Enemy of the King

Author: Spirit of Entropy

(Author's note: This is my second account. My first account was Kage of Seireitei. I had this story idea and this time I planned ahead for future chapters. The first arc is already written in Rough draft format. I plan to release a new chapter every couple days until the end of the first arc. I will simultaneously be working on the second arc rough draft.

My writing style may change from dialogue oriented, to very descriptive, stage direction format, depending on what I feel is appropriate. So I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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Summary: "God has become nothing more than a tyrant." Ichigo's life changes the day his mother is murdered by a shinigami. Watch as he gains allies and grows into the warrior who defies the King's will. Multi-arc series. "Bad" Soul Society. Good Espada later on. Ichihime. Current Chp: Prologue

First Arc: The Will of Four

Date Posted: 7/15/2010

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Attacks/extreme emotion/scene break

Prologue: That Rainy Night

That night was the first time I experienced tragedy.

Scene opens with a view of the Karakura riverbank. In the midst of the rainstorm the river is swollen and the current is rough. Up on the hill a mother is walking her son home. Beneath the large umbrella, the boy feels secure in his mother's presence. His attention is focused on the dark clouds above him.

The rain begins to pick up. "Ichigo be careful. You don't want to fall into the river." The mother warned.

I had always had a special "gift". Ever since I can remember, I was able to see people that weren't really there. These lost souls, or ghosts, or whatever. I was so aware of them that I couldn't even tell if a person I saw was alive or dead.

Little Ichigo gazed down towards the unlit riverbank. Beyond the streetlights, his eyes began to pick up a lonely figure mere feet from the torrential waters. He focused his gaze and was able to make out a little girl dressed in white standing precariously over the ledge.

"Don't jump little girl!" Ichigo shouted as he got loose from his mother's grip.

The horror of that night still plagues me.

The little boy stumbles down the hill and rushes over to the edge of the riverbank. Ichigo reaches out his hand to the girl, but just before he could tug her back, she vanished.


"Ichigo!" the mother cried suddenly as she wrapped her arms around him protectively.

The next thing Ichigo heard was a sickening squelch and crunch. The world became silent. Ichigo's very being shook as he looked up into the lifeless eyes of his mother.


That laugh. I will never forget that laugh.

The body of Ichigo's mother falls to the side revealing her murderer to the boy's eyes. An image that will stay with him forever. The man was tall. He wore a dark yukata and brown wool overcoat. He had jet black hair and a tattoo of a crown symbol on his forehead. With a sinister expression, he gazed upon his victim with satisfaction. The horrifying sound of blade released from flesh was heard.

Ichigo fell to his knees as he watched the man sheath the sword that ended his mother's life.

His urge to kill fulfilled, the murderer turned away and began walking towards a shining white light.

Despair and hopelessness consumed Ichigo as tears mixed with rainwater. One moment ago he was happily walking home with his beloved mother. The next, she lay before him in a pool of her own blood.

"Why?" Ichigo whispered.

"Hm?" The murderer turned back around towards the life he spared. He approached the terror struck boy.

Ichigo looked up at the man towering over him. Suddenly fear was the only thing that encased him. This man ended his mother's life and he could easily end his too. Ichigo's instincts told him to remain still and silent. But the question burned in his heart.

"Why? Why did you kill my mother?" Ichigo cried out in a cracked voice.

The man paused a moment. That sinister smile spread across his face. He answered simply

"Because God wills it."

And without wasting another moment, the murderer stepped through the white void that abruptly closed behind him.

Ichigo was alone. He lay in the mud next to the lifeless body that was once his warm and caring mother. The rain continued to pour. Ichigo continued to cry. The world continued to go on as time left behind another caught by death's cold embrace.

Those words continue to echo in the little boy's mind.

God wills it.

End Prologue

(Author's note: Hope you enjoyed the Prologue. The next chapter is already written and will be posted in 1 and a half or 2 days. See ya then.)

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