Artemis's POV (wow that sounds weird… Artemis's)

This was a complete nuisance. Yet another man has been added to our godly family. If you ask me, I personally think that Olympus has more than enough Gods and needs more Goddesses. But here we are, with a new sea god. Percy.

He had rejected godhood before, but his father had insisted he still keep training so he did. Unfortunately, while he was there for two years Annabeth couldn't wait much longer for him so she simply sent him a letter stating she wanted to end the relationship. She had decided to remain single and seek out more knowledge.

Percy was extremely heartbroken after that, and it shocked me that for the first time in Greek history, a woman was the one that had broken a man's heart. Although I admired Annabeth for being strong and deciding to stay single.

Over the next two years, Percy became stronger and a better warrior. With his strengths, he warded off an attack aimed at Poseidon's palace. As a result, Poseidon recommended his son become a god and knowing how skilled Percy was, Zeus accepted the request.

Since the boy didn't have Annabeth tying him down to earth, he was open to godhood and became the God of Waves, pretty catchy if I do say so myself. At the moment, we were deciding were Percy would reside at a meeting in the Council Room.

"I think he should just stay with me like he always has. He's my son for one thing as well as a great guardian." Poseidon said.

"No, no. He has spent four years with you Poseidon. It is time that he knows what it's like to be a real god and live on Olympus." At once everyone started shouting their opinions except for Athena and I. Percy just sat awkwardly in a throne in the middle of the U-shaped table.

"I have a recommendation, and I'm sure that it can benefit us all." Aphrodite spoke up. Of course with looks like hers, everyone immediately became quiet and listened to what the love goddess had to say. "I believe that Percy should reside with Artemis in The Hunt as a guard and a warrior."

"WHAT?" Percy and I screamed at the same time. I had shot up from my seat. "That's utterly absurd! I shall not have a man in The Hunt!"

"I can't be in the same place as her! For one, she hates my guts, and second she's probably going to use me as target practice!" That wasn't actually a very bad idea. I'm sure the girls would like they're new 'target'.

"Actually… Aphrodite makes a valid point." Zeus said in her defense.

"Father! You cannot really be agreeing to this! I have a reputation to uphold!" He smiled at me, understandingly.

"Artemis, I know how you must feel about this. But I for one think it's a brilliant idea. This can assure me that you're going to be safe."

"I have always been safe! There is no need to give me a guardian!" Zeus held up a hand to quiet me down. I sighed and sat back down in my throne.

"Still it haunts me to remember the time you were taken captive and had to hold up the sky. Don't you remember how Percy took the burden from you and allowed you to fight?"

The memory game flooding back to me. After that moment, I saw Percy as a different man. He actually cares about others before himself and would do anything to protect someone. I glanced at him and saw that he was running a hand through his black, unruly hair then noticed the streak of gray hair. It was his souvenir from carrying the sky.

"Very well, Father. If you insist." At that, the meeting was dismissed. Aphrodite was so going to be dead for planning up this horrid idea.

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