I love you

Chapter three

The tallish man walked over to the window and opened the heavy looking curtains and revealed himself.

"Oh Shinou…your" uttered Conrad.

"Yes son, it's me." He then walked over to where Conrad was.

"But you died all those years ago, when you were in the human lands with Gwendal." He was now staring into the man that was his father in the eyes.

"Oh how is that grumpy man these days, still grumpy?" he then gave a little chuckle.

Conrad did not answer. "Oh, come one son, don't be like that."

He then touched Conrad's leg. "Don't touch me, your not my dad, he's dead." Said Conrad while whacking the mans hand away.

"God, your still stubborn, look it's me, look I'm here to take you back." Dan Hiri said while leaning against the wall and crossing his arms across his chest.

"What do you mean take me back?" Said Conrad with a puzzled look.

"You know we are going to go back to big Shimarian and get your thrown." He then smirked a little.

"What! I don't what that thrown." Conrad started to raise his voice, he didn't want to rule that country, he had a king to protect.

"What do you mean, you are supposed to be wearing that crown, it's your country not who is running it now." His father was now standing in front of Conrad, he was not taking no for an answer.

Conrad stood up and pushed his father aside and went to the door. But the door slammed shut, just as he was going to walk through. He span round and saw that his father was angry with him. He tensed up, getting ready to be hit. He remembered that his father always used to hit him when he did something wrong. He new that he was only helping him and that he didn't really want to hurt him, he was just protecting him from harm.

His father put his hand up and clenched his fist and hit him, really hard across the face, Conrad fell to the floor in pain. But he didn't retaliate to his fathers actions.

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The group had been walking for hours until they finally got to a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. It was the only house in side, for miles. They walked up to the house bearing their swords.

Yuuri was going to knock on the door, in case it was just a normal family living hear. Just as they reached the door, they heard a male scream.

His father asked Conrad to go with him to finally be the king of big Shimarian again. But Conrad just refused again and his father stood on his hand breaking it, causing him to scream in agony

"That sounded like Conrad." Yuuri gasped.

Yosak kicked the door open, and they all barged in, there was no one there. They heard another scream and all ran to the direction of the scream and on the way they heard another scream again, but this time closer.

This time his father had slashed Conrad's face with a pocket knife, and ragged at his hair to make him say yes.

"No, I will not be king to the thrown of big Shimarian; my duties are here with my king!" Screamed Conrad.

All of them heard this conversation. When they finally came to the right room, they saw Conrad tired and messed up. His clothes dirty and ripped and his face bloody and dirty. They saw the person stood beside him and knew who he was straight away. (A/N - apart from Yuuri because he has never seen his father.)

"Oh, Gwendal and Günter. Ah, this must be little wolfram" he sad in a chuffed voice.

"Stay away from him!" Conrad shouted but in a tired way.

"Why do hate me so, I'm your father." Yuuri was sweat dropped. "Y...your father."

"A double black, you must be the new demon king, the, lets see, the 27th maoh." He said with whilst putting his hands on his hips.

Yosak went to help Conrad up. But his father got in the way. "If you come any closer he will lose his arm." He grabbed one of his son's arms and was ready to slash if anyone moved.

Yuuri looked at Conrad just resting against the wall, tired, and powerless. His clothes all dirty and ripped, he looked really cold, and he was also wet which made him colder.

Yuuri starting talking, "do you want to kill you son, do you want to even hurt him." He said in a soothing, soft voice.

"Yuuri." Conrad barely got it out, he was just too weak.

"Just look at him, you have done this to your own son, how can you even look at you self, you're a selfish bastard!" Yuuri started getting angry with the lack of response from the so called father.

"Yuuri." uttered Wolfram. "What it's true! Just look at your brother, he's never like this, he's always saving me, he's strong and skilled, does this look like the lion of Rutternburg?"

"No, he's beat up, he can hardly move." Yosak said with a quiet voice.

Conrad opened his eyes that he didn't even realised he had closed and saw that every one was getting closer, and his dad was about to slash his arm, but Conrad had a little bit of strength in him to move away. But his father was too quick and pulled him back by his hair. Conrad made a noise of pain. His father bent down and put his sword on his neck, "make any move and I'll kill him."

"No!" Yosak yelled. "You can't do this, Lord Weller, he's your son, you can't kill him. He's very important to me and the others and more importantly, you."

Dan Hiri then looked down at his battered up son, he was still for a while. Thinking about everything he has done.

"Your right." He pulled the sword away and then he pulled Conrad into his arms, "I'm sorry." He whispered in his ears.

Then he started to cry. They all ran to get Conrad and to get his father. But when they got there his father disappeared, making Conrad's head hit the floor. Yosak went and propped his head onto his legs and raked his fingers through his hair.

The next day they were all back at Blood Pledge castle and Conrad woke up in his own bed, and found Yosak laid beside him, holding him, to make sure that no one would take him again and that he would be safe, from danger.

"Yosak?" He asked a little confused. But Yosak didn't wake or budge.

He just laid besides him sleeping, so Conrad just let him sleep; he looked like he needed it, "I love you, Yosak." Then he closed his eyes to rest a little more and fell asleep again in Yosak's arms safe and sound.


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