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Thunder rumbled through the woods behind our house as the rain fell noisily to the ground. It was raining once again in the town of Forks. Not that I didn't like that it rained a lot, it meant that my family would be able to do as they please most of the time. Rain would get annoying after a while; the air would always be thick and sticky against my throat.

I looked out the window, watching the heavy drops hit the windows panes and glide towards the bottom. I was completely bored; Jasper was on a hunting trip with Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward. Bella and Renesmee were at Charlie's house for the day, letting him enjoy their company before Bella went off to college.

Bella had finally decided it. Edward and herself would be attending Dartmouth in the fall which meant we were finally moving. We still had some time though; the fall semester didn't start until late September, which gave us about two months left here. Bella wasn't happy about it and neither was Charlie but no one else seemed to mind.

Renesmee and Jacob would be a problem though. Jacob hated to be separated from her and had somehow managed to let Renesmee stay with him and Billy for two weeks before they came to New York. I supposed after that he would be with us for a while, unless the pack moved as well.

Esme flitted into the room and to my side. Her hand rested on my back and she looked out the window as well. "What's wrong, Alice? I'm not Jasper but you seem upset," she murmured.

I laughed quietly. "Nothing is wrong. I guess I just miss Jasper," I said softly. "I hate us being split up; I have no idea why I didn't go with him," I mumbled. This time unlike others I felt uneasy that he was gone, something felt off and I wasn't sure if it was me wanting Jasper to come home or if something was actually wrong.

She breathed out a sigh. "They will be back later tonight just like he promised," she reassured me. "But I do have something for you to do that may get your mind off of it for a while, "she said with a smile as she took my hand and towed me into the garage.

"What?" I asked and then she handed me a card. It was a pick-up address. "Oh," I said with excitement. Rosalie, Esme, and I had gone online shopping for Renesmee. We had found the cutest dresses and had to get them shipped from Italy to a local store in Port Angeles. Bella of course didn't know because she would pitch an unnecessary fit over nothing.

I grabbed the keys to my Porsche and opened the car door. "Great idea, Esme," I murmured. She smiled and disappeared inside the house. I started the engine and was soon hitting seventy on our drive. I turned onto the highway and accelerated even more as I headed towards Port Angeles.

A vision hit me then and I slowed the car a little as my sight transformed into a different picture but it was odd. I couldn't see anything in this vision but I could hear everything. There was an awful screaming that sounded like my own and a low growl that was very close to it.

I shoved the vision away, not making any sense of what was going on in the vision. I continued to drive along when another vision slammed into me without any warning. I could see this time though, I was in a forest sitting on the ground by a large trees. There was some kind of low hissing that I heard so I strained to listen in to it. "He can try to keep you hidden from me but I will always find where you are," the voice hissed. It repeated itself and grew louder and louder.

I yanked away from the vision again and veered back onto the road. What was going on? I turned off of the highway and soon found the store I was looking for. I parked my car and walked inside the designer and straight to the front desk. The clerk looked up from his computer and gaped at me. "How-how may I help you…miss?" he asked in a staggered tone.

I smiled kindly at him and handed him the card. "I came here to pick up some clothes for my niece," I answered with a shrug.

"Oh, of course, I just need you to sign this and I will go and get them for you," he said with a smile. He slid the screen over to face me and walked back behind a door.

Once my eyes hit the screen I was no longer seeing the screen, I was back in the woods. Dark red eyes glowed in the distance as the same words echoed through the trees. "He can try to keep you hidden from me but I will always find where you are," it hissed in a louder tone. A scream followed once again and then something touched my shoulder.

I came out of the vision to see the clerk looking at me curiously. "Is everything all right, Miss?" he asked.

"Um…yes, I am sorry," I mumbled as I swiftly signed my name onto the screen. I reached into my bag as the man continued to look at me. I pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to him.

"Are you sure everything…" his voice trailed off as he looked at the stash in his hand.

"Yes, yes, everything is fine. I must be going, keep the change," I said in a rushed voice as he handed me the bag of clothes.

I felt his stare on me as I left the store and got into my car. I drove off and started to speed back up as I got on the highway again. My hands trembled on the steering wheel as the vision played over and over again in my head. I didn't know what was going on but I was starting to get a little scared.

A while later I turned off of the highway and onto a side street that neared out drive. As I turned off I received yet another vision.

In this vision I saw a male with blonde hair and red eyes. I could tell by his eyes that he was fairly old, at least twenty years of being a vampire. He was tall, about as tall as Jasper and Emmett but not quite and physically he looked like he was about twenty-five human years.

