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Chapter 1

(Shao Kahn's arena Shaolin monks ending)

Shao Kahn: Earthrealm shall be mine. It will fall as easily as Kung Lao!

Kung Lao: It's about time!

Shao Kahn: Wait what? Has anyone else relized that line makes absolutely no sense?

(Subzero shows up)

Subzero: Hey guys! (Applause from audience)

Raiden: Subzero? What are you doing here?

(Scorpion shows up)

Scorpion: Hey guys! (Mehs come from the audience) What the hell?

Cage: What's going on? I mean who else will show up?

Shang Tsung: Here I come back from the dead!

Liu Kang: (Breaks his neck) It's ironic!

Tremor: So Kahn you want me to mop up the blood yet?

Jax: Sonya I've come to save you!

Kitana: You had to ask Johnny didn't you?

Sonya: Jax go away!

Shao Kahn: Look can we just finish this battle? You guys who are all powerful don't help your friends just watch.

Everyone: Sure.

Shao Kahn: Now!

Quan Chi: No!

Liu Kang: Who is that?

Quan Chi: It is I Quan Chi (Boo's from audience)

Auidience member: YOU SUCK!

Quan Chi: Anyway, I must be a total d-k and mess up all of your plans! (Holds up his amulet)

Ermac: Hey guys just coming out of nowhere to say (slips on blood, knocks the amulet out of Quan Chi's hand)

Quan Chi: Aw crap! (teleports)

( The amuelt shots a beam of green at everyone near the arena including Ermac, Sonya, and Kano)

(A few hours later)

Note: Remember who's who now :P

?: (A girl Screams)

?: Kung Lao What's wrong?

Kung Lao: (in Ermac's body but with Kung Lao's voice) AHHHHHHH! I feel like speaking in third person even though I'm technically speaking for myself and ow my head hurts from that logic!

Liu Kang (in Cage's body): You feel bad? I feel like an American stereotype who thinks he's all that and wastes his money on sunglasses!

Subzero (in Scorpion's body): I feel like hunting down a guy who's mad at me for killing his brother. Oh wait!

Scorpion (in Tremor's body): Oh shut up!

Liu Kang: How do you feel?

Scorpion: I don't know... I feel like I have nothing to do with the series.

Sonya (in Raiden's body): AHHHHH I'm old!

Raiden: (in Jax's body): I'm only a couple thousand years old...

Jax: (in Kano's body): Irony...

Kano (in Liu Kang's body): It's cold... How does this guy not wear a shirt?

Cage: (In Sonya's body) I'm fine with my switch!

Sonya: (Smacks him) Pervert!

Kitana (In Shao Kahn's body): Why do I feel like I must abuse my wife and daughter?

Ermac (In Subzero's body): No I hate blue! That's why I always wore red!

Tremor (In Kitana's body): Hmmm... I feel like I hate the planet Pluto.. But why?

Raiden: Who did Shao Kahn switch with?

All: (Stare at Shang Tsung)

End of Chapter one. So you don't get confused write down who is who now :P