I'm following a blog meme going around just now, in which you write 100 pieces of fan fiction, all in your favorite fandom, and each one has to incorporate one of 100 themes or prompts. I chose Charles Dickens' works and decided to add my own twists to it as well: mine will each be exactly 100 words, and they will each be from the POV of a minor character in one of Dickens' books.

Prompt #22: Enemies.

Barsad, A Tale of Two Cities

He'd been had by that scoundrel lawyer twice now. If ever there was a man who ought to have his head chopped off by that infernal guillotine, it was that scoundrel lawyer. After the first time, Barsad would have been glad to hand him over. After the second time, he would have done the deed himself. And now here he was watching that scoundrel lawyer head for that infernal guillotine in a rickety tumbrel, and here he was quelling the cheers around him. Didn't seem right, that his enemy had become the man he most admired. Just didn't seem right.