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"You Mother F***er!" She shouted. :] I think you will understand them none the less.

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"Nobody really cares if your miserable. So you might as well be happy."

- Cynthia Nelms

"ON TOUR! WOO!" The Exuberant blonde shouted from the tour bus. Meet Ino Yamanaka, currently a pianist for the band 'Burning Blossoms'. Ino used to be a cashier at the local Barnes N' Noble until her closest friends called her up asking her to join a band they were making. Naturally, She was excited and quit her job immediately. Her long blonde hair in it's normal pony-tail with a chunk of bang in front of her right eye. Her brand new purple strapless dress hugged her as she jumped around the bus like a maniac.

"INO! Sit your but down! People are going to wonder what the crap in going on in a SHAKING bus." The annoyed brunette yelled while laying on the couch. This ray of sunshine is Tenten. She plays the drums for the band. About two years ago you would have found her at a Taekwondo class teaching little 10 year-olds how to break noses. Little did she know she got the same call a little after Ino did. Reluctantly she resigned from the job and went to join her best friends on tour. Her chocolate hair was pulled up into two tight buns at the top of her head. Her green gaucho's matched her brown tank top perfectly.

"Tenten, just calm down. No one is going to think anything." The calm girl said sitting in a chair in the kitchen behind Tenten watching 'C.S.I. Las Vegas.' This calm girl's name was Hinata Hyuga. Hinata lived in a rich family from the start. Her mother was a model and her father was a famous movie director. But Hinata had not grown up with the talent of fitting into outrageously small clothes or to come up with idea's for movies. Nope, she grew up with a voice and a knack for playing guitar/bass, and a great one at that. Hinata pursued a singing career after high school and soon became in America's top 10. One day she got a call from the girl who proved she had a good voice. Said girl asked if she would like to join a band with her, Tenten, and Ino. Of course, She agreed and started to pack her bags. Hinata had strange purple hair. That's one of the things that made these people friends. Well her blue hair was laying down her back, wet from her recent shower. Her Black basketball shorts were pulled on with a purple short sleeved shirt.

"Hinata's right. Just RELAX Tenten. But really Ino, stop it, I think you're making me car sick." The blonde looked at her disgustedly and quickly stopped. Meet the pinkette that started it all, Sakura Haruno. Sakura had it rough in the early years but when she got to high school and met her three best friends she didn't worry anymore. When they graduated and everyone went their separate ways Sakura used Hinata's connection to become an actress. She first started as a murder victim in a horror movie but when people started to realize her talent she became known all over. She was in movies, Soap Operas, even Comedy's. But one day she just wanted to test out something new so she called up the girls only to hear that they would all gladly join her band. She is the lead singer of 'Burning Blossoms'. Sakura was another strange hair girl, you could pick her out of any crowd. Her hair was a vibrant pink. She currently had it pulled up in a loose bun at the top of her head. Her tank top was a less bright shade of pink but it matched her black and grey shorty shorts perfectly.

"Ew. Sakura please don't. You know how I am with puke…" Ino said with the look still on her face. Sakura just laughed and continued looking at the TV from her spot next to Tenten on the couch.

Suddenly their manager, who drives the bus, looked back at them. "We're here!"

"YES!" Ino shouted running out of the bus since she was already in concert dress. The others just laughed at her enthusiasm and went to get their concert dress so they could dress in the 'official' dressing room. Last time they all changed on the bus the owner of the stadium yelled telling them she got a dressing room built and they didn't even use it. Tenten and Ino had to carry away a crying Hinata while Sakura gave the lady a piece of her mind. 'Burning Blossoms' have never been invited back to that certain stadium since then.

"Okay. See you after the concert Kakashi!" Tenten said as she made her way off the bus.

"Kick some butt girls!" The masked man yelled out the door. The girls entered through the back and walked to their designated dressing rooms. Once they were dressed, Sakura made her way to the front to get the schedule, Hinata practiced various songs on her guitar while doing her vocal warm-ups with Ino who in turn was practicing songs on her keyboard. Tenten was in her room listening to music and was practicing the drum part of those songs, She declared within the first year she had the drums down and needed no rehearsal.

While Sakura was looking over the schedule she bumped into her worst enemy.

"Hey pinky." The boy said with a velvety voice. Said girl whipped her head up to look into his onyx eyes. Hers widened.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Sakura half said half yelled. He just chuckled, like he does every time. He stared at her face while he stated his answer.

"Simple, we're your opening act." Her eyes widened and scanned the sheet only to find that what he said was the truth. Sakura groaned and made her way back to the dressing room to share this depressing news.

"Hey! Break a leg out there!" He called down the hall to her. She grumbled something incoherent and stopped to turn and look him in the face.

"Yeah, yours." She then smirked and continued down the hall. When she opened the door and her friends saw her grimace they stopped immediately and waited for what they had to say.

"You will never guess who our opener is…" They all racked their brains for bands.





"Linkin Park?"


"Sakura… Just tell us who it is!" Ino said angrily. Sakura sighed and sat down on the couch.

"Try the 'Dark Knights'…" she said slamming the schedule on the coffee table in front of her. Everyone in the room screeched and ran for the paper. All you could hear from the room was shouts of "NOOO!" "WHY US?" and "WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUELLLLLLLLLLL?" although outside the door, four boys were listening to this and were jumping for joy.