Conrad gets kidnapped on his way to the human lands with Yosak. They take him to their leader, just for him to find out that this person is someone dear to him.

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Yuuri's prospective

In side the room I heard some strange noises, I heard an old wooden bed creek and a groan, I quickly moved my ear away from the door. Is it Conrad and Yosak together, is this why he is making excuses so he doesn't have to play baseball with me this afternoon? Why didn't he just tell me the truth? I decided to walk to my room, I felt a little disturbed, and it was wrong to listen; especially in on Conrad and Yosak, plus Conrad's my godfather, and also when they are having sex, weird.

Conrad's room

"Oh my god Conrad! How heavy is your bed?" groaned Yosak while trying to move the very heavy bed.

"Not that heavy. Awww are you struggling with the bed." Conrad said chuckling to himself.

Yosak jumped on him from behind, "I'm not weak, I just didn't eat enough that's all."

"Oh, ok I'll believe you, just this once though." Said Conrad while arching his eye brow.

"Oh, come on commander." Uttered Yosak while moving closer to Conrad and then slinging an arm around his captain.

Then they started to play fight just like when they were little. After a few minutes they rested on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Then Conrad felt the bed shift a little, he didn't think much of until he felt warm, soft lips touch his own. "Yosak?"

But when he realised that he didn't get an answer Yosak was already fast asleep.

The next morning Conrad woke up in Yosak's arms. Yosak was already awake watching his commander sleep. "The commander looks so peaceful when he sleeps" Yosak said this aloud. He ran his fingers through the commander's hair. "Yosak, just call me Conrart." Said Conrad while opening his heavy eye lids.

"Yes, Conrart. He giggled after calling him Conrad.

One of the maids knocked on the heavy oak door, waiting for a reply.

"Get under the bed." Yosak jump out of bed and hid under the bed. He made quite a thump when he banged his head on the edge of the bed. Conrad sniggered to himself. "Yes, come in" said Conrad.

"What was that?" asked the maid

"What was what?" Conrad answered.

"Oh, never mind. I'm just getting your dirty washing." He laid on his waiting until she was done. He was then interrupted from relaxing by a scream.

Conrad sat up, "what is it?"

"There is a man under your bed." She said while pointing

"Oh really" Conrad said, pretending that he wasn't there and that she was just seeing things.

"Yes, right there… it's Yosak." Yosak got out from under the bed, and got under the covers to keep warm.

Günter ran into the room and saw what the commotion was. "What's going on here?"

Yuuri, Wolfram and Gwendal had followed, when they heard the scream coming from Conrad's room, from Gwendal's office. They all saw Yosak in Conrad's bed, with no tunic on. Everybody thought that they had done something different that just sleeping. The maid and the two men all cherry red.

They all walked out of the room, shocked and a little embarrassed. They suddenly heard the red haired man and the brunette haired man laughing. "They are acting like they are teen's again." said Günter.

A couples of weeks later they had all got over what had happened in Conrad's room and were acting normally again. They were all in the garden sat at a round garden table with Lady Celia, Greta and Lady Anissina. They were all enjoying the sunny afternoon. Although there were two people missing, Conrad and Yosak. They were of walking near a river bank which was close to the human lands.

Yosak and Conrad were holding hands, and giggling about some past memories.

"Hey remember the time when we were in high school and we pulled that prank on that teacher that kept giving that girl a hard time just because she liked to doodle everywhere." Said Yosak.

"Oh, yes, I hated that teacher I couldn't believe that she did that." Conrad replied and then had one of those famous, warm smiles plastered across his face.

"Yes, but Conrart you got the girl because of that plan, and may I add I came up with that plan." Said Yosak while winking back at Conrad.

"Oh, shut up." Conrad pushed Yosak onto the floor then he jumped on him and kept him pinned down. Then they started looking straight into each others eyes and started kissing passionately.

"I thought I'm always on top?" Yosak uttered

"Well I want to be on top for once." He then gave Yosak a warm smile.

Then there was rustling coming from behind them. They stood up and got into fighting position, with there swords drawn as quick as lightning.

Someone was walking quietly behind Conrad and whacked his head with the hilt of their sword. When Conrad fell, the person caught him, so he wasn't injured more.

"Conrart!" Shouted Yosak. Then at least 12 people dressed in navy blue from head to toe surrounded him, so he couldn't get Conrad back.

He tried to fight them but they were too strong for him, just as he was about to give up, they all stopped and suddenly disappeared. He was just stood there confused. He realised that he loved one had gone; he had ran to Blood Pledge castle, ignoring strange looks from people on the way. He ran to Gwendals's office and saw them all gathered in the office.

The door swung open, and when hitting the wall it made a loud bag, which caught everyone's attention, they all saw Yosak stood in the door way out of breath, his clothes ripped and he was all bloody.

They all ran to his side and helped him to a chair. "What's wrong? Where's Conrad?" Asked Yuuri.

"He's been taken." Replied a tired out Yosak.

"What by who?" they all gasped, to what they just heard.

"I don't know, the people were dresses in something that covered them from head to toe. I couldn't see there faces. I'm sorry I failed you."

"Don't be silly Yosak." uttered Yuuri, "it's not your fault, it could have happened to anyone." He then placed a reassuring hand on Yosak's shoulder.

Gwendal then went to his desk to fetch a map. "Where were you, when this happened?" he then placed the map in front of Yosak.

"Here." When he said this, he pointed at where they were.

"Why were you near the human boarders" Demanded Gwendal.

"Because we wanted to be alone for a few hours and to not get bothered by any of you" Yosak then looked down and closed his eyes. "Is that to much to ask for" he muttered under his breath so nobody heard.

They all then started to make some kind of plan of action. They went to the river bank where Conrad was taken to look for any kind of clue that could lead them to where he was or in the direction they would be taking him in.

Where Conrad is being held

Conrad woke up in a room; it was really dark, and smelt like blood, and there was a sound of dripping in one of the corners of the room. He started to get up to see if there was anything to light the room or a door of some sort. He stood up and screamed in pain, his leg hurt, it felt like it was broken. He sat back down and held his leg to stop the pain that was rushing from toe to knee.

A tallish man threw the door open and came closer to Conrad, and held his leg to stop the pain. There was a light blue glow coming from his hand, then after a few minutes Conrad's leg felt better, he must have healed him.

"There you go all well. God haven't you grown up." He said before chuckling.

"Do I know you?" Conrad said in a groggy voice.

"In a matter of fact you do." He then went across the room and opened the heavy looking curtains to reveal who he was.

Conrad then gasped "Oh Shinou, you're…"

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