He looked at me intently and his lips moved ever so slightly, but what he said sent my skin crawling. "Alice," he breathed. "You will be mine," he hissed.

Something slammed against my chest but the man hadn't moved. My eyes popped open and I realized that I had crashed my car, my precious, beautiful car. The steering wheel was forced up against my chest and there was broken glass all over my clothes and in my hair. The front of my car was smoking but it was dying away.

I opened the car door and stepped out, brushing some of the glass away from my clothes. My hands trembled and I turned to look at my damaged car.

My hand slid into my pocket and I pulled out my cell phone. With shaky hands, I dialed Carlisle's number and hit call. I didn't have to wait at all, he picked up his phone on the first ring.

"Alice?" his voice asked.

"Carlisle, I need you," I whispered into the phone and a tiny sob fell from my throat without permission. I clutched the phone tighter and looked around me with fear.

"Ok, where are you? Is everyone all right?" he said in a wary voice.

"Yes, I am not with them though, they are at home," I said in a shaky tone.

"Where are you?" he pushed me on.

I looked around me and the phone shook again as my hand vibrated. "I-I am about three miles east of the turn off to our drive," I answered in a whisper.

"Alright, Alice, I will be there in seven minutes at the most," he said and then the line went dead. I wrapped my arms around me and looked at the screen of my phone. I pulled up the familiar number of my husband but contemplated on whether I should call him or not. I wanted to hear his voice right now but I knew that he would get worried about me immediately and come home early.

I whimpered softly and shut my phone, setting it down beside me. I heard screaming in the back of my head, my screams filled with fear and panic. I folded into myself, feeling so vulnerable, as if anything would happen.

I heard Carlisle's familiar engine near and come to a stop a few yards away. The car door opened and then an arm wrapped around me. "Alice? Are you alright?" he asked as his hand moved my head so he could look at my face.

"My visions…make them stop, please," I wailed quietly. "I don't know what is going on and it's scaring me," I whispered.

He helped me to my feet and looked me over. "Are you hurt?" he asked as he brushed some of the glass from my hair.

"I am fine, Carlisle," I answered him.

"I need to take you home, Alice. I need to make sure you are fine. Jasper would be very unhappy with me if something really was wrong and I didn't do anything," he told me.

We started to walk to the car but I paused. "Don't tell him, I don't want to ruin his fun," I murmured quietly.

"Jasper would want to know if something was wrong with you, Alice. He should know," he said as he opened the passenger door for me.

I got in the car and he shut the door behind me. He walked over to the other side but didn't get in as he dialed a number. The next moment he was talking with Jasper. I didn't listen to what he was saying; I looked straight ahead into the lingering trees that stood tall.

"Alice," breathed a voice, sounding like it was right next to my ear. I gasped and turned but nothing was there. Carlisle opened his door then and looked at me. "Is everything all right?" he asked me with concern lathering his voice.

I didn't reply and he started his car again with a sigh. He started to drive off and I gave one last look at my car that was now no more than scrap metal.

On the short ride home Carlisle had called someone to pick up my car and hold it in the shop but we both knew that it wouldn't be there for long. That car was unfixable now.

Carlisle parked in his usual parking space and I stepped out of the car and he joined me as I walked inside. Esme was there, her gaze worried as she looked at me. "Alice," she whispered as she hugged me to her. "I am so sorry; I shouldn't have sent you out alone to do that. I didn't know…"

"It is fine, Esme. I am fine, I promise," I reassured her.

She released me and smiled lightly as Carlisle motioned for me to follow him. I followed him up the stairs and into his office. I sat down in a chair and he looked at me intently for a moment. "Does your head hurt?" he asked me.

I shook my head. "I am fine," I said exasperated. "It is no big deal," I said as I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know what is causing this, Alice but we have to find out soon before you actually do get harmed because of it," he told me gently.

I sighed and he pressed his hands against my face. My eyes focused on his and then he pulled away. "You look fine but don't hesitate if you feel that something is wrong," he told me.

"What about my car?" I asked.

"We can always get a new car but we can't get a new Alice," he told me. "Your safety is far more important than a car," he said with a laugh.

I sighed and stood up then. "Thank you," I murmured as I left his office. I walked into my room and into the closet so I could change clothes.

I heard light footsteps nearing the house and my spirits brightened as I recognized Jasper's in front. I went down the stairs and once I hit the last step his arms wrapped around me securely. "Alice," he murmured my name as he held me close to him. "Carlisle said that you would be alright but I had to make sure," he said as he kissed the top of my head.

