Your Not Alone By: Saosin

It's just like him,

To wander off in the evergreen park.

Slowly searching,

For any sign of the ones he used to love.

He says he's got nothing left to live for,

And this time I think you'll know.

You're not alone!

There is more to this I know!

You can make it out,

You will live to tell!

She's just like him,

Spoiled rotten confused by the lies she's been fed.

And she's searching for no one (But herself)

Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy,

that she is here.

And this time I think you'll know..

You're not alone!

There is more to this I know!

You can make it out,

You will live to tell!

You're not alone!

There is more to this I know!

You can make it out..

(There is more to know)

We're not alone!

There is more to this I know!

You can make it out,

You will live to tell!

(So tell me)

You're not alone!

There is more to this I know!

You can make it out,

You will live to tell!

You're not alone..

You're not, you're not alone..

"Thank you Sasuke Uchiha! That was our last performance for tonight. Now we will go onto the Challenge portion of the pageant!" Cheers were heard from the crowd.

"Alright! I need all our stars to come onto the stage please!" Slowly the stars filed onto the stage and stood in their designated spots. "Now, during the talent competition I selected a variety of members from the audience to come and help us with the competition! Come on out guys!" Martin Johnson said facing the backstage area. Slowly and shyly two boys and a girls walked out onto the stage.

"Now what's your name?" Martin asked the small children on the stage.

"Umm.. I'm Andrew Lockwood."

"I'm Suzie McAlister."

"I'm Antony."

"Alright kids, I'm so glad you could be here today." He said shooting them a smile. "You guys are going to help me decide what three challenges our team is going to do!" The children broke out into smiles as the crowd cheered in excitement. Suzie bounced up in down, hand raised, as if she knew the answer to a problem she had trouble with.

"Alright Ladies first! What's your idea Suzie?" the girl bound toward the mic and asked if she could have it. Complying he let the girl announce her event.

"BEAR GOODIE DO LA LICK RENCH!" The audience laughed as Martin Pulled the microphone further from her mouth and asked her to repeat her event.

"THEIR GONNA DO THE NECK REACH!" The cast had quizzical looks on their faces as the little girl put them in order girl, boy, girl, boy. When in order this is how it was set up:

Rihanna, Kenny Chesney, Haley Williams, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Biebs, La Roux, Joe Jonas, Megan Fox, Kiba, Christina Aguilera, Pete Wentz, Britney Spears, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Avril Lavinge, Johnny Depp, Mandy Moore, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno.

"Okay, We filled up a water balloon and the point of the game is to pass the water balloon with ONLY your necks then the last person has to pop it on themselves!" The little girl said into the mic she stole from Martin. At the last piece of information Sakura's eyes got big. REALLY big. Sasuke just snickered at this reaction, she gave him a unseen glare.

"Okay! Start!" The little girl shouted placing the water balloon in Rihanna's ready neck. Slowly but swiftly the team passed the water balloon with their necks when it finally got to Sasuke. He smirked as he passed it to Sakura secretly whispering a few silent words.

"Don't get TOO wet Sakura dear. Save some for later." Sakura gave him a death glare as she tried with all her might to pop the balloon. After a few seconds it finally popped making her dress quite wet causing it to cling to her skin. This was something the older boys/men didn't fail to notice. Including the Uchiha.

'D***.. This is going to be a hard plan.…' He thought in his head as the next child came up to present his plan. Attendants came out to give the wet pinkette a towel to dry off with

"My event is going to be an egg toss." He said putting people into pairs. With Eminem sitting out because of unevenness. Naturally Sakura was with Sasuke. She smirked evilly.

"GO!" The first group threw it. Sakura just a little harder than the others. They took a step back. Sasuke threw it back to her with a little force in the egg. They took another step back. Sakura threw her egg as if it was a simple tennis ball. Sadly they took another step back. With 4 groups out the other 7 were still going strong. Sakura took another step back.

She threw the egg at full force to the Uchiha who had to step back to keep it from smashing on his clothes. They stepped back.

"Dang it! What is this a boiled egg?" She mumbled to herself as she caught the speeding egg. 5 more groups had stuck out. Sakura threw her egg to find it caught by the Uchiha. They were the last ones. But the egg had to crack on someone before the event to end.

Sasuke tossed back the egg with as much force as possible which the pinkette seemed to catch with grace. They stepped back, he growled. She had a fire burning in her eyes when she tossed the egg one more time. The Uchiha had it when a finger slipped from it's grasp and the egg slammed into his shirt. He mumbled a curse as the cherry blossom giggled and shrugged at his glare.

"Antony. I believe it's your turn!" Martin said to the last child on the stage. Antony walked over to Martin and took the microphone.

"In my event, You all, will be acting." Sakura smiled as wide as she could. THIS was her talent.