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Previously on True Blood…

Walking into Merlotte's, Justine L'eveque felt confidant as ever. It had been many years since she'd seen her old friend, but she was sure that he would be happy to see her again. There was no doubt in her mind, actually. As she looked around the quaint family bar and grill, she noted practically all eyes were on her. Perhaps it was the brown leather jacket in her hand. Perhaps it was her dark blue denim skirt and off-the-shoulder long sleeved green sweater drawing the odd stares. Then again, it could have been the brown suede boots up to her knees. This was Louisiana, after all, and Bon Temps was a backwater town with lots of woods and such. Who in their right mind would wear suede boots? Closing her eyes a moment, she breathed deeply through her nose and opened her eyes, smiling and relaxed. Smile firmly planted, Justine sauntered over to the bar.

"Welcome to Merlotte's. What can I get'cha?" Tara asked as politely as possibly, eyeing the young woman oddly. Justine just ignored her, however, and hopped up and over the bar. "What the fuck!" Tara shouted, drawing stares from the patrons and the other employees to stop working. Everyone watched as the dirty blonde perused the bottles of liquor. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, lady, but you need to get the fuck outta here!" Justine completely ignored her. "Now, bitch!" Tara made the mistake to grab Justine's arm and pull her from the liquor. Like any normal person, Justine didn't like to be grabbed. As soon as Tara touched her, Justine twisted her arm and body around, straight out of her grip, and moved to hit her when her arm was snatched midair behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the scowling face of Sam Merlotte. Tara sighed in relief, "Where the hell you been? This bitch is-!"

"Is a paying costumer and a friend of mine, Tara," Sam interrupted. The bartender immediately shut up and just stared at him. "Get back to work," he ordered. "And all of you, get back to your food!" he shouted to the patrons, who listened but not-so-discreetly kept one eye on the show. "And you, you come with me." Justine sighed and rolled her eyes a bit, but allowed Sam to pull her into his office. Arms crossed, she looked around and waited until she heard the door lock to face her old friend. "What the hell are you doing here, Justine?"

"What, I can't stop by and see my old friend Sammy?" she questioned innocently. Looking rather grim as she sat down, she confessed, "There's trouble. I don't want to be a burden, Sam, but I need a place to lay low." Sam sighed and ran a hand through his hair miserably.

"Justine…" he began, sounding unsure.

"Sam." Sam stared at her, recognizing the pleading tone and thrown off by it. Justine wasn't the type to ask for help, not often anyway, but pleading? Begging? He'd never heard that, ever. "I need your help, okay? I'm scared shitless and I didn't know where else to go." Sam stared at her a moment, unable to look away from her bright green eyes, wide and waiting expectantly.

He sighed, "What kind of trouble are you in this time?" Arms crossed and leaning against his desk, he stared at her, brow furrowed with worry. Despite being worried for her, at the same time, he wondered in the back of his mind whether or not he really wanted to know.

"His name is Coot…" That was all he needed to hear. Bleeding heart that he was, he reached out to comfort her when her head suddenly popped up and she was smiling at him. "You know me, Sam: always falling for just the right wrong guy," she laughed and shook her head. Sam leaned back on his desk, frustrated with her. She needed his help, it was obvious and he wanted to help her, he really did. But Justine and he hadn't had the best friendship. Not to mention he hadn't seen her in years. How could he be sure he could really trust her? "I'll work here, if it makes you feel better!" she offered. "That way, you can keep your eyes on me! Besides, from what I hear, you need the extra help."

From the smirk on her face, it was all too obvious that she knew all about the string of deaths in town, two of which were his waitresses, Dawn and Amy. Sam sighed and ran a hand through his hair. As soon as he stood up, Justine did as well, looking at his expectantly. Sam didn't say anything, just went to his closet and tossed a black apron and white Merlotte's shirt at her. Smiling as she barely caught them, she thanked Sam.

