Title: Runaround Affair

Summary: Valentine's Day is coming. If only Vincent could convince Cid that he was not trying to get into Yuffie's pants...

Pairing: Chaos, Hellmasker, Galian, Death Gigas, Vincent X Cid.

Warnings: ...Hell. Cid bottoms, ChaosCid, VincentCid, swearing, graphicness, violence, grammar, spelling, yadda, yadda, yadda. Anything goes in one of mine! NOT FOR CHILDREN!

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Cid grunted softly as Vincent lowered him into the bath of warm water, the brunette carefully unwrapping his leg before lowering the injured limb into the water. Carefully, the ex-Turk washed the blonde pilot, smiling when he notice that the blonde had drifted to sleep.

"Hm, you must have worn him out, host," Chaos commented as he fondly looked down at the sleeping man. "He will sleep for quite some time."

"Good," Vincent replied. "That gives me some time to make reservations..."

Cid mumbled as he rolled over in his bed, blankets tucked around his body as his eyes fluttered open. Sleepy, blue eyes looked around for the missing gunner as he stretched out. "Mmm, least he didn't trap me under the fuckin' thing this time," he muttered as he sat up. Stretching out his arms, the blonde yawned before moving to stand up, hobbling into the bathroom, he used the facility before hobbling back to the bed.

"Did you sleep well?" Vincent asked as he stepped into the room, holding two garment bags.

"Yeah, what 're those?"

"Your suit and my suit for this evening."

"Eh? What's this evening?"

"Our Valentine's Day date."

"Shit! That's fuckin' today?"

"Yes. ...Are you having second thoughts?"

"What? Nah! Jus' ain't planned nothin' fer us!"

"I already took care of everything," Vincent said with a slight smirk. "Rest, we have a long night ahead of us..."

Cid grumbled as he looked around the restaurant, fiddling aimlessly with his blue tie, "'S a fancy place, Val."


"Yeah, yeah, Val. So, where 'd ya find this place?"

"I looked around and asked the residents for places."

Whistling, the blonde grinned, "Sure went out 'a yer way, didn't ya?"

"Only a little bit," the gunner replied. "Miss Kisaragi cried when I explained the situation to her after she thought those flowers were for her." Looking at the blue and white chrysanthemums, the pilot chuckled. "Once she fully understood the situation, and stole all of my materia from my gun, she proceeded to interrogate Cloud about his plans for the evening."

"Poor fucker," Cid chuckled. "Got more pussy thrown his way than he knows what ta do with it."

"Especially with him being gay," Vincent replied before giving their orders to the waitress that came by, giving her specific instructions to continually fill the blonde's glass once it was half-empty.

Smirking as he ate a bite of their shared chocolate dessert, the brunette ran his eyes over the blonde's body. Crimson orbs ran over the flush across the pilot's face, ears, and neck. Licking the chocolate off of his lips, he fed the last bite of the dessert to the inebriated blonde. "Are you enjoying yourself, Chief?"

"Course!" Cid said loudly before hiccupping. "Dunno why ya need'd ta get me drunk s'ough." Grinning, the shorter man reached over the table and tapped Vincent's nose. "Was gonna fuck ya anyway!"

"Keep your voice down," Vincent said as he chuckled, waiving the waitress over for the bill and leaving her a large tip. Picking up the flowers, he tucked one behind the blonde's hair. "Let's get you back to the Highwind." Assisting the pilot, the gunslinger led the stumbling blonde home, smirking at the country tune his whistled to the best of his ability.

"Take mate," Galian growled.

"Let me fuck him," Hellmasker rasped.

"Hush, now," Vincent murmured to his demons as he led the blonde through the snow back to the Highwind. Quietly walking through the empty, quiet hallways, the gunner led Cid back to him room, eyes widening in surprise when he was pulled down for a deep kiss. Pushing his tongue into the blonde's mouth, the brunette eagerly kissed back before removing the blue tie around the other's neck. Smirking, he broke off the kiss and stripped off the blonde's suit, scarlet eyes running over the drunk man's body.