"I'm fine," I whispered as I inhaled his wonderful scent.

"Hey shortie," Emmett boomed and patted me on the back.

"Emmett," I mumbled, my voice muffled by Jasper's shirt. He chuckled softly and walked up the stairs to his room as Rosalie followed behind him as she sent me a small smile.

"Are you sure you alright, I know you, and you wouldn't wreck your car over nothing," he said with a smile but worry etched his face.

"My visions, I can't understand them and…they are starting to bother me, Jazz," I confessed with a tremble.

"What are you seeing?" he asked me.

I sighed and shook my head. "Later," I promised him.

He was about to object but I quickly stood on my toes and pulled my lips to his. He chuckled against my lips but didn't pull away.

Someone cleared their throat behind us. "Alice," Edward greeted quietly.

"Edward," I answered not taking my eyes off my husband. He sighed and walked out of the room grumbling about some kind of insanity.

Jasper tugged on my hand, pulling me up the stairs and into our room. He shut the door softly behind him and turned to look at me. "You must tell me what you saw," he murmured.

I frowned as the images shot through my head. I shudder ran through me and Jasper took my hand. I pulled away from him and walked to our glass window. "It felt so…real, but…I don't know…what it means," I whispered.

He was by my side again and wrapped his arms around me. "Tell me," he murmured.

"Screaming, so much screaming…and it…it sounds like-like me. These eyes, I keep seeing them; they look right at me and…and the voice," I whispered as another shudder ran through my body. "Alice," I breathed my name just the way I had heard it the first time.

He turned me to look at him, his hand moving my face so I could look at him. "What are your theories? What do you think of what you are seeing?" he asked me as his arms moved to my waist.

I inhaled deeply and then breathed out. I looked out the window and then turned back at him. "Someone is after me, and I can't hide from them either," I whispered.

"No, this can't be right, I would never let something like that happen. Look again, Alice, there must be something that you aren't seeing," he begged me.

"It hasn't changed. No matter what I can't hide from whoever it is," I whispered as I recalled the vision again. "Maybe I am finally going insane," I muttered.

"No, you're not; you never make a big deal over your visions. I think that we should pay attention to them if you think they are becoming a threat," he murmured. "Carlisle," he called his name softly and then Carlisle appeared, opening the door and walking in.

"Yes?" he asked patiently as he turned to look at Jasper.

"What do you think about this?" Jasper asked as he turned his face to look over me slowly.

"I think we should take this seriously, whatever it is. Alice, you shouldn't be in this much distress if it wasn't something that was unimportant," he murmured. "Can you tell me what you saw exactly?" he asked.

I immediately shook my head and looked away from them. "I already told Jasper what I thought and what I had seen and I would rather not bring it back up," I said impatiently.

"We need to know, Alice, so we can try to put a stop to it," Carlisle stated and then Edward walked in.

"Go away, Edward, I said 'no' and I mean it. Stay out of my head," I mumbled at him.

He chuckled and came to sit next to me. "No thanks," he said with a smile, trying to keep the mood in the room light. "And anyways, they are right, this shouldn't be ignored. Something could really be wrong, Alice," he continued, his voice becoming more serious. Then Edward fell silent as he searched through my head. I tried vainly to hide the visions from him but he knew how to read me. His body grew tense and still as he continued and then turned to Jasper

"I think we should take this seriously. There is no way that she can see something so vivid if it wasn't, it looks so real. Do you know him at all? From before you met us and Jasper?" he asked.

"No, I have never seen him before but it seems like he knows me. I don't know how…" I trailed off.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Jasper asked impatiently. Edward clued both Jasper and Carlisle in quickly and the two of them nodded in agreement.

Jasper wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. "You should have told me it was like that. You could get hurt, Alice," he said.

"I think it would be best if you stayed inside for a while, until your visions calm down. Have someone go out with you if you decide that you want to go somewhere, and tell us when you are going somewhere," Carlisle said as he looked at me.

"I will be with her no matter what," Jasper promised.

"That's not fair; I can't do anything because I saw something that might not come true?" I asked with a frown.

"This is about your safety, Alice," Jasper said in an exasperated tone.

I sighed and nodded. Whatever made them stop fussing over me. Edward smiled apologetically to me and silently left with Carlisle, leaving me and Jasper in our room.

"Just do this for me, ok? Give it a week and I promise we will re-think everything if your visions leave," Jasper told me.

I nodded again and smiled sadly, knowing that there was no way that I could get out of this.

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