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Summary: Fourteen years later, Tsuna is a boss. What about her suitors...? A short peek in their lives.

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Warnings: Female Tsuna, Tsuna/Harem – the pairings are the same as in the previous one shot, Someday, so I won't repeat them. If you are curious, look up the previous chapter. Oh, and of course, total disrespect of timelines.

Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'

(Someday, by Flipsyde)

It was late in the evening; the clock was relentlessly pushing to the midnight hour.

And in the great mansion, all was quiet and dark... except for one room.

The room was illuminated with a single table lamp. Which was modestly throwing its' feeble light to an ornate oak table, covered with stacks of paper.

The only movement in the mentioned room was an occasional shuffle and scratching of the fountain pen on the smooth surface.

She was working. Tirelessly, her eyes skimmed over the reports, her mind going through the scenarios and probabilities of success, dark eyes blinking occasionally as to keep the seep away for just a little bit longer.

She was slender, almost dainty-looking thing – and nobody who would've seen her like this, wouldn't know that she was a leader of the strongest and most ruthless mafia famiglia in the world.

She was still clothed in her suit, crisp white shirt with charcoal gray suit with trousers and a slim black tie; giving her an illusion of being very feminine male.

But right now, her jacket was off and her tie loosened along with first button opened to reveal part of her slender throat. She had been here for almost six hours, revising the contract with Vendici famiglia, checking and re-checking for the possible loopholes before it would be presented and sealed by both sides.

Her hand absentmindedly reached for her cup of green tea, as sharp eyes attentively went over the words, one last time.

Sighing, she leant back in her leather chair – the only creature comfort she allowed herself to have in this room. Who would've thought that she, Sawada Tsuunayoshi, would became a mafia boss?

Closing her eyes, she frowned. This year, it would be almost fourteen years since the day she had met her... tutor.

Despite her protests, she had been outright dragged in the mess, each attempt of getting out of the damned predicament had been somehow thwarted by the other side. Heck, even her enemies wanted her to become the boss! And let's not mention her... subordinates

Somehow, she became a magnet for troublesome guys, who were not only powerful – box weapons or not – but were intent on chasing after her – and not only out of ...professional interest, either. Did she mention that they were a very possessive bunch, too? She never did expect that from them; scratch that, she did, but not the level of possessiveness they exhibited.

There was only a handful of times she went to date, and all of those dates were thwarted by one or another... overzealous... member of her famiglia.

First time she had gone to date it was in high school. It all went well... not. Rokudo Mukuro was a force to be reckoned with, and the guy she had gone out with, was traumatized for life, what with the pineapple's generous use of illusions; never mind the awkwardness when she'd found herself kissing Chrome (Mukuro was still in Vendicare). The poor girl couldn't look at her face for months afterward.

Second time, there was a tennis captain... and Yamamoto had shown an impressive aptitude for tennis... not. The baseball nut crushed the poor bastard in the tennis game, and three days later, said tennis captain switched the schools, wanting to be as far away from Namimori as he could.

Third was some boxer on vacation. It didn't help him save from Hibari's bite of death.

Fourth date was in Italy. Xanxus sure was a possessive bastard, even after she had kicked his scarred butt. Squalo and Bel were not any better.

The holidays were torture. Reborn, tracking her down, she could understand. Gokudera... was her right hand man. No biggie, right? However, that didn't explain Yamamoto and Ryohei. She was not amused at the nosebleeds when she emerged out of the water, clad only in her bikini, and wet to the bone. She knew Hibari had one photo... or two from that time.

It became even crazier when Fon and Colonello came. One Arcobaleno was enough. Two more was just asking for headaches.

Shaking her head slightly, she refused to blush; still, a nice pink tinge coloured her pale cheeks.

After they had broken the curse, the Arcobalenos had returned back to their adult selves, and three particular ones decided to... follow her, so to speak. Her guardians were less than pleased, but had to allow the pursuit, but not without vigorous ass-kicking and threats of demise on both sides.