"That's as much of your uniform I'll provide. Get something black to go with it: shorts, skirt, pants – I don't give a fuck. Shoes, too. This is a family place; it's my place and my rules. You break one of my rules, you're out on your ass, got it?" She nodded the affirmative. "No lockers so anything you don't want seen, leave it at home. Where you staying anyway?"

"Oh, I got a little trailer out in the woods."

"I'm the landlord of an apartment complex not far from here. There's an opening there, if you want," he offered, getting the keys to Maudette Pickens apartment and writing down the address. He quickly warned her that it belong to one of the murdered women, giving her a chance to back out. "And she was a fangbanger." Justine nodded and shrugged.

"I've dealt with leeches before. If someone comes around, I've always got silver on me," she assured him as they exited his office. "Thanks again, Sam. Really, I mean it."

"Just don't make me regret not letting Tara knock you out," he teased and she scoffed, casting him a look that said he was crazy. "And I don't have no fighting between my employees or with customers. If there's any trouble, you come to me and I'll handle it."

Justine shrugged. "Your know me, Sam."

"Exactly, so play nice," he warned her. "And no biting," he ordered, whispering the last part to her as they reentered the bar.

"Thanks, Sam," she said with a bright smile and hugged him tightly. Sam smiled as well, hugging her back and passed her the information to the complex to her before she flounced out of the bar, bumping into Sookie, who was on her way in. This great! Sookie heard her think, Me and Sammy back together, just like the old days. I just hope he doesn't figure things out. He'd kill me if he knew the truth.

Sookie forced a smile back and walked over to the bar, where he had begun cleaning glasses. "Hey, um, who was that?" Sam opened his mouth to tell her when Tara intervened.

"One crazy ass bitch." Both Sam and Sookie looked at the scowling bartender, Sookie confused and Sam sending her a withering annoyed look. "Oh, but that's okay! Because she's Sam's friend," she explained, falsely cheerful before scoffing and serving someone a cold beer.

"That was Justine, who'll be working here—"

"What the fuck?" Tara exclaimed, slamming down a glass and marched over to Sam. "Oh, hell no! She almost broke my arm!"

"—temporarily," Sam finished, glaring at Tara. "She ran into some trouble and just needs to get back on her feet."

"What kind of trouble?" Sookie wondered.

"The kind she probably deserved!"

Justine is running through the woods, naked, caked in dirt and blood. She is sobbing. Her hair is a mess with bits of grass and such sticking out of it. As she runs, she's panting hard and looks over her shoulders every few seconds, terrified. It's late at night, no moon, and the woods are long and dark and deep. It's so hard to see, and her blurred vision from her tears doesn't help any. She keeps ducking under branches, losing her footing but catching herself as she runs. She looks over her shoulder again, missing an uprooted branch and trips with a scream. Rolling onto her back, her eyes widen in terror and she screams.

"Tara!" Sam glared at her.

Rolling her eyes, Tara sarcastically said, "She's your friend, Sam. I'm sorry. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person." Scoffing, she shook her head and went back to work, muttering under her breath.

Shaking his head, Sam waved off Tara and looked at Sookie. "Look, Justine isn't the easiest person to make friends with, I know, but she's gonna need someone around here besides me so, would you mind showing her around or something?" Sookie just shook her head and shrugged, giving a tight smile.

"I can't thank you enough for taking the time to show me around."

Sookie gave the woman a bright smile, something she always did when she was faking. She knew that she would only befriend Justine to get to the truth of her thoughts. If she was trying to hurt Sam, she would get to the bottom of it. Justine looks at Sookie slightly concerned, but decides to ignore the odd feeling.

"Any friend of Sam's is a friend of mine."

"So you're the new girl, huh?" Jason asked, eyeing Justine up and down. Lafayette leaned through the window counter of his kitchen, watching the scene and sipping some Patron.

