Zombie Mayhem

In 2050, the military was testing out a new experiment on a monkey when the experiment suddenly went wrong. Then monkey escaped and spread viruses that he contained. It turned out that the viruses had started to turn people into zombies. Now here's where my story starts. I was sitting at home watching a movie when my neighbour came knocking on my door, asking if he could come visit. So I said alright and we watched movies and ate take-out. Later on he fell asleep on my couch, so I decided to leave him there and went to my bedroon colapsing against the pellows, falling asleep.

When I woke up in the morning he was standing at the end of my bed with blood dripping down his chin and staining his clothes. I went running out my bedroom door and he chased me though my house and I grabbed a chair to beat him down with it. Then I opened up the front door to run out the house but there were zombies that were trying to get in. So I closed the door and then ran to the back door where my car was parked. Looking out, I saw that there were no zombies so I ran back in the house and grabbed my car keys. Then I ran out the back door and started my car.

The zombies heard my car start and they came running to the back. I put my car in reverse and sped down the alley. Then my car made a loud beeping sound. I didn't know what it meant so I started to slow down. Then I realised that I was really low on fuel. So I found the nearest gas station and filled up with fuel. Some zombies came running up and I hopped in my car as fast as I could I drove away. I saw a big tank rolling down the street and pulled to the side of the rood and they must have realised I was human because they stopped too. The top of the tank opened and the soldier inside said "Follow us where there are no zombies."

So I followed them and they lead me to a big mountain that we drove up on. When we got to the top there was a big metal wall that opened when the soldier yelled some kind of command. When we were driving past the wall I realised that the wall was 2 metres thick. There were lots of people that weren't infected by the virus. They gave me a small house that had all the things we needed. Like a stove and other necessisary needs.

It was late at night when we heard a big siren go off. Then there was a loud explosion and a couple soldiers came knocking on my door and said that the explosion meant that they wiped out all the zombies. The loud siren went off again, this time the siren meant that the big metal gate was opening. All that we saw was a whole bunch of dust and there was no grass or any thing on the ground. so every one who didn't have a car got to leave first, then the people that did have cars went and started them up and left behind the people that were walking to go to their houses. When I got to where my house was standing, there was nothing left but the floor. my whole house was wiped right out. Same with everyone else's. We all started all over again. We all helped each other out in food wise and all the other thing's like clothing. The military also helped out with finding materials like wood to build houses again.