"I almost feel as though I am taking advantage of you..." Vincent murmured before kissing Cid deeply, using the silk tie to restrain the blonde's hands above his head. Once the fabric was securely attached to the metal frame, he stripped out of his suit, smirking at the way the hazy blues watched him. "Enjoying the show, Captain?" he purred.

Grinning drunkenly, the pilot spread his legs widely, allowing Vincent to have a good look at his hard cock as he arched his lower half off of the bed. "Course, Val! Ain't every day I get ta see a vampire strip!"

Chuckling at the slurred comment, Vincent stepped closer to the bed once undressed. "Mm, an injured leg will be difficult to work with..." Walking out of the room, the brunette walked to his room unclothed before returning to the Captain's Quarters with a green orb in his hand. Concentrating, he quickly healed the wounds on the blonde before setting the cure materia into the nightstand's drawer.

"Ya had a fuckin' cure all 'a this time?" Cid slurred while glaring at the gunner.

"Of course," the ex-Turk replied with a smirk. "An opportunity arose within which I could take care of you. I was not going to let it pass me by."

Leaning down, he pressed his lips to the blonde, effectively cutting off the stream of curses as his clawed fingers slowly cut off the bandages wrapped around his leg. Moving to settle between the pilot's spread legs, he smirked as he reached into the nightstand's drawer, pulling out a new bottle of lubricant and a box of condoms.

"Ribbed: for your pleasure," Vincent said with a smirk before leaning down and dragging his tongue along the outer shell of the blushing blonde's ear, voice a deep growl as he murmured, "We are all going to have fun with you, Cidney..."

Shuddering, the blonde arched up, watching when the gunner pulled back, opening the foil package with his elongated teeth before slowly rolling on the condom and snapping open the tube of lubricant. Slicking up his fingers, he eagerly pushed two long digits into the blonde's entrance. Smirking at the thick moan, he pumped his fingers rapidly, rubbing the pilot's prostate firmly with the tips of his fingers. Pressing soft kisses and sharp nips along Cid's neck, he stretched his fingers widely, taking his time preparing the blonde as he lavished the tan neck with his attention.

Removing his fingers, he ran his hands along the backs of Cid's thighs. Lifting the blonde's legs, Vincent smirked at the sight of the shorter man's dripping cock and stretched opening. Pressing his thick, crowned tip against the pilot's entrance, the ex-Turk leaned down before kissing the other man deeply, snapping his hips forward roughly as his lips smothered the lust-filled cry from the other man. Breaking off the kiss, he thrust his hips hard and deep, making sure to his the sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside of the blonde.

Murmuring dirty words in the blonde's ear, Vincent easily brought the blonde to his climax, smirking at the heavy pants coming from the other male as he emptied into the condom. Pulling out, the brunette's body quickly shifted into a tall, wide demon.

"Sky child..." Death Gigas growled as he smirked. Running his thick fingers down the blonde's body, he quickly flipped the human over so he was lying on his stomach, ass raised in the air as his head rested on his arms and the pillow. Large digits fondled Cid's cock and balls before groping his ass. "You are mine!" he growled before thrusting his thick, long girth deep inside of the blonde. Eyes widening at the larger intrusion, the pilot moaned loudly as he tried to push back onto the vast flesh that filled his opening.

Smirking as he pumped his hips, Death Gigas palmed Cid's ass before pulling his cheeks apart and watching as his cock pushed past the tight ring of muscle into the pilot's warm body. Kissing the tan human's neck, he moved roughly, the other man's walls clamped tightly around his engorged cock.

Moaning at the driving heat pushing deep inside on his body, Cid grunted as he clenched around the flesh. Warm cum dripped down his stomach and chest as he was brutally fucked, the demon's large organ rubbing against all of the right places with every thrust, making the human quiver slightly as the coiling heat in his abdomen.