Justine smiles as she sets some food down at a table, laughing with the overly flirtatious customer. Sam watches her from the bar, shaking his head and smiling. It was good to have Justine back, no matter how much trouble she tended to cause. Perhaps those days were over and done with now? Well, he could only hope that was true. He could really, really hope it was true, for everyone's sake, not just his own.

"You bet your ass, I am! And, if you wanna keep your eyes, I suggest you keep 'em on my face and not on my ass," she replied enthusiastically, handing Lafayette another order as Jason paled, embarrassed. Lafayette smirked and chuckled under his breath.

"You got sass. I like that." The two just smiled at one another.

As Justine continued to work at Merlotte's, Justine and Lafayette became great friends, flirting and joking constantly. Her relationship with Tara remained that of glares, but there was the occasional smile and joke. Jason continued to flirt with her, but it was all in good fun until Sam came over and laid down the law. Sookie remained impossibly kind and annoying. It was obvious to Justine that Sookie didn't trust her so she usually stayed clear of her. During that time, she met Bill, whom she liked not only because he was a vampire but also because he was a part of history, literally. While the Civil War wasn't her favorite era, she and Bill talked about it quite often. This closeness led to a deeper rift in her and Sookie's relationship, her suspicion turning into mild jealousy.

And then Lafayette disappeared…

"Where do you think he went?" Justine wondered, giving Sam a drink as they sat in her modest apartment. She sat down beside him on the couch, face strewn up in worry.

"Lafayette'll disappear sometimes for a few days, usually a party somewhere and nursing a hangover, but never a week," Sam replied, his tone clearly worried.

"But he calls to let you know he's alive at least, right?" she pointed out. Sam nodded and sighed, both of them sitting in silence. "Something's wrong, I can feel it…"

Sookie and Tara scream bloody murder as they find the voodoo woman in the back of drunk Andy Bellefleur's car, heart ripped out and all scratched up. The investigation commences, Tara admitting that she paid the dead woman for an exorcism on her mother. While it was unlikely that any animal around the area could've done what happened to Ms. Jeanette, Sookie connected some dots and managed to cast suspicion on Justine, who Bud Dearnborne and Andy Bellefleur already dragged down to the station for questioning.

"Don't you find it the least bit odd that the minute she showed up Lafayette disappears and now that backwoods scammer turns up dead?" Sookie posed to Sam after frantically pulling him into his office. Sam opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, unable to answer.

"Just what happened to that guy, Coot, you said?" Sam asked suspiciously. Justine looked at Sam, unable to come up with an answer. Sam crossed his arms, waiting impatiently.

Gulping, she answered meekly, "I told you, I lost him somewhere in Mississippi." Sam nodded and walked out of his office, not fully believing her, and leaving her to gnaw her lip worriedly.

"Oh, Sam, how do you think I found you?" Maryann smiled sweetly, strutting out of the bar, looking at Justine significantly.

"I trusted you and you betrayed me!"

Standing in the employee parking lot behind Merlotte's, Justine stared at Sam, terrified, eyes watering up as she cowered away from him. She'd never seen him this angry before. It wasn't Sam's style to get angry and shout and yell. He was just too good-natured a person to do that. Then again, she'd given him good reason to get angry, hadn't she?

"I want you out of my bar, out of my town, out of my life!" he shouted.

"But Sammy—!"

"SHUT UP!" he roared at her and Justine took a step back. Frightening calm, Sam told her, "I want you out of this town by the end of the week. If I see you're still here, I'll kill you myself." Before can storm away from her, she grabs him arm and stops him.

"Maryann found me and she ruined my life. She seduced my whole damn town, killed my business, and made me a deal. All I had to do was find you and I went free. She'll do the same thing to you, Sam. This may be your town now, but it'll be hers in a matter of days. Only difference is, you won't have a friend to go to for help. That's a promise," she finished, voice cracking with unshed tears as she tore of her apron and threw it at him and ran out of his office. Sam walked back into the bar, slamming the door behind him. Justine had already left the bar, tears rolling and thought about what she could possibly do, when it finally hit her.

