Gossip Girl: Oh no upper-east siders I hear there's a big diamond ring being returned and life plans being cancelled? Could it be that the Spanish princess has decided that it's time for her to return home? Was it all a certain Queen by's fault?

Queen B sat up in bed with the biggest headache of her life, drinking wasn't something she like doing at all. Hangovers were the worst to deal with, especially waking up to gossip girl blasts about the dreadful night. There was even pictures. What were chances that Angeliza and her would have the same costume when there was only an exclusive amount made?

She seriously doubted Angeliza and Chuck's engagement/marriage was over, then again she was royalty and something as embarrassing like that could tarnish the reputation they would hold as a couple if they were to stay together. How could he not know the difference between his wife and Blair, even if they did have the same costume.

"Are you feeling okay?" Serena asked walking into her room.

Chucking her cell phone on the floor, Blair shook her head. "I feel as if I just got hit by a train and then had Paris Hilton pee on me."

Her best friend made a disgusted face and sat at the foot of her bed. "Are you angry Jenny's back?"

The little slut defied Blair publicly, a revenge scheme would have to be arranged immediately, as soon as she felt better. But no, that wasn't what had her worried. It was the look of pure heartbreak on Chuck's face last night when he realized he had kissed the wrong girl.

"Yes. What a dirty wench. I mean who does she think she is setting her hoochie heels back onto this island!"

Serena laughed then stood. "I'm going to tell Dorota to go make you some breakfast."

"And some aspirin please," Blair called as she began to walk away.

Hours later, Blair was home alone in her living room eating ice-cream and watching old 50s movies. It was official Chuck and Angeliza were over and she was leaving for Spain tomorrow morning, according to gossip girl. She was staying in a hotel away from him and everything.

All thanks to a picture of Blair and Chuck in central park, and the worst part was it even said it was while his "wife" was in the hospital. Mix that with the kiss Angeliza had witnessed yesterday, and Chuck Bass was still seen as the devil he always was.

Blair had one, victory never tasted so bitter. Yet, she had done nothing to be a part of it in the first place. Why was it she felt so guilty?

Around midnight Blair found herself in front of central park looking up at a large apartment building, and then she went inside. It was surprising after the doorman had called him, he had allowed her to go upstairs.

The door was opened, the apartment was beautiful. If one day she were to be married it would be exactly what she wanted. Chuck always had such exquisite taste.

Finally, she found him. Sitting alone on the balcony looking towards the park, a glass of whiskey in hand.

"Your drinking?" Her voice incredulous.

Chuck didn't answer just looked straight ahead sadly. "It allows me to not feel anything."

He turned around and looked at her coldly. "I deserved this. You taking away what meant so much to me. But you don't understand, she needs me. And now I cant be there."

His words stung her, made her feel worse. She had said once she didn't like who she was with him. Allowing this to happen made her worse then that.

"I'm sorry."

He threw the glass behind her causing her to jump. "Just leave. You got what you wanted."

She shook her head. "No. I didn't do this. It wasn't me!" Tears streamed down her face causing her make-up to run, and he looked at her angrily and in disbelief. Chuck really didn't believe her.

"Blair. I changed, but obviously you have not. Why would I ever believe you?"

Angrily, she turned on her heel and left. I have changed, you'll see I am better than you Chuck Bass, she said to herself angrily as she headed towards a hotel a couple of blocks away.

What does the Queen have up her sleeve this time? - XOXO