Chance and Opportunity

*Quick Summary- Chuck recovers from shot, tries to win back Blair, doesn't succeed. Brings a new girl to New York.

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the hit TV show or book series, called Gossip Girl. I own my o/c.

-This story is based on the hit TV series, there wasn't a community for the TV show so I have posted it on the book's community. Set after the ending of Season 3.

Rated T, No Smutty content, sorry. But I do expect people that read this to act mature, remember this is fiction. Yet, most fiction is based on reality. I don't write fairy tales, but I believe in happy endings. Take it from someone that lives in NYC has been through relationships and back, what I write may not be liked, but it's honest. Things happen, but in the end... well I wont be giving that one away.

**If your a little girl obsessed with fairy tales and Cinderella and all that fake bull, do not read this. You will just annoy me. **This is a love story, about Chuck and Blair.**


When Chuck got mugged in Prague and shot he was immediately found and rushed to a local hospital. He was pronounced dead for exactly forty-four seconds, it was a life changing experience. All this time he had wasted conniving, scheming, and plotting was not a way to go on living. It was time to turn over a new leaf- And he would start by winning Blair back. Bass flew to Paris as soon as he was healthy enough in search of his love. Every day and night with no success he visited her, sent her cards, flowers, pastries, and apologized dozens of times.

Before he finally gave up for good, Chuck explained his incident in Prague. She hugged him, glad he was okay and alive. For a couple of days she even began to show signs of affection towards him, but that didn't change anything. When he finally got on one knee underneath the Eiffel tower and proposed, she declined. The next day Serena and her took a plane back to New York, leaving Charles Bass alone for the rest of the summer in the lovely city of Paris.


Gossip Girl Here;For the high and mighty there's only one place to go but downhill. Incidents that occurred before the summer season predicted just that, but there's rumors now that everyone seems to be back on their feet. Everyone! Will a certain Queen B, be able to cope with that? The upper-east side is in for a brand new explosive beginning.

"How is the wine?" The smooth voice that could only belong to Charles Bass asked. He was on his private jet sitting on an extremely comfortable leather chair, facing a beautiful woman.

"Wonderful," the woman replied in a soft lovely voice. Her dark waved hair was brushed neatly over her shoulder. Women in New York paid hundreds in extensions to have the length she did. Not only was her hair cause to be envious, but everything else. Ivory skin, Emerald green eyes under long dark lashes, a perfect nose, and subtle, pouty lips.

Any man would have gone on their knees for this exquisite creature. A hint of naivety and innocence in her eyes, showed how pure of heart she was, and that she had no idea how much her looks could affect people.

"I'm glad," her companion said earnestly and smiled.

She stood revealing a slender, yet voluptuous body and kissed him lightly on the lips, then placed herself in his lap.

He favored being this close to her and disliked the distance of having her across from him. Tenderly, he traced a finger over her cheek.

"If my accent slips. I will be so embarrassed," she mumbled in honesty.

A laugh escaped his throat. "I find it fascinating when that happens," Chuck whispered gingerly into her ear, as he played with her hair.

Yearningly, he clasped his lips between hers and began to kiss her passionately, teasing her tongue.

New York City was going to be very surprised at the sight of them, Poor B! X0X0