"Someone's after me and I need your help."

"I consider you a friend, Justine, but I cannot protect you," Bill replied regretfully as they stood on his front porch. Sighing, terrified, she ran her hands through her hair and started pacing. "But," he added, giving her a disgruntled smile, "I might know someone who can…" Eyebrow quirked, Justine waited to hear who this someone was but Bill just led her to his car.

"You always have the most interesting pets, Bill…"

Bill stood before a stage, scowling up at the undead Adonis sitting on a throne. The vampire was smirking down at the two while Justine shifted uncomfortably. The bar that Bill had brought her to, Fangtasia, was open and business was doing quite well if the crowd was any indication. Unfortunately, the vampires in the room could smell exactly what she was and that could've been very bad or very good. Some vampires hated shifters, others didn't bother with them, and then there were others that would've loved to have a taste.

"Justine, may I introduced Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area Five."

"Your fucking Sheriff? This is your brilliant solution?" she snapped at Bill as soon as the three were in Eric's office. The man in question merely sat at his desk, looking rather bored. "Bill, he has no jurisdiction with my kind or the thing that's after me! He'd only be interfering! What the fuck were you thinking?"

"And just what is it that's after you?" Eric questioned but she refused to answer. "There are ways of making you talk."

"I'd really like to see you try." All too soon, Eric was choking her against the wall with her feet dangling in the air. Bill pleaded and demanded for him to release her, promising that the next time Eric required his or Sookie's services that he would have them without question or rebellion. That promise allowed her to breath again. "You will work every night and every other weekend, starting at sundown until we close at 4 a.m. You will arrive an hour before your shift, always, and you will always allow either Pam or Chow to walk you to your car."

"Anything else?" she asked, glaring at the man she was slowly starting to hate.

"Yes. Keep your…furry problem to yourself." He went on to tell her that if his patrons witnessed any transformations she might make, especially the humans, that there could be even more trouble for her. "I can't watch you all the time." Eric also told her that he was only doing this as a favor to Bill and to make her friend indebted to him, she knew. Backing up, she held her breath as he got right in her face. "Be gracious, dog."

Justine was sitting at home, biting her fingernails nervously when her cell phone rang. Jumping, she shrieked before sighing in relief, feeling stupid for getting scared. It was Jessica, who Bill had introduced her to and she actually really liked. Through previous experience, she knew that sires and their children usually had romantic relations. Even though she knew it would never happen, because of Jessica's age, she hoped Bill would dump Sookie for Jessica, who had frantically called about Sookie being attacked and taken to Fangtasia.

"What's the shifter doing here?" Justine rolled her eyes at Pam, who was glaring at her. Walking over to Bill, she looked at Sookie's wounds and immediately started questioning him about the attacker.

"You know what did this?"


"Tell me!" he demanded, grabbing and shaking her. "You must!" Justine shakes him off of her, looking a little scared as she stares at Sookie's wounds.

"I don't know anything with any certainty," she replied shakily. "But you'll be the first to know as soon as I do." With that, she ran out of the bar, rolling her eyes as she heard the boys fighting over who would give Sookie blood. What was it with men in this town?

The next morning, she went to Merlotte's, at Sam's behest, and found him packing up his truck and Terry Bellefleur, Andy's war veteran cousin, leaving with a scowl on his face. When she asked him about it, he explained to her that he was going away for awhile and asked Terry to run the bar in his absence. She asked him why he called her and he requested that she watch over Tara and Sookie for him until he returned. He was clearly worried about Maryann and what her influence on them might result in.

"I'm working at a new bar now. Fangtasia."

"You're working at Fangtasia?" Sam sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Are all my employees completely fucked in the head?"

