She hadn't taken two steps before an arm pulled her back, fingernails digging into her skin. "What the fuck?" Sookie protested, whirling around.

Pam stood there, looking quite the scary sight. The tears of blood she had been crying had dried on her face, leaving red streaks across her cheeks. "Here," Pam thrust a small bundle at Sookie. "If there's a chance you can save him…"

Sookie nodded, understanding. She grabbed the blanket and ran out into the parking lot, not giving a second thought to the vampires she left standing behind her: a somber Bill and a hopeful Pam watched her go as the door slammed shut, effectively leaving Sookie out in the sun by herself.

"Eric!" she screamed, her heart pounding wildly in her chest when she caught sight of the two vampires on the ground. Both were on their knees, but it was clear that Eric was getting the rough end of the deal here. Half of his face was blistering, and the rest of his body was sending wispy smoke into the air.

"YOU!" Russell shouted angrily, attempting to move towards her. He didn't get very far as he nearly fell onto his face, the silver effectively incapacitating him.

Eric didn't give any indication that he had seen or heard Sookie, and he fell forward as well, dragged down by Russell's movements.

Sookie ground to a halt, her hands raising to her mouth in horror. She hurriedly threw the blanket over Eric's body. As she did, a small object fell out of the blanket and rolled to a stop at her feet.

A stake.

Sookie's eyes widened as she picked it up, her eyes snapping to look at Russell, who hadn't noticed.

"Why is the sun only affecting him?" she demanded loudly, kicking Russell on the side to get his attention. "I don't see you startin' to burn up!"

Russell muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'stupid bitch!'

Sookie glared at him, and gave him another swift kick. She knelt over Eric's form in an attempt to give him more shade from the sun's rays. "Answer me!"

Russell grunted in pain, "I've had more of your blood, you pathetic imbecile…"

"You might want to be nicer to me," Sookie said bravely, "Seeing as how I have the power to kill you right now—"

"Wanna bet?"

Sookie frowned in confusion, but suddenly Russell let out an ear-splitting roar. Startled, she jumped backwards. What the hell?

But, almost immediately, her question was answered.



Running in their direction.

Shit. Sookie clenched the stake in her hand tightly. She knew she wasn't strong enough to overpower Russell right now. He might be on his knees, held by silver, and in the sun…but he still had one free hand. And he hadn't started to burn yet.

She needed to buy more time.

Unfortunately, it looked like time had run out.

Abruptly, in the back of her mind, she heard something familiar. She frowned for a second, trying to concentrate on the voice.

Sookie, if you can hear me…I'm coming! Just hold on there, sis…

What the fuck? What was Jason doing here? As she was thinking this, she noticed Russell shift in pain, and she hid a smile. Smoke was starting to emit from his body. And his face was beginning to blister, as well.

Looked like her fairy blood had run its course.

But it was still too late.

A flurry of thoughts invaded her mind, warning her that the wolves were very, very close.

Russell screamed in agony, his eyes closing. Sookie took her chance, and swiftly raised the stake, plunging it into his heart. Russell's eyes snapped open, but it was too late. With a sudden pop! he burst into bloody smithereens, effectively drowning Sookie in vampire's blood.


"Jason!" she gasped as her brother came running into the parking lot with a…panther? What the hell?

"Sooks, this here is my girlfriend—"

"You're dating a panther?" Sookie sputtered, wiping V out of her eyes. "You know what, it doesn't matter right now. We gotta get out of here! There's werewolves—"

"Yeah, they were right behind us!" Jason grabbed her arm and dragged her towards Fangtasia.

"No, no!" Sookie screamed, "Get Eric!"

"Motherfucker," Jason growled as Sookie extracted herself from his grasp and desperately tried to pick up Eric's blanketed body on the ground.


"I've been out of mind worryin' about you!" Jason shouted back, "Bill said you were missing, and then he threatened me in my OWN HOUSE! And you're here tryin' to save some fanger's life?"

Sookie paused only briefly to wonder at why Bill was in Jason's house, but shook her head in frustration. "I need to save Eric, alright? He's in this mess because of me!"

Jason grumbled something unintelligible under his breath, but he helped Sookie carry the weight of Eric's body. The panther ran ahead of them and pawed at the door with a whine. The door opened almost immediately, with Bill and Pam standing in the exact same spot that Sookie had left them.

"Is that—"

"Eric, yeah," Sookie said hurriedly, motioning for Pam to shut the door. "We're gonna be surrounded by Weres in about two minutes, lock the door!"

"A locked door can't keep out Weres," Bill warned, helping Jason lay Eric on one of the tables. "What happened to—"

"Russell is dead. I staked him."

Pam looked up, surprised.

"I had no choice!" Sookie snapped, hovering over Eric as they unwrapped his body from the blanket.

"Holy shit," Jason breathed as he stared at Eric's blistering body. "What the hell happened to him?"

"He got burned by the sun, what the fuck does it look like?" Pam hissed, stroking Eric's hair worriedly.

"Is he going to be alright?" Sookie asked, gratefully taking the towel Bill handed to her. She began wiping the vampire blood off her body, very aware that the panther was watching her every move.

"He just needs some blood," Pam whispered, grabbing the six-pack of TruBlood that Bill brought over from the bar. She swiftly opened one and coaxed Eric's mouth open so he could drink it.

