Life's full of secrets.

Chapter 16 And A Warrior's Heart

Marco flew to the top of the clock tower. He had flown over the courtyard and caught a glimpse of one of the warriors standing and watching him. He quickly flew to it in time to see it open and two ridiculously stupid dressed people open the clock itself. The both pointed a gun at him and shot.

"Nice try." Marco said ramming them and knocking them out of the tower. The phoenix landed and looked at the rope that ignited the bomb. It hadn't been lit. Marco smiled, happy that he had made it in time.

A quiet sound came to his ears. Marco looked around. Was it the clock ticking? No, this was quieter and coming from a tube. The man looked at the canon and looked in. The large bomb on the inside fit perfectly. Marco leaned in closer and saw a small clock fixed to the front. His eyes widened as he realized what it was.

"So it is a timer." Marco turned to the voice. He had been so fixed on the time bomb that he failed to feel the young warrior's presence. The man looked at him and smiled. "How long is the range?"

"Five kilometers." Marco said watching the man change his form. He moved out of the way and watched as the man grabbed the bomb.

The falcon left the tower and flew up. Marco watched him go. He didn't stop him, just sat on the edge and watched. He heard screaming from below and looked down to see the young girl on the ground. She was screaming at the falcon who had disappeared above the clouds.

Ace and Luffy tried to calm her down but she wouldn't listen to them. Marco jumped down and walked up to them. The blue haired girl ran up to him and began to pound her small fists against his leg.

"WHY DID YOU LET HIM GO!" she screamed at him; blaming him for the warrior taking the bomb to the sky.

"I would have taken it myself." Marco began looking at the young girl. Vivi looked up at him and tears began to fall as the sky erupted. "But he had to do it. He is a warrior of this country and he had to protect it."

Vivi broke. Marco felt shame at having to be the one to tell her that the man had done it to protect the country. That he had no choice but to die. Luffy, even though it hurt for him to move, walked up to the girl and hugged her carefully.

Marco looked at the two of them and noticed large forming bruises on the boy's neck. He walked up to Vista. "What happened while I was gone?" he asked the man.

"SunaWani had grabbed Luffy and then, well I'm not exactly sure what happened. All I know is that those two are scary when they work together." The man said pointing to Red Hair and Pops. Shanks looked at him and smiled while Whitebeard stayed where he was and continued to watch the sky.

A woman Marco hadn't seen before but knew walked up to Luffy and the girl. Marco pointed to her and looked back at Vista.

"She was down there when we got there. Surprised she's still walking. Well, Luffy asked us to save her so we did. Guess she's SunaWani's old partner and he gutted her." the man said watching her carefully.

"SunaWani?" he asked wondering who the man was talking about.

"Luffy's nickname for the croc." Whitebeard said watching the woman closely. She stood in front of Luffy and stared at the boy.

"Why?" she asked. Luffy looked up and so did Vivi. Ace stepped forward but stopped when she continued. "Why did you save me?"

"Because." Luffy answered smiling.

"That isn't an answer! I helped take over this country and hurt you and your brother. I threatened your lives! Why did you save me? Even after I told you I had no reason to live!" she said yelling at the kid.

"Because you're not bad." Luffy said smiling even bigger. Ace smiled too and continued to watch his brother. "I don't care if you don't want to live anymore. But you're not bad so I helped you."

"How do you figure I'm not bad after what I did to you!" she asked in disbelief. Luffy stood up and looked at her.

"Because you can laugh." He said with a small laugh that forced a smile onto Vivi's face. "You can laugh happily which means you aren't all bad."

Robin stepped away from the boy. A small smile placed onto her lips. Her face softened and she looked at him calmly.

"You really are something, young holder of D. I hope we meet again."

The woman disappeared from sight and the group looked at each other and relief washed over them. "So," Luffy began looking at them, "Does this mean we won?"

They all nodded. "Ah, it does." Shanks said looking at the younger of the brothers.

"Good, because I'm exhausted." He said before falling backwards. Everyone looked at him panicked but then laughter came from the young princess as small snores were heard from the boy.

Ace joined in and light rain began to fall upon the scene. They all stood and took in the moment as the ground sucked in the rain that had not fallen in the country for too long to remember.

Two weeks later.

Luffy looked around the room he and Ace shared. It had been a little over a week since he had woken up after the incident in Arabasta. Everything had gone back to normal at the organization. He had begun to get into the normal schedule of working as an assassin.

Pops had told him that he had to make a full recovery before he was allowed onto any mission. The boy had said he was fine as soon as he had woken up, but the nurses had said no. Ace said that he wouldn't go any missions either and Pops had agreed that Luffy's first could be with the teen.

Luffy grabbed his straw hat and put it on his head. Marco had given it back to him when he had woken up. The boy had thanked the man and had hugged the hat happily. Shanks grinned and had messed up his hair even more even though the nurses had told them to be comfortable.

Ace had fallen asleep during their ride home which had made it easier for the nurses to heal him. Like Luffy, he would say he was fine even with bloody whip gashes and open burns.

Luffy walked into the kitchen part of the apartment and found Ace asleep at the table. His cereal untouched and next to his head. Luffy looked at it noticed Ace's hand holding a spoon.

"I made it in time so that he didn't get a face full of breakfast."

Luffy turned towards the door and noticed a woman smiling at him. He raven black hair was down to her shoulders and her blue eyes were clearer.

"Ah, you!" Luffy said walking up to her.

"I never did introduce myself to you, did I?" she said with a gentle smile. Luffy nodded his head and the woman walked over to the table.

"Well, my name is Nico Robin, I have already talked it over with the boss, or maybe I should say Pops." She said. Luffy looked at her and a smile crept onto his face. "I am now an official member of the WhiteBeards."

Luffy began to cheer. Ace woke up and fell out of his chair when he saw the older woman sitting next him.

"What is she doing in here?" he asked his little brother.

"She's part of the group!" Luffy told his brother happily. Ace looked at him and then at the woman who had leaned forward onto one hand.

"Well, my occupation is the same as everyone else's here." She said with a small laugh as the boy looked at her with obvious suspicion.

"And what is that?" Ace said not really liking her being in his house.

"Assassination 3."

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