"Just the ones you fuck, apparently," she snapped. "I don't see why you care, Sam. I'm out of your life and, you know what? I'm a lot happier surrounded by a bunch of leeches than I ever was here with you." Hopping back into her car, she speeds off with the knowledge that their friendship is in an even worse state than before. She's glad she left out the fact that she had drank Eric's blood - for her own protection, he told her, so he could keep tabs on her when she wasn't at the bar. Determined to keep her promise, however, she first went to Fangtasia to check on Sookie. She was surprised to find the blonde in perfect health and arguing with Eric over Lafayette, who he'd been keeping prisoner right under her nose.

"Can I kick him?" Pam asked of her sire, sneering down at the terrified and bloodied form of Lafayette.

"You can try and end up with those ugly ass shoes up your bony backside!"

After watching the three drive off, Justine turned to Eric and shouted at him. This led to him nearly strangling her, much to Pam's girlish delight. He reminded her that the only reason she was alive was because it was the only way to make sure Bill remained honorable in their bargain to protect her. Coughing, she left the bar and called Sam to let him know about his friend and cook. Stiffly, she informed him of Lafayette's condition but not that he was at Fangtasia. He'd probably blame that on her.

"I'm not with Maryann anymore," she burst out, walking over to him. "I'm not with her in any way, Sam, I promise. I'm done. Hell, I was done the minute she found you." While this was true, her main reason for being done with Maryann was mostly due to the fact that the woman herself had visited her personally. She had told her that she knew that Sam knew everything about her and that she no longer had any use for her. She also told Justine that if she breathed a word of her plans to anyone, she would come back to her apartment and cut out her heart.

Sam smiled at her and she slowly returned it. Nodding his head towards the woods behind his trailer, he began to strip off his clothes and she followed him. As he shifted into his collie, she shifted into her Catahoula leopard dog. They ran together until Sam led her to the pier and they jumped in. When they surfaced, they were human and skinny dipping. Swimming close together, Sam remembered how they had been on the run together as children, the good old days. He remembered how they had met Maryann and the things she made them do to each other. And to her.

"After all the shit that's gone down lately, I just wanna relax and forget everything," Sam confessed.

Justine waded close to Sam, wanting to say something, but Sam kissed her and the two of them ended up fucking right there in there water. When they finished, Justine had a few question - did this mean he forgave her? Was he still leaving? - when the new waitress, Daphne, showed up. Embarrassed, and knowing that Maryann would kill her if she didn't let Daphne con Sam, she left as quickly as possible.

Avoiding Sam like the plague, Justine went to see Lafayette to clear her head for a bit. He seemed more upbeat than usual and, upon her shouting at him, he confessed that he had Eric's blood in him. Just as she was hitting him and berating him for being so stupid, he explained that, if he hadn't, he would've lost his leg. Justine knows better though. She knows for a fact Eric wouldn't do anything out of the goodness of his heart. Meanwhile, Sookie, Bill and Jessica have all gone to Dallas with Eric so things at Fangtasia have been pretty boring without all his groupies around. On her break, she called Sam and, as awkward as it was at first, he told her that he's going to Tara's birthday party at Sookie's house. She warned him to be careful, knowing that Maryann has set herself up there.

A few days later, Sam actually came to see her and she had been excited until he showed up with Daphne. He went on and on about how she was a shifter, just like them, which Justine already knew. Tensely, but kindly, she asked them both to leave. Daphne did so immediately, but Sam stayed behind and the two fought, causing yet another rift in their failing relationship. When she went to Merlotte's to apologize, she saw the two of them fucking on the pool table and left. After a few failed calls to Eric, she began to feel more isolated and alone. Pissed, she goes to Lafayette's and the two bond over many shots, drinks and pills.

"Hey, Arlene. Sam in his office?"

"That man hasn't been in here all day! He's off with that new girl, Daphne."

