"…but mommy you said! You promised!" Gus pleaded with whining desperation.

"I know sweetheart. I'm sorry, but your sisters' sick & your mama's got to work. I promise you I'll make it up to you. We'll find someone else to go with you. You're still going on the trip honey, don't worry." Lindsay was trying her best to reassure her less assured son.

"OK. I want Jenny to feel better, but I want daddy to go with me!" He was determined.

Lindsay bit her lip to prevent from spilling out her groan of uncertainty in front of Gus.

Brian Kinney? Field trip chaperon? Yellow school bus full of runny nosed little 'life enders' smelling of cookies and dirt? She laughed at the thought as she envisioned his Armani suit smothered in crumbs and finger paint.

"Done. Daddy's going." Great. Melt down averted. Gus was pleased. Now, all she had to do was tell daddy.

"I can't. I'm busy." Brian said matter-of-factly.

"Oh stop it. I haven't even told you the details." Lindsay couldn't let him say 'NO.'

"Gus is so excited to go with his daddy. His day camp has been planning this trip to Hershey Park since the beginning of summer."

Brian groaned inwardly. Damn it she played the 'Daddy card'. Though he was certainly no stranger to the delivery of disappointment, with Gus there was never an option.

Christ. Looks like he was going to have to pack his brown sacked lunch. The Kinney boys were going on a field trip.

"Fine." He declared in defeat. "When does this nightmare, I mean, fun filled trip begin?"

"Bus leaves at 6am Friday morning from Gus's daycare. You'll be back by 2pm on Saturday. The Center's gotten a hotel so the kids can be refreshed before the ride home…" Lindsay was still spouting off details but Brian began to tune her out.

He glanced briefly down at his desk. His eyes caught sight of the plane ticket to Miami. There would be no white party for him this weekend. He groaned. The only man he'd be seeing this weekend was Gus. Not that he didn't adore spending quality time with the kid, but he had had much different bonding activities in mind.

"…If you pick him up today you can tell them the change in plans. Just ask for Mr. Justin, that's his teacher. Brian are you listening to me?" Lindsay paused and looked pointedly at the man before her.

Mr. Justin? Gus's teacher was a man? "Yes. I'm listening." He told her hurriedly.

"So, what does this Mr. Justin look like?" she shot him a knowing look as he continued through a sideways grin "you know, so I'll know who to approach this afternoon."

"Don't even think about it!" Lindsay practically screamed the words.

Brian knew her well enough to know that her forcefulness and insistence could only mean two things. The man was gorgeous and gay.

Hmm maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad after all.

How heterotastically quaint, Brian thought as he pulled up to the childcare center. It had the ambiance of 'The All American Dream' complete with red shutters and white picket fence surrounding the walk way.

Squeals and shouts danced through the air. Brian stopped for a moment and took a deep breath, enjoying the exuberance of youth. He walked into the building only to find it empty. The back door to the closest classroom was open. Children's laughter floated towards him wrapped within the breeze that softly blew the curtains.

Kids were sporadically scattered about. Several were playing some game on the sidewalk, a few girls were jumping rope, most were simply running off their afternoon snacks' sugar content. He watched as three boys chased several girls.

Brian wondered if he ever chased boys at this age. He could only assume that he did, for he had no clear memory of ever crushing on a girl. He quietly mused "Girls are icky." to himself warranting a genuine chuckle.

Not surprisingly, several of the young female teachers were immediately positioned in front of him. Each one trying to be the first to address this hot new visitor.

He focused his attention on an attractive girl with smooth skin that reminded him of milk chocolate. He was slightly enthralled watching the sun dance playfully on her dark curls. He shot a brief glance to the hideous cotton t-shirt she wore and read her name 'Daphne'. He immediately found himself liking this girl. Her smile was kind. Hell, if he was straight he might have even turned up the 'Kinney charm'.

"Hello Daphne (she blushed), I'm Brian Kinney, Gus Pete-" his sentence was replaced with his son's small but loud voice, "Daddy!" The boy was all smiles. Brian had to admit the little man brought out plenty of smiles in himself.

"Hey sonny boy! I hear we're going on a trip." He said whisking his child into his arms.

"Uh huh! We're going to ride rides and eat chocolate until we throw up!" noticing his dads' (mock) disgusted face, he looked away shyly "That's what Mr. Justin says. Isn't he silly daddy?"

"He sure is Buddy. Where is Mr. Justin anyway? I have to tell him I'm coming to the park with you." Brian couldn't wait to meet this phantom gorgeous gay man whom (according to Linds) was off limits.

"Oh, he's not here anymore. I guess his mommy picked him up already." Gus stated simply.

"His mommy?" Brian inquired from his all knowing child.

Just how young was this Mr. Justin anyway. No matter. The younger they are the more likely they are to match his stamina. 'Bring him on' He thought.

"I don't know daddy. He's a big kid. He's lucky, he doesn't have to go to school anymore. You know what? I think maybe he's a grown up, but he's not grown up old like you." Gus explained with his face in deep concentration.

Old like him? Brian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This little shit was definitely a Kinney, brutally honest until the last tear is shed.

Setting Gus back on the ground, Brian informed the nearest group of his newest fans (He couldn't help but think they should be watching the children and not his ass. Either way he liked being admired) that he would be replacing Lindsay on the field trip. The women had no problem with the adjustment.

"Let's go get your stuff sonny boy." he ushered his son through the door as he heard random goodbyes from Gus's friends.

Immediately upon entering his classroom, Gus took his daddy by the hand. He felt the need to show him everything he had ever touched, looked at, or thought about in the brightly colored classroom. Brian feigned listening halfway through the kids' excited utterances.

His eyes were drawn to the enormous mural painted on the rooms' largest wall. It was phenomenal. Brian let out an involuntary gasp as he looked closer. There was Gus swinging on the swings of the one dimensional park scene. The likeness was amazing. He could only assume the rest of these children were Gus's classmates.

He didn't remember ever having anything so grand when he was in school, but he thought for what he spent on childcare he was glad that his son did. He wondered two things. First, who had painted it? Secondly, would they be interested in a job in Kinnetik's art department?

The tour ended at Gus's cubby where he finally began to gather his belongings. His father's attention however did not remain on the mini Kinney below him, but rather on the bulletin board above. It was full of classroom photos. He astutely scanned them all until he found what he was looking for. Mr. Justin.

His eyes. His eyes were fucking incredible. The bluest goddamn eyes Brian had ever seen. And those lips. Sweet Lord how he wanted to kiss and suck on them, savoring every luscious taste. Though he was seated Indian style in the picture, Brian could tell the man was built quite to his liking. He wished he could get a glimpse of his ass. He could only imagine it to be as mind blowing as the rest of him.

'Off limits my ass he thought. His ass is mine.'