Author's Note: Well apparently this idea really parallels another person's own story. So there was this huge big misunderstanding going on between us. (and plenty of jackasses who weren't so nice in stated it)

I would never ever mean to deliberately steal or use someone else's idea, so it's a huge coincidence that the ideas are similar. As I've explained to the other author, and to the many assholes that weren't so nice with telling me, I was using an idea that my own friend wrote and said I could rewrite. The ideas were similar apparently, and I've read the 'Roller-skating? How illogical.' Story, and yes, it is like mine, and yes, I have now read it. I realized I've read it once before, so I was taking memories from that story AND my friend's story accidentally instead of just my friend's. (Plus, my friend's story was deleted at an old site that we had together that was destroyed. So I've got nothing to play on cept memory.)

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The beautiful creature was now getting cold. Spock seemed to be hiding it from Jim, shivering slightly and quietly when he would look away. Jim couldn't help but catch onto it, seeing as Spock started to chatter his teeth. "Dude, you're cold."

"It is not as warm as predicted, no, but I am fine."

Jim's lips thinned in slight worry and annoyance, seeing as he wasn't so cold with his light wrap on. Spock had crossed his arms as a way to show that he was cold, dunking his head further and further down to his body. Jim was trying to remember something about Vulcan biology, anything that would help him in this situation. He remembered from school that Vulcans had a higher body temperature than humans. Did that mean that they got cold easier? "You're cold."

"I am not Ji-"

"You're. Cold." Jim stated as he moved to take off his jacket. Once he got it off, he stopped walking, and gripped Spock's forearm, bringing him closer to him. "Here, let me help you."

Spock stood quietly, simply watching as Jim fumbled with his own limbs trying to get his light jacket onto him. Jim seemed very determined to get the jacket onto his companion, his brow being furrowed. With a small quirk of the lips, Spock helped in getting the flimsy piece of clothing on his body. Jim looked up to see the small quirk, before watching it vanish as soon as it came. Jim was slightly disappointed for missing the quirk, but he was also proud of getting it there in the first place.

"There. Now hopefully you'll be warmer." Jim said before turning away and taking a few steps off. The two continued walking in the cool summer air. They were in a pleasant silence, Spock looking around the mostly empty fields once they got out of the city, Jim simply watching whatever rock he kicked go flying. Jim broke the silent with a small chuckle. "I still can't believe that a Vulcan was at a skating rink."

"It was a surprise from my mother."

"It was still weird seeing you there."


Jim looked over to see Spock simply looking forward, probably thinking about the small blurp they just conversed in, or whatever. Jim then looked away with a smile, before looking up and over to his farmhouse that he could see now. He clasped his hand on Spock's shoulder, leaning over, and pointing at the building still a ways away from them in the darkness. "That's my house, technically we're on Kirk property now."

Spock nodded his head, before looking down over at Jim's hand that was still resting on his shoulder. "Jim, I wish to ask you to refrain from touching me. Vulcans are touch-telepaths, and I do not wish to read your thoughts." Jim then silently slid away his hand with a nod. "Sorry." The Vulcan's lips then twitched upward once again. "Do not apologize for something you were not knowledge in."

The two continued walking for a good fifteen or so minutes, seeing as the home in the huge farm was in the middle of all the land. As Jim expected, no lights were on, seeing as his mom was off planet, and his brother was off with his girlfriend. He walked up the steps that led to the house, fishing around in his jean pocket for the key. He pulled it out, pushed it in the knob, then turned it, hearing the soft click of the old-fashioned door unlocking. He then pushed it open, flicked on a light, before turning to Spock who was standing at the edge of the property.

"Well come on, I'm hungry." Jim said waving his head towards the open door. Spock moved forward hesitantly, as if he was afraid of entering the house. Before he climbed up the steps, brushed past Jim, and simply took an interest in the door. "Fascinating, this door does not function on it's own power. It is… old fashioned."

"My mom freaks out about anything space-like since my dad's death and my birth and all that jazz." Jim said, pushing his way in past Spock, and tossing his keys on a nearby table. Simply to have them slide off it, and onto the hardwood flooring. "Well close the door, we don't want any cold air getting in."