Arlene preceded to trash talk Daphne's terrible witnessing skills, and how she never had any help and always had to do everything by herself. As kindly as she could, Justine told Arlene she didn't work with her anymore, so she couldn't help her out, and decided to visit her newest best friend instead. She found Lafayette cowering in a corner with Andy shouting over him. She tried to pull him away from Lafayette, but he threw her off and she hit the wall and fell to the concrete floor. Terry rushed in and forced his drunken cousin to leave. After he helped Justine to her feet, they both went over to Lafayette and held him, comforting him. Terry, for as scatterbrained as he could be, quickly deduced that Lafayette was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Terry ordered her to take Lafayette home, that he'd stay on and handle the cooking.

"What that vamp did to me…I keep having nightmares. When Andy was shouting at me, all I could see what that vamp's face," he confessed. Justine stayed with Lafayette until he fell asleep. As soon as he did, she went outside and called the vampire in question. Again, he didn't answer. This time, however, she left him a message.

"If you don't answer the next time I call, so help me, I will hurt you in ways that you will beg for silver and sunlight, Eric Northman!"

She quit Fangtasia that same night.

On her way back home, she sensed something, felt this strange pull in her gut. Stopping her car, she left it and followed the strange sensation. As she got closer, she heard drums and followed the sounds, coming upon a massive orgy and Sam standing before Maryann, about to be sacrificed. Racing through the hordes of orgy-zombies, she ran in front of Sam just as Maryann was about to stab him. As soon as the blade went into her, Andy appeared seemingly out of nowhere and fired his gun. The sound partially broke the trance, allowing Sam time to grab Justine and make a run for it. Maryann chased after them and was gaining quickly, Justine stumbling along as she tried to keep pressure on her wound. As luck would have it, Sam spotted an owl and, for the first time, he flew, carrying Justine in mouse form as they flew away. They quickly got to Merlotte's and Sam patched her up as best he could, but quickly left to go to her apartment.

"We aren't safe alone anymore, Sam. Our best shot of surviving that bitch is to stay together."

Sam sat next to Justine on her couch and held her hand, "Then I guess I better move in." Justine stares at Sam, smiling sadly.

"I don't think we're safe here, either. Maryann knows that I live here. She told me she'd cut out my heart if I interfered with her plans."

"…So what do we do now?" Sam left, promising to come back, and Justine called Eric once again. With his blood in her, she knew he should have felt her pain. She thought that would at least warrant a phone call from him, but no, there was nothing. Again, he didn't answer. While Sam learned the truth about Maryann, about what she is, from Daphne, gun in hand, Justine got a visit from Pam.

"I've called a few of my "furry" friends over in Dallas. They told me that two humans were taken captive by the Fellowship of the Sun. What the fuck is going on, Pam?"

"That doesn't concern you." She was bored as hell and pissed about her latest assignment. Apparently, Eric sent her to "check up" on her in his absence.

"Than maybe I should just go and find out myself." As she tried to move past Pam, the vampire grabbed her arm.

"If you attempt to leave, Eric will not be pleased." The underlying threat was clear, which frightened Justine enough to stay put. Unfortunately, her wound began bleeding again. Pam commented that she smelled delicious; Justine promptly told her to go to hell. She was about to pass out from the blood loss when Pam, begrudgingly, gave her some of her blood.

Justine woke up to find Pam gone and a message from Sam. He's in jail. Abandoning her car, she rushed to the jailhouse, finding everyone inside with black eyes, so she sneaked around back and shifted into a squirrel. Once she was inside, Sam, recognizing it's her, pulled off his shirt and she put it on once she was human again. He told her that Maryann killed Daphne and is framing him for the murder. She is officially left defenseless.

"The only place you're safe now is Fangtasia," he tells her.

"What? No! No way! I quit my job, Eric isn't returning any of my calls, and Pam wants to eat me - and I do mean that literally and sexually! I can't go there!"

"You don't have a choice!" he argued, reaching through the bars and taking her hands. "Look, Maryann doesn't know about Eric or your association with the vampires, does she?" Justine shook her head. "So it's only logical that you go there, right? Right?" Justine nodded frantically and took a deep breath. Sam rubbed her hands comfortingly as she calmed down and, after a quick kiss on the cheek, she shifted back into a squirrel and left the jailhouse, shifting in the her Catahoula and ran to Fangtasia.

