A/N Clarifying: This is during Victorian times, with Helen and John more or less newlyweds and Ashley a newborn.

The normally patient, calm, understanding Magnus was totally frazzled. She was very close to throwing the tiny bundle out the window. She had gotten many a warning from other mothers during her pregnancy. Well wishes for the troubles of new parents, warnings about the difficulties of raising children, and the hurdles of infancy. One being all night feedings. So here she was, at an ungodly hour in the morning, hoping desperately Ashley would for heavens sake go to sleep.

"Helen? What's the matter?" A groggy John stood in the doorway.

"John! Hold her!" She strode over to him and had to restrain herself from shoving the screaming newborn in his arms. He took her and began humming a wordless lullaby to Ashley, while Helen tried to stop her hands from shaking. The child calmed down and within a few minutes was lulled to sleep. He handed her back to the now close to tears Helen. She silently put her daughter back in her crib and walked back over to John, swaying slightly. She broke down and began to sob on her surprised husband's shoulder.

"It's okay… hush, its okay." He had at first been worried, jokingly warned and teased about the troubles of fatherhood, but it was much easier then he thought. The one who had the most trouble was his dear wife, who was half-asleep on his shoulder. She was not quite as apt as mothering as most of her friends, and it bothered her to no end. John however, was quite shocked he was able to calm the newborn down most of the time, which just made Helen disgruntled. While Helen was better with children in general, their daughter certainly favored her father, as it seemed. He led Helen back to bed, her murmuring her thanks before drifting back to sleep, and he went back to the nursery.

His heart swelled with pride as he watched his daughter sleep. His daughter. And his lovely wife sleeping in the next room. He was a lucky man indeed. He stroked the tiny fingers.

"You're quite a fascinating creature, aren't you?" He froze as her eyes opened, and he braced himself for a scream, but the silence continued; she merely watched him with her big blue eyes. Although science told him she didn't have a thought process developed enough to understand true emotion and form detailed thoughts, but their seemed to be a cryptic look on the wrinkle face, examining the boyishly awed older one, before breaking into the best smile a four-week-old could manage. The smile turned into a yawn as she drifted back to sleep. The sky outside began to lighten, and he crept back to bed so he would have enough energy to brag to the rest of the Five Ashley's accomplishments.

James looked pleadingly to Helen for rescue. She merely snickered as John recounted for the hundredth time Ashley's smile, and Nikola for the hundredth time argued for the millionth time when babies smile they have gas, and as Nigel started to drool, having been put to sleep by John's tale. James almost regretted the changes fatherhood had brought to his friend, but the grin on John's face as he recounted the tale again made the tale bearable, at least for another ten times. With a poke to the sleeping Nigel, he made himself more comfortable. They would be here a while.