Spock did as told, shutting the door, but still looking at it's wooden features, and even the rusty golden door knob.

"Hungry?" Jim asked from the kitchen, walking over to the replicator. He really wanted some real food, but wasn't in the mood to walk anywhere. He could ride his motorcycle, but that would either mean Spock would have to sit behind him, or he would have to leave him here. "I could really go for some real food though." He muttered to himself.

Spock walked into the middle of the living room, his hands now harboring the pockets of Jim's jacket. He looked around the room, his eyes latching on everything that wasn't ordinarily found on Vulcan. Which was pretty much every single thing in the entire room and kitchen. "I do not care where you choose we eat, Jim." Spock stated, looking over at the human who was fumbling with the replicator with a frown on his face. "Well… there's this good burger place nearby." Jim offered, looking over at Spock for any show of excitement or disgust.

"Vulcans are vegetarians. We do not eat animal meat." Spock stated, simply stated was all. As if he wasn't annoyed with Jim not knowing this fact – he didn't know really anything about Vulcans to begin with – but was simply telling him so he would know. "They also have salads, and fries. No animal anything there."

Spock tilted his head in what seemed to be accepting. "May I ask what a 'fry' is Jim?"

Letting out a chuckle, before Jim moved towards Spock and the living room. "Ok, that settles it. We're going out, and you're going to eat yummy French fries." Jim then moved past Spock, and started moving up the small stairs. Spock looked over at where he was walking, seeing Jim walking down a hallway that was only a foot higher than the floor he was standing on. "May I ask where you're going?"

"Getting my motorcycle jacket, it'll be cold out there way we're going."

Spock awaited Jim to finish getting dressed, before he saw the honey-haired man coming back down the hallway. "You earlier spoke of a 'motorcycle' may I ask what that is?" Jim the smiled as he grabbed his keys from the floor, waved them near Spock's face before heading towards the door. "It's like a car sort of, just follow me." He opened the front door, flicked off the light, and told Spock to close it behind him. The two wandered around to a shed that was next to the house that Spock hadn't seen earlier. Jim led the way to it, in the moonlight radiating from the moon of Earth. Jim pushed open the door to the shack, walking in, and then pushing out something.

"This," he motioned to the two wheeled vehicle with his hand, "is a motorcycle."

Spock rose his right eyebrow, before he walked a circle around both the 'motorcycle' and Jim. "It has wheels." He noted, looking up at Jim climbing onto the seat, and grabbing the handlebars with his peach colored hands. "Yup, and it has a motor, that's why it's name is motor, and cycle. On account of having both of those items."

Spock looked over to see Jim pulling off a helmet from one handle bar, and handing it to him. "Put this on, I don't need it." Spock took the black colored helmet from Jim's hands, pushing it around in his palms. "I am inquiring we are riding this vehicle to our destination."

"You're very perceptive." Jim flipped on the motorcycle; revving the engine making it purr like a cat, then growl like a lion. "Yup, now climb on behind me." Spock seemed hesitant to do that. He simply stood there, and looked at Jim with the helmet in his hands. Jim softly smiled before nodding his head once more. "Cat got your tongue?"

"I do not see how a feline creature from this planet would have collected my tongue." Spock stated, before taking the helmet and putting it on his head. He fixed it so that it was fitting properly, but seemed to fidget with it a little more than necessary. "What's wrong?" Jim asked seeing Spock pushing his hand into the helmet to fix something. "One of my pointed ears has seemed to gotten caught on the helmet. Nothing I cannot fix."

After a little bit more of 'ear-fixing', Spock climbed onto the motorcycle much as Jim had before him. He was sitting way behind Jim, which was bothering him. "Spock, you're going to fall off if you don't hold onto me." He complained, looking over his shoulders at the Vulcan who didn't seem too comfortable. "It would illogical to touch you Jim."

Jim slightly chuckled at the use of the words, before shaking his head slightly. "You have to do it unless you want to fall off a vehicle going over 60 miles per hour."