"What the hell are you doing here? Didn't you quit?"

Justine stood before Pam in nothing more than a bright red Fangtasia T-shirt that barely reached her knees. Despite the fact that Pam freaked her the hell out, Justine refused to give any explanation. Frustrated, Pam called Eric and the two spoke briefly, in Swedish. That only annoyed her further as she crossed her arms and tapped her feet, waiting impatiently. Before Justine even had a chance to speak to Eric, berate him for ignoring her calls and not Pam's, the vampire hung up.

Noticing the glare, Pam smiled mockingly at her, "He was busy, with Area 9's Sheriff. You understand." Pam was instructed to let Justine sleep in Eric's office. Instead of sleeping, she boned up on her Greek mythology on Eric's laptop. Hacking it was just so damn easy.

"Good to see you've calmed down since your last call."

Upon Eric's return to Fangtasia, he found Justine sitting rather comfortably at his desk, feet propped up and relaxing. Under Pam's orders, the human barmaid Ginger loaned Justine some clothes. The leather Daisy Duke shorts and glittering purple tube top were not her style at all. Neither were the hooker heels she offered and Justine promptly turned them down, preferring to go barefoot. Thoroughly not amused, she just glared at him. When she refused to move, he sped and hunched over her, face to face, his hands on the arms of the chair and blocking her escape. He stated that he did not appreciate the threat she left on his voicemail.

"Maybe if you answered your phone, I wouldn't have had to resort to threats." Pushing him away, she gets to her feet and states that she's leaving. Eric lets her go, bored.

"I grow tired of these tantrums, Justine."

"And I grow tired of you being a pretentious ass, Eric. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta find Sam." With that, she walked out, slamming his door behind her.

"You know how to handled a gun?"

Justine finally managed to find Sam through an unexpected source. After changing her clothes, she tried calling him and bumped into Jason, who was headed to Merlotte's to "take back" what was theirs from the "enemy". It sounded stupid to her but he was headed to the same place as her so she tagged along. In response, Justine cocked the shotgun and quirked an eyebrow at Jason.

"What do you think?"

The two arrived, armed with power tools, and Jason managed to convince all the townsfolk to leave by threatening to take Arlene hostage and shoot her in the head with a nail gun. Once the path to the walk-in fridge they were all banging on was clear, Justine rushed to it and called out to whoever was inside. It was Sam and, oddly enough, Andy. Jason tried to help her get them out, but the townsfolk quickly recognized their deception and returned to try to recapture Sam. Luckily the group had a plan.

Jason, wearing a gas mask, pretended to be Maryann's "God Who Comes". Hiding behind him, Andy held up a tree branch to give him the appearance that he had horns. After a rather stupid speech, he pretended to smite Sam, who put on a good act of convulsions before disappearing into thin air, seemingly vanishing. Justine knew that he had just shifted but it satisfied everyone who quickly left Merlotte's to inform Maryann of their success. Jason and Andy were stunned but Justine calmly picked up Sam's clothes and hugged him tightly as he reappeared, scaring the shit out of the two men.

After explaining what he is to Jason and Andy - Justine sure as hell wasn't going to say she was a shifter to them unless she absolutely had to - Sam came back inside with Arlene's young children, Cody and Lisa. He had found them wandering around the woods, hiding from their mother and the rest of the crazy townspeople. Maternal instincts kicking in, Justine made the kids lunch, after they confessed they hadn't eaten for a couple of days. Jason and Andy, meanwhile, decide to take action against Maryann and, ignoring Sam's advice that Maryann couldn't be stopped with violence, they go to the police station to arm themselves.

"This is so not a good idea, Sam."