"Oh fuck!" Cid cried out as he climaxed again. A large shudder ran through his body when he felt a warm heat spread inside of him. "Heh...guess the fuckin' thing couldn't handle it..."

Death Gigas flipped Cid over so he was lying onto his back once more before kissing him deeply and pulling out, body shifting once more. The blonde moaned at the feeling of thick, soft fur rubbing against his cock as he as entered again. Tail wagging, Galian growled deeply, "Mate mine!"

Panting heavily as he was fucked once more, the blonde laughed softly at the wagging tail of the demon, muscles quivering as his skin was covered in sweat and his hard abs, as well as the bedding, were splattered with him cum. "What? Do ya all want a fuckin' turn?" Cid chuckled, jerking with a pleased shout as his abused prostate was hit once more, the nerves becoming tender at all of the recent abuse. Moaning in his throat at the long licks to his neck, the human wrapped his legs tightly around the demon's waist, soft fur massaging his thighs and calves as he was hastily brought to another climax.

Galian licked the blonde's cheek before pulling out, body shifting once more. Red orbs looked down at the human from behind the white mask as the demon set the chainsaw down onto the floor.

"Cidney..." the demon practically cooed as he pressed his cock body against the human's, chuckling at the way the warm being jerked. "Mine..." he rasped before pushing his hard cock deep inside of the blonde, smirking at the way the blonde writhed.

"Ya need a fuckin' heater!" Cid snapped as the cold flesh filled his body, breaking off into moans when he was briskly fucked. His abused prostate throbbed deep inside of his at the exploitation it was receiving. Jerking at the cold fingers that curled around his cock, the blonde writhed against the hold as he was stroked to completion, cold cum filling his warm body and mixing with the hot cum deep inside of him as the demon pulled out.

Body shifting once more, large wings spread out as yellow irises looked down at the blonde, smirking at the sight of the cum-soaked, trembling blonde. "Seems as though someone had fun," Chaos said as he pulled the broken condom off of his thick cock. Leaning down, the demon spread Cid's legs open wider as he pulled the human into a deep kiss. "Miss me, human?"

Kissing back, Cid moaned as he arched up, "Ngh, ya want it, ya got ta be quick 'cause I'm 'bout ta take a nap!"

Laughing, the demon slowly entered the blonde. "Mm, it is good that you stand when you pilot this craft," he growled as he rolled his hips, "because we are all going to fuck you until you cannot think straight." Kissing the human deeply as he slowly pumped his hips, the demon smirked, "And make no mistake, human, you are MINE!" Thrusting viciously at the claimed statement, the demon eagerly fucked the human, bringing him to climax multiple times before the blonde passed out, unaware of the smirk across the demon's face...

Groaning thickly at the throbbing, dull pain between his legs, Cid opened his eyes to find Vincent lying awake next to him. "Damn, ya'll fuck a man like ya ain't ever been laid!" he complained as he slipped a hand under the blankets, rubbing his thighs before pausing at the feeling of metal on his cock. "What the-?" Flipping the blanket off of his body, blue eyes widened at the sight of a sapphire engagement rind pierced through the crowned head of his cock. "The fuck did ya do, Val?"

"Blame Chaos," Vincent said with a not-so-apologetic smirk as he trailed his claws down the blonde's side. "Oh, I have something for you..."

"Ain't we fucked enough last night, V-" pausing at the small card held before his eyes, the blonde squinted slightly as he made out the faded words. "Ya got ta be fuckin' kidding me!"

"No. A pair of pink hot pants are in your closet. We will pick out the flowers before you hand them out."

"Yer a fuckin' sneaky som'bitch!"

"Oh, and Captain?"


"You never answered the question."

"What fuckin' question?"

Gesturing to the ring in Cid's cock, Vincent smirked slightly, "Will you marry me?"

The End

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