigarette out into an ashtray. "No need ta thank me!"

Chaos grumbled at Vincent, "See what you've done?"

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