She wasn't exactly happy that her chances of dating outside mafia gene pool had been lowered into red numbers, even more so with Arcobalenos joining the chase and often, she wondered what the hell the girl had to do to have some quality non-mafia time here.

On more than one occasion, she had to literally kick their butts, to have some time alone, without watching their testerostene – filled displays and stopping matches that threatened to destroy the mansion.

Many times she blew her top and asked them just why they couldn't each find a girl to date – any girl, except her, of course.

The answers were very... enlightening.

"They're herbivores."

"I don't date weaklings."

"Oya, oya, that would be no fun. Kufufufufu..."

"They're not EXTREME enough."

"That would be a waste of my time, ahah."

"Shishi, they're not good enough for this prince."

"Those brats? Are you out of your fucking mind, VOI!"

"Dame-Tsuna, we already decided."

"It would be no use..."

"They just don't cut it out, KORA!

"There's only Juudaime for me..."

She had been irritated and flattered. Most of the time, she wanted to strangle them for their ingrained male stupidity – yes, even Reborn, the great hitman, had those – but she sighed and carrid on. And if they really became too idiotic, there was still good old fashioned ass-kicking to illuminate theri primitive, mating-obsessed minds.

It had been surprising, that they chose her, what with all the butt-whooping she had delivered in order to get them in line. On the top of it,, she was a woman and their superior, which should've grated their pretty little alpha sensibilities quite a lot.

"You are still here, tesoro?" Came a rough, scratchy voice from the door.

Blinking, she focused on the speaker- the man was tall and slender, with strong muscles and heavily scarred body. Garnet red eyes looked at her as he nonchalantly leaned against the door, his forearm crossed on his chest, dark hair messed up as he blinked at her sleepily.

/God, is he sexy./

She suppressed a shiver as she smiled at him.

"Yes, Xanxus." She replied. He frowned at the non-committal answer.

Tsuna bit back a smile at his unintentional put. In that moment, he looked like a small boy who was denied a candy; and in the years she had lived with him, Tsuna indeed discovered that Xanxus had a weakness for white chocolate with whole hazelnuts, if only because she had coincidentally ambushed him when she was enjoying his treat. His embarrassed face was funny – half of the chocolate bar inside his mouth as he was frozen in motion, his eyes wide with surprise and a nice pink blush on his cheeks. This was one of Tsuna's most precious memories, although she had to swear on her life no to tell anyone about Xanxus' little...sweet tooth.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" She inquired mildly. Garnet eyes glared at her.

"I'm waiting for you." He grumbled out reluctantly.

Tsuna blinked. "Waiting... For me?" she parroted out slowly.

Xanxus' eyebrow twitched. "Yes, "he grated out.

Tsuna smiled a small smile at him. "Thanks, but I still have to revise the – " She told him, yawning in the middle of an excuse.

Xanxus growled, in a few strides, he was in front of her looming over the infuriating woman that was his boss. He suppressed a shudder at the sight of that dreaded paperwork. In such moments, he was glad he wasn't Decimo. He would get mad in the first five minutes in the paperwork.

"Woman," He snarled out. She was absolutely infuriating – unpredictable, too soft on her opponents, and protective of her damned guard dogs – and even now, Xanxus didn't have a clue just why was he head over heels in love with her.

"Tsuna?" A smooth voice inquired behind his back, making him stiffen involuntarily.

So they sent the Storm Arcombaleno, ha?

Tsuna sighed. "In here, Fon," She called, sighing tiredly.

"Come rest, Tsuna." Fon silently stepped in the dimly lit room. "You've had a long day, and you need rest." Gentle words were spoken out firmly, making Tsuna pout slightly.

"Besides, Gokudera and Yamamoto miss you. And a certain little bird told me to tell you to hurry up or you'll be bitten to death," Fon said, amused.

Tsuna laughrd lightly. "This is so like Hibari." She mused, honey-coloured eyes glittering with mirth.

She could finally see the Arcobaleno.

