primal force, unbidden

hidden from eyes of the world

chosen as a weapon

given mortal form and frame

to bleed and taste of death

in too short of a time

where an angel guards

teaches and prays

but merely on the sidelines

until the curtain is closed

on the last act

of this violent play

the next act reveals

new characters

new guises for each face

as demons take hold

and white hats fight

amid too many battles

never enough won

too much blood

until she falls once more

the earth to claim

only to be torn out again

by hands unrelenting

and grasping too hard

holding too tightly

softer hands ask why

only wanting to feel

but she pulls away

letting darkness claim her

tasting the bitterness

only to find despair

never hope

until floor is found

hardness insistent

merciless until the end

where the goal is seen

once more in light

as guardian returns

to side to fight

for the day lost

and the night


This is something different, but I thought that you might enjoy it. I'm an avid poet; been writing poetry for ten years. I hope you enjoyed this! Based off of Buffy's fight against the darkness and everything that she's gone through throughout her years as being the Slayer.