Against her advice, Sam dragged her and the kids to Fangtasia. Reluctantly, he asked Eric for help. The Viking vampire agreed to ask the vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Ann, advice about stopping Maryann…for a price. For a price that only Justine could fulfill. Sam immediately went on the defensive but Justine shut him down and agreed to the terms. Smirking, Eric informed her that he will relay his terms to her in private, after the Maryann situation is taken care of.

"I look forward to the negotiations," he told her, smirking deviously. The kids were rather impressed when it turned out Eric could fly.

Back at Merlotte's, Sam was quietly arguing over her compliance with Eric so the children didn't hear. She had been pushing his hands off of her as he grabbed at her, trying to shake some sense in her, when Bill ran in. He ordered Sam to come with him to see Maryann. Justine jumped to Sam's defense, getting right in Bill's face when he explained he was going to hand Sam over. And then promptly calmed down, once he explained his plan.

Justine waited in the shadows, watching as Bill turned Sam over to Maryann in exchange for Sookie's safety. Sookie strongly objected, but Bill asked her to trust him. Even as Eggs stabbed Sam, offering his blood to Maryann, who rubbed the blood on her body, Justine waited and watched. It took everything in her to not run over and beat Maryann to a pulp. But Sam was not dead, however, and, according to their plan, told Sookie to destroy all of Maryann's ritual offerings. She did so, which angered Maryann who pursued Sookie with her poisonous claws, just as they hoped. But she ceased in her pursuit when she was stopped by a large white bull, who she believed to be the God Who Comes, Dionysis.

Offering herself to him, as Maenads worship Dionysis in hopes of a "true death", the bull stabbed her in the chest with one of its horns. As Maryann started to die, the bull transformed back to Sam, who finished the job by removing Maryann's heart. Justine ran over to Sam, holding a pile of clothes for him. Bill revealed to Sookie that he allowed Sam to drink his blood so he could recover after being stabbed. Holding Sam tightly, laughing and crying in relief and happiness that their torment with Maryann was finally over, she completely ignored Bill, who was thanking Sam for his trust and help in saving Bon Temps.

After that, everything sort of went back to normal. Everyone in town pretended to not remember what happened, or really didn't remember. All of the destruction and vandalism committed throughout the town was cleaned up and everyone went on with their lives. Sam decided to go through with his vacation and went to go visit his foster parents. Justine wished him the best of luck, knowing that it would difficult for him under the circumstances. Before he left, however, he rehired her, claiming that Terry was going to need a hell of a lot of help while he was gone.

Later that evening, she got two very interesting calls. The first was from Bill, requesting that she allow Jessica to sleep at her apartment for the coming day as, if all went as he hoped, he would need the house to himself and his future wife. As much as she hated Sookie, Justine was more than happy for Bill and obliged him. Jessica, however, did not appreciate the fact that she'd have to sleep in the hall closet with the vacuum cleaner. The second was from Sam, who had the name and address of his biological mother, whom he was going to see, in Arkansas.

"Just be careful, Sam. These people may be your blood, but they aren't your family. You can't trust them," she warned as she served Jane Boadhouse another drink. It was a busy night in Merlotte's. "And hurry back. I miss you," she admitted quietly.

As she hung up the phone, the next sound she heard was a gunshot. Like everyone else in the bar, she quickly ran outside to see what all the commotion was. What the hell was happening now? Covering her mouth, she turned her back on the bloody scene of Eggs, dead, in the arms of a hysterical Tara. Andy had shot him and, without even knowing the circumstances, Justine didn't blame him for it. After all, Eggs was a murderer. Not of his own free will, but a murderer regardless. The only swell of pity she felt was for Tara, who had probably been the only one besides herself and Sam who was most affected by the toxicity that was Maryann.

A/N: This whole thing is so long because it was strung together from one chapter and various scenes I had written out early on in Season Two. But, since the season has ended, and I have a tendency to not finish fics I start at the very beginning of a series, I decided this would be easier. I've already got Season 3 started! It's in summaries and script format, but I am working on it. I'll try to have the first episode up soon!