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What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he get that certain brunette out of his head?

After she left from the party, Austin went out back to the lake and just sat there. He contemplated what was going on with him. When he was with Kaylie he felt something. Something he couldn't really put his finger on. Definetly more than lust, but what was it? It was almost like butterflies. "No," he thought to himself "Austin Tucker doesn't get butterflies. And definetly not over some girl." It was weird, they hadn't even kissed at the party and he felt like he was on fire. Every touch drove him to the edge with this girl. He wanted the feeling out of his body, it was like a disease spreading fast.

Without a second thought he stripped down to just his boxers, and jumped into the lake. He always went for a swim when he needed to clear his head, and this time was no exception. He enjoyed the feeling of the cold water surrounding him, and the way it felt like he was floating. He loved the moments when he had no care in the world. With all the madness around him, it's what he lived for.

But, that was instantly gone when he heard a voice call out to him. "Yoo-hoo Austy! Where are you?"

He cringed at the sound of Trixie's voice. He had a casual summer fling with Trixie not to long ago. Although, he had no idea what he saw in her after his fascination with the hotheaded Cruz. But, they were together that summer, and by the end Austin wanted out. Labeling Trixie as too clingy, and tossing her aside. Yet, this girl did not get the message that they were done. He sighed "I guess I'll have to tell her the hard way."

He jumped out, squinting his eyes in the darkness to try and locate his clothes. Pulling them on he made his way over to her.

"There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you. I even saved a dance for you." she moved in, practically throwing herself at him.

"Yeah listen…this," he said pointing to the both of them "Isn't gonna work. We were over months ago Trix, I just don't feel it anymore."

"Austin, is this about that Bailey girl you were dancing with?" she questioned him, jealousy and sadness written over her face.

"It's Kaylie," he hissed "She has nothing to do with this because, were just friends." Although he didn't even know if they would call each other friends. "Well," she huffed "Fine, I guess I won't see you around."

"I guess so." He called back, heading inside. He knew he was being a complete jerk, but she had to catch on sometime or another. But, what he didn't see was the evil smirk on the girl's face "You will be mine Austin Tucker. And no one will dare get in my way." She cackled menacingly.

She swiveled up the driveway, putting the car in park and just closed her eyes. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" She thought to herself, lightly resting her head on the steering wheel. What happened to her? She completely lost all sense of herself. She had let loose for one night, and basically let Austin Tucker grope her on the dance floor. "What would have happened if that girl hadn't come to stop them?" her cheeks heated up, turning a bright red, not wanting to think of the inevitable.

The promise ring burned into her finger. Reminding her of the promise she made, no boys. "What a joke" she scoffed. Did they really think they were gonna keep up a no boys shield for 2 years? Who were they kidding, Emily was soon going to run back to Damon, and Payson would find an equally cute boy to keep her company.

Kaylie felt a slight wetness on her cheeks, and a salty taste in her mouth. It took her a minute to realize it was her own tears. She furiously wiped them away. She shouldn't want that with Austin. She didn't want to feel that tingly sensation whenever he touched her, whenever he was around her. This was crazy, why did it have to be him? It could have been any other guy, but he was the only one who gave her those same chills. Gosh, this boy was going to be the death of her.

"Baby," he whined. She giggled her honey sweet laugh.

"Come back!" he groaned. "You have to come catch me." She taunted innocently enough. Her skirt swaying fron side to side as she ran across the open field. He sped up his pace as she turned around quickly to stick her tounge out at him playfully. He ran as fast as hid feet could carry him, he finally caught a hold of her waist. He spun her around "Gotcha," he whispered before they both tumbled down the hill, laughing the whole way down.

She landed on top of him, her smile illuminating. "What's my reward?" he questioned huskily. "Hmm," she said a finger on her chin, deep in thought. "What do you want as your reward?"

"You." He simply answered. "That can be arranged." She grinned, before leaning down to give him a kiss.

He jolted up. It was all just a dream, a dream about Kaylie. He groaned, he was officially obsessed with her. After all he was dreaming that they were in a meadow, prancing around like fairies. What the hell was going on with him?

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