"Why is your girlfriend starin' at me like she wants to eat me?" Sookie demanded, glaring at the panther.

"Aw, Crystal would never hurt you," Jason protested.

At that moment, there was a heavy banging on the door. Pam raised her head, sniffing. Her eyes narrowed, "Werewolf."

Bill vamped out, but Sookie grabbed his arm to hold him back. "Wait a second," she cautioned, using her telepathic powers. Sookie, it's me! Open up!

"It's Alcide!" she whispered and ran over to the door. As he stepped in, she looked over his shoulder. Large shapes loomed in the distance, quickly getting bigger and bigger. "What are you doin' here?"

"I heard y'all were in trouble," he said gruffly, shutting the door. His gaze landed on Crystal before resting on Pam who was still feeding Eric TruBlood. "And I guess you are," he finished. "Sookie, there's at least 20 Weres heading in this direction! You can't take them all on by yourself! Especially not with Eric...unconscious."

Suddenly, Sookie felt very light headed.

'Feed him your blood.'
'Trust me. You will be alright.'
'But I just recovered...'
'You cannot win this battle without Eric.'

Sookie recognized the voice speaking to her, but it was nothing short of impossible. For a second, she wondered if maybe all the talk in Bon Temps was right, and she really was crazy. After all, hearing voices from the dead was nothing to scoff at...

'You're not crazy, Sookie. Please, save my child.'

"If you say so," Sookie said aloud, causing everyone to look at her in confusion. "Pam, move aside," she commanded, raising her wrist. "Eric needs to drink from me."

"Absolutely not," Bill snapped. "Have you gone crazy! You've just nearly been drained by Russell AND Eric, and you want to be drained AGAIN?"

"I'll be fine," Sookie answered with a strange confidence. "He told me to do it."

"Eric told you?" Jason asked, looking at his sister suspiciously and slapping his rifle against his palm.

"No," she replied calmly, sliding her wrist into Eric's mouth and maneuvering it so his fangs nicked her skin. "Godric."

"GODRIC?" Bill shouted angrily. "Sookie, that's impossible—"

Sookie gasped as suddenly Eric stirred, his mouth clenching onto her wrist hungrily. She winced in pain, trying to find something to hold on to. At that instant, a bright light appeared next to her.

And there was Godric.

Everyone gaped at him in shock.

His body wasn't corporeal, exactly. It was like seeing a ghost, except it was clear that somehow, he really was there.

"I will protect you," he smiled at Sookie reassuringly as Eric continued drinking her blood. "You will be okay." As he spoke, he took her hand within his.

Just like that, Sookie felt the light running through her veins, replacing whatever blood Eric was drinking from her. Strength, courage, confidence brimmed in her blood and she stood up straighter in surprise. "What...are you?"

He looked around the room before answering softly, "A friend."

Pam, Bill, Jason, and Alcide didn't move. They all looked like they were experiencing various degrees of shock.

"WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BITCH!" a voice roared.

Ah, looked like Debbie Pelt had arrived.

She stormed in, followed by at least six other werewolves who had already transformed. Her eyes narrowed at the small group gathered there.

At that moment, Eric suddenly sat up, his eyes wide. His gaze went straight to Godric, who smiled at him and nodded. "Hello, my child..."

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Debbie screamed in Sookie's direction.

"You'll have to get through me first," Bill growled.

"I second that," Alcide rumbled, standing next to Bill

Pam crossed her arms and went to stand next to them as well. "And me," she drawled. "And trust me, I'm a bigger bitch than you'll ever be."

"And you ain't laying a hand on my sister," Jason snapped, cocking his rifle. Crystal growled and stood resolutely in front of Jason.

Godric smiled serenely and joined the line of people, creating a barrier between Debbie and Sookie.

Debbie hissed, and several more werewolves appeared behind her.

"Are you okay?" Sookie whispered to Eric. She held his hand close to her heart, "I was so worried about you..."

"You saved my life," Eric stated, his gaze questioning. "Why?"

"You can't...die," Sookie tried to explain, "Not for me."

"Why?" he repeated, this time standing up so that he towered above her as he looked down into her eyes. He lifted her chin up with a finger, "Answer me, Sookie Stackhouse..." he whispered.

"I...don't know yet," she answered truthfully, hoping that he would understand her conflicting feelings.

Eric grinned, and suddenly grasped her around the waist and pulled her towards him, capturing his lips with hers. This time, Sookie responded to the kiss immediately, even eagerly.

After several moments, he released her with a grin. "You don't know it yet...but you will realize it soon."

"Realize what?' she asked breathlessly, holding a hand over her heart.

Eric grabbed her hand and led her so they were standing next to Godric. "That you're in love with me."

Sookie's mouth opened in surprise, but she didn't get a chance to say anything as she found herself staring at nearly 20 werewolves.

And they looked pissed.

Debbie stood in the forefront, sneering. "So..this is your defense team?" she asked cockily, her hands on her hips. Her gaze roamed across Bill, Alcide, Pam, Jason, Crystal, Godric, Eric, and finally to Sookie. "You don't stand a chance!"

Sookie grinned as Godric placed a hand on her shoulder. "I have skills you've never even dreamed of," she whispered.

And then she raised both of her hands in Debbie's direction, grinning as a bright light immediately burst out of her palms.

"That's my girl," she heard Eric say in the background.

Sookie smiled.


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