Fon was clad only in his loose black pajama pants, which hung precariously low on his hips. He still had his customary braid, and his eyes were still kind as they had been when she had first gated upon his adult form in person.

Her stomach did a little flip; an instinctive reaction to all of her... lovers.

Fon smiled at the sight.

This woman – this beautiful, stubborn woman – was his. It took a lot of time and patience – especially with other suitors for the Decimo's hand. It still irked him that he had to share her – but at least, he shared her with someone he knew and trusted. Other suitors were not so lucky, though.

In those years, Tsuna had blossomed into a strong and beautiful woman with a strong reputation. She was not oly a strong fighter, but a compassionate soul - something that baffled anyone who knew about the ...extracurricular ... activities of the Vogola boss. The Mafia wasn't a place for sunshine and daisies, abut with her in the game, the world was just a tiny bit brighter.

He watched her fondly, as she yawned cutely - - like a small kitten. And he was grateful that he was trusted enough to see her so at ease. Now, how to get the Lioness of Vongola to rest...?

Once again, Tsuna yawned. "That's it!" Xanxus growled. "You're going to rest – and that's final!"

He grabbed her, slinging her body over his shoulder, making her squeak indignantly.

"Xanxus!" She yelped out, horrified.

Fon had to suppress a laughter at their bickering, as he followed them out of the office. He couldn't help but let his gaze trail over that upturned butt that looked oh-so-fetching in simple gray slacks.

Tsuna, of course, noticed. "Fon, you perv." He huffed, as her cheeks coloured in a fetching blush. She squeaked as Xanxus slapped her butt.

She growled. Why was that when it came to perving on her, her guys helped each other?

It wasn't fair! She pouted, huffing slightly.

"Put. Me Down." She growled out at Xanxus threateningly. Xanxus only chuckled evilly, making Tsuna want to whimper.

He opened the door of her bedroom and –

There went her dignity.

"She was stubborn again, wasn't she?" Reborn's whiskey smooth voice floated to her ears.

"Ushishi... we all know what that means-" Belphegor snickered in his own evil way.

Tsuna eyed him evilly. "Don't. You. Dare." She growled out.

"Juudaime...Again?" Gokudera sighed a long – suffering sigh. "You promised me you wouldn't – "

"I had to finish that contract!" Tsuna defended herself.

"With overworking yourself, Tsuna?" Yamamoto was, for once, serious. Tsuna had to suppress a shiver.

"I should bite you to death."

Ah... Hibari's input.

"Hibari!" Tsuna hissed, mortified.

She was lifted into the air, as if she were a cute little kitten.

"I agree with Hibari," Xanxus informed her gruffly. "At this rate, you'll burn yourself out and – "

Tsuna resisted the urge to plant her foot into his crotch bravely.

"Put. Me. Down." She growled out.

Xanxus smirked, but did as she wanted him to.

And she found herself in a hug, courtesy of COMSUBIN leader.

"We missed you, kora." A low voice muttered in her ear, making her shiver. She melted into the strong body of the Rain Arcobaleno. "I'm glad you're back." She muttered back, making him smile.

"VOI, what about us?" Squalo demanded, cornering her into Colonello's hug even more.

Tsuna glared.

"One more VOI; and I'll kick you out," she threatened, her eyed amber with annoyance.

Squalo snapped his mouth shut. As far as Tsuna was tolerating their antics, she was positively cranky when it came to loud noises in the night. The Sword Emperor still remembered one time, when Varia had a bright idea to barge in Tsuna's house in the middle of the night.

The reception was less than enthusiastic, and more than painful enough to beat into their thick skulls that night voices + loud noises = very cranky and unhappy little Tuna, who kicks ass.

"But the shark is right," Mukuro drawled out elegantly, his dichromatic eyes gleaming in the dull light.

"Hello to you too," Tsuna grumbled out. "Happy now?"


"EXTREME as always," Ryohei mused, smirking, "Let's punish our little fish now, shall we?"

Tsuna couldn't help but groan.

It would be a long, long night...

/The End – Owari/