Spock seemed to take this as a threat, quickly scooting forward so Jim's butt met up with his groin. He then wrapped his arms around Jim's waist, clasping his hands together in front of Jim's belly. He kept his helmet-covered head close to Jim's, before speaking into the shell of Jim's rounded ear. "Is this adequate?" Jim nodded with a smile as he revved the engine once more, making Spock jump slightly, before scooting closer. There was warmth around Jim's ass, his lower back, his belly, and even his thighs where Spock's own thighs were beside his. He was happy with the warmth, even welcoming the higher temperature of the Vulcan behind him. "Ready?"

"I suppose Jim."

When Jim started moving the motorcycle, Spock's grip on him tightened, and his groin pushed harder against Jim's ass. "It's ok, just hold on, and you'll be ok." Spock still rested his helmeted head on Jim's back either way, before answering with 'Ok.'

The cruise to the restaurant didn't take long seeing as it wasn't too far away by motorcycle. The whole time, Jim loved the wind whipping through his honey-colored hair, and also loved how Spock was clinging onto him like dear life. So they hadn't just gone straight to sex, so what? Jim didn't mind taking it slow if Spock wanted so, he had a whole week so it seemed, because Spock had said something with his father being off planet, and his mom keeping him here the whole week. Jim really did have the whole house to himself though, and here he was going off to a restaurant because he didn't want to put up with replicated food, then maybe get some action from the Vulcan. The more he thought about it though on that short motorcycle trip, he realized that he didn't just want to get Spock into bed with him, but he wanted to know more about the Vulcan customs and what went on in their pretty little heads.

Shit, this was getting way to serious for his blood.

The two finally rolled up to the restaurant, there were still a lot of cars there. Since it was summer, it must have been late since the sky was almost dark now. Jim couldn't help but smile at the fact that Spock was still clinging to him even after he had turned off the motorcycle.

"Spock, it's ok to let go now, we're stopped." Jim said, turning slightly in his seat to see the Vulcan's eyes darting up to his. "I am sorry Jim." Spock the slithered his hands away, and then leaned back so that he wasn't touching Jim at all. Man, it was cold without that Vulcan heat on him. "It's ok, let's just go eat, I'm starved."

Jim then crawled off the motorcycle, with Spock mirroring his movements. Spock took off the helmet, and held it out for Jim to take.

A snicker came out from Jim's mouth, he couldn't help it, Spock's hair was all messy, and disordered. So unlike it was when he met him. "May I ask what is funny Jim?" Spock asked raising that right eyebrow of his at the laughing Jim had delved into. Jim simply took the helmet, and placed it on his motorcycle, before waving his hand around Spock's head. "You're hair is all messed up Spock."

Spock's hands drifted upward, before his mouth formed a tiny frown as he pushed his hair down to some sort of order. It fell back into place perfectly, before he nodded his head at Jim who was simply annoyed that his hair was so perfect. "Ok then, let's just go and eat."

The two pushed open the doors, and found that there was still a bunch of people there; it must have not been so late as Jim thought. He checked a nearby clock, and found it was only about 8:28. He walked up to the woman who was standing behind a podium. "Hey, we need a table for two." Jim said with a smile and a wink. The girl giggled, before she ran her fingers through the menus, and also smiled up at Jim. "Come with me." Jim nodded his head before looking over at Spock who was simply standing there and looking around the room. "Come on." He said waving his head before he started following the waitress. Spock followed closely behind him, still looking around the building with much interest. The waitress stopped at a booth between a family, and a different family. She then put down the menus on Jim and Spock's table, smiling at them before walking off. Jim sat down on one side, while Spock slid on the other. "It is fascinating Jim, there are many tropical like items in this restaurant." Spock said before taking the menu in his hands, and opening it. "Obviously Spock, It's called 'Tropical Burger House' it's supposed to look like this." Jim said with a small smile playing on his lips.

Spock nodded his head slightly before his eyes scanned the menu. "Jim, I cannot be able to find any vegetarian foods here like you said there were going to be." Spock said before setting down the menu, and furrowing his brow at Jim.

"You have to order it specially, don't worry I'll get it for you. Salad ok with you?" Jim asked setting his menu down also. A simple nod was all Jim got as an answer from Spock. A small smile grew on Jim's face, as he watched Spock's eyes wander up and down the menu for what seemed to be a drink.

He didn't just want a one-night stand from this guy.