Cassie POV

I knocked on the familiar front door with hope and excitement building up in my chest. I can't believe that I'm getting to see her after such a long time! (Well, it's a long time in my mind!)

The door opened slowly; almost as if it were teasing me. Then I was met with a pair of confused green eyes. Jasmine!

"Yes, can I help you?" She obviously didn't recognize me. Too much stress and worry these past few months could change a person's appearance.

"Hey, Jazz!" I used her old nickname.

Her eyes widened in excitement. "Cassie? Cassie, is that really you?"

I nodded vigorously. Suddenly, I was enveloped in a tight, warm hug.

"I can't believe it's really you! What are you doing here? How did you convince your mom to let you come here? How is your mom? How are you? How's your grandma? Is she feeling any better? Oh, God! I've missed you so much." She said all of this in one breath.

I laughed. "Look, I'll explain it all to you later. Can I please come in, though? It's kind of cold out here!"

Jazz nodded her head and pulled me into the warm, almost hot house. I took off my jacket and put it in her coat closet.

The house was the same and for that I was grateful. It's nice to know that some things never change.

"Hey, Bryndon! We've got company; get your ass down here and give them a proper greeting you big oaf!" I winced at her shrill voice and at the prospect of having to see her older brother. I still feel so uncomfortable with him around.

I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and my heart sped up. Please, please, please don't make any suggestive remarks Bryndon!

"Hey, what's all the yelling about? You know I need at least two hours of video games you little…" His voice trailed off as he saw me.

He still looked the same. Bright green eyes, unruly brown hair, and brown skin. Only instead of a shrimpy twelve year old frame that he used to have when we were kids, he had a lot of muscle and stood at about six feet tall. I could tell that he broke a few girls' hearts and that he probably had a different date every Friday night. He was hot!

He grinned a breathtaking grin at me. "I know who you are; I could never forget you. You came over here a lot, but stopped six months ago. Your name's…Google, right?"

I gave him a confused look. "No it's not and why would my name be Google?"

His grin got even wider. "Because you're everything that I'm searching for!"

I smiled weakly. Yup, this was defiantly Bryndon. No one I know could come up with a cheesy pick up line like that, except for him.

"Still funny as always," I remarked.

"You know it…Cassie!"

Jazz rolled her eyes at him. "Stop it you big jerk! You're making her uncomfortable. Just because you love her doesn't mean you should come on so strong!"

Bryndon and I both blushed. "Jazz," He said in a whinny voice. "Stop it! I'm supposed to be the one who's embarrassing you! Not the other way around!"

"Bryndon, you embarrass yourself!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Umm, guys? Sorry to interrupt, but I need to tell you something."

They both stopped their bickering long enough to look at me and say, "Of course!"

We sat down in their living room and I told them everything (except about the fact that I'm a witch).

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Backtrack for a minute Cass!" Jazz exclaimed. "You mean to say that you ran away because of some guy named Nick? Just because you were too chicken to admit that you might be in love with him and therefore you would end up hurting your current boyfriend and friend because your friend gave up her boyfriend (aka now your boyfriend) and you don't want to hurt either of them?"

I nodded. "That's the gist of it, but I didn't run away! I'm going back! Just not soon."

Bryndon sighed. "And here I thought that you just came all this way to see me!"

We both rolled our eyes at him. "Bryndon, this is serious." Jazz scolded.

"I know, I know!"

"So, can I please stay here?" I pleaded.

They looked at each other for a minute before smiling at me. "Okay, you can stay and the best part is that mom and dad are away at Ethiopia feeding hungry children. So, they'll be gone for months! Plus we don't have to go to school since we don't have a car to get there. We're being homeschooled at the moment."

"Yeah," Bryndon interrupted. "By some geeky kid who lives down the street."

I squealed and wrapped my arms around Jazz tightly.

"Hey! What about me?" Bryndon joked. I surprised myself and him by jumping into his arms and hugging him tightly.

"Okay, okay Google! I can't breathe!" I laughed at his attempted humor.

"Come on," Jazz said. "Let's get you settled in!"

I smiled happily. I knew I came to the right place!