Chapter 13

5 Years Later:

"John Felix Anthony Cena III, get your butt up here right now!" Stephanie yelled downstairs.

"What did he do?" John asked his wife.

"One, look at his room. Two, look at your daughter." Stephanie answered.

John took at look at John-John's room and then looked at their 3 year old daughter Kylee. John shook his head before heading downstairs to find their 6 year old son. Stephanie took Kylee into the bathroom and attempted to wash all the marker off of her.

"Why did you put marker on your sister?" John asked his son.

"Because she needed to be colored in." John-John answered.

"John-John, that is not a good answer. You do not color on your sister. Do you understand me?" John responded.

"Yes, dad. I'm sorry." John-John stated.

"You need to say you're sorry to mommy and Kylee." John responded.

John-John did as he was told and then was sent to time out until Stephanie and John could get the marker off of Kylee. Once most of the marker was off, Stephanie took Kylee downstairs and got started on dinner.

"Honey I can do that. Go sit down and relax." John told his wife.

"John, I'm fine." Stephanie responded.

"Baby, you just got out of the hospital. I don't want you to wind up back in there." John stated.

"I understand that, Honey. But the doctor said that everything looks fine and as long as I stop when I feel tired I will be ok." Stephanie responded. "And making a salad is not going to tire me out."

"Alright, but promise me that if you start to feel tired you'll sit down." John stated.

"I promise." Stephanie responded.

Stephanie and John were expecting their third child in a few weeks. Ever since Stephanie hit 20 weeks she had been in and out of the hospital. Both Stephanie and John decided that this would be their last child since Stephanie's health was at risk.

As the weeks passed, Stephanie was admitted to Tampa Bay Medical Center to be on 24 hour watch until she had the baby. John took the time off work to be with their older two kids at home. Carol, John Sr and Gilbert flew down to Tampa to help out their kids.

Stephanie had been in the hospital for about a week when she started having contractions. The doctors called John right away when the contractions wouldn't stop. As soon as he got there, Stephanie's water broke and within an hour Savannah Hope Cena was born.

Once Savannah was checked over, weighed, and measured, she was brought over to Stephanie and John. Stephanie was pretty worn out so John took the baby and cuddled with her for a little while.

After spending two more days in the hospital, Stephanie and Savannah were released to go home. John was happy that his family was now complete and that everyone was healthy. John and Stephanie had gone through a lot in their marriage and no matter what happened, they always remained open and honest with each other.

The End….