Hey everyone! As you probably know, this is the sequel to Read my lips. It's called Runaway. I'm pretty sure you can guess why it's called that.



I laid down on my bed and sobbed. I sobbed so hard that I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my skull.

Finally, I stopped. I felt so tired, weak, and useless. Most of all, I felt hurt and confused. Hurt because Nick, obviously, sees me as the villain. And I'm confused because I didn't know what to feel anymore. Did I still love Adam? Or was I just using him?

But, that just didn't sound right. I wasn't using him. I loved him. Didn't I?

God, this is just so confusing. Maybe if I sleep on it then I'll be able to come to terms with my feelings. As I was about to relax, I heard the unmistakable sound of my window opening, letting in a big gust of wind. I quickly scrambled off the bed and shut them. It was then that I discovered the spell book that grandma gave me had flown right open to a certain page. Rolling my eyes, I strode over to the book and was about to close it when a paragraph caught my eye.

To find your true love, wants, and needs:

Step 1. A lock of your hair.

Step 2. Add a wishbone.

Step 3. Chant: As snow is to ice and fire is to sun, show me my love, show me my wants. Just like the grass needs rain and flowers need bees, show me my desires, show me my needs.

I titled my head and re read the paragraph. Maybe, I should…

No! I already have everything that I've wanted. What more could I possibly want? But still…it wouldn't hurt just to try out a new spell would it? Nope.

Sighing, I got my miniature cauldron and put the ingredients in it silently. Once I had everything completed, I stepped back to recite the spell.

"As snow is to ice and fire is to sun, show me my love, show me my wants. Just like the grass needs rain and flowers need bees, show me my desires, show me my needs." A sudden cold enveloped the room and made me shiver. Just as I was about to give up, I heard laughing. It wasn't sinister and it wasn't cruel. It was happy and content. The laughing seemed to be coming from my cauldron.

Curious, I looked in it and was shocked by what I saw. As if that wasn't enough, I felt something cold at my back and before I knew it I was inside the cauldron, looking at my supposed desires, wants, needs, and above all, my true love.

I watched on as fake Nick fed fake me a spoonful of chicken soup on a picnic blanket on the beach. I watched as they kissed and whispered gooey words of affection. I watched as fake Nick got down on one knee and proposed to fake me. Suddenly, I was watching their wedding. Diana was my maid of honor while Melanie, Laurel, Faye, Susan, and Deb were my bridesmaids. I watched on as I saw Chris take a place beside fake Nick as the best man. I watched as fake me came down the aisle in a long slim white gown.

I was in front of a beautiful Victorian style house. I watched as two little kids ran around in the front yard and a much older fake Nick squirting them with a hose. I watched as fake me yelled dinner time. I watched the family eat their meal and chat happily and I didn't miss the looks that fake me and fake Nick were giving each other. Soon, they put the kids to bed and went into their own bedroom whispering how much they loved each other and that they can't wait to wake up and see each other's faces. Suddenly, I was jolted out of my cauldron and back into my bedroom, but I hardly noticed this.

That was my desires? What about Adam? What about our love? What's going to happen to us?

Even though I was asking these numerous questions, I already knew the answers.

There is no Adam and me, only a Nick and me. That's the way it just is.

Oh hell. What am I going to do?

I'm going to have to stop there. Sorry.

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