Title: What Dreams May Come

Story inspired by the 'Misfile' web comic by Chris Hazelton, artwork found on the website, information from YouTube videos, and other sources. Special thanks to my beta-reader Love Robin.

Chapter 1: Two's a Dream, Three's a Nightmare

Cassiel floated in the sky above Mt. Greylock, glaring down. She had finally convinced her superiors to give her enough slack so she could resume her campaign against Rumisiel.

To prove he was Up To Something.

However her options were limited, for both Rumisiel and his brother Vashiel were aware she was in the area, and thus vigilant against her causing any mischief in their direction. So she dared not do anything directly against them or Ash, Rumisiel's human... trash! ...girlfriend. How he could continue to choose a mortal lover over her, Cassiel could not fathom. If it got around she risked becoming a laughing stock in Heaven.

Still, not for nothing was she a niece of Lucifer. It wasn't a smart thing to go around declaring Up Above, or to remind any unaware or willing to overlook her relationship to the exiled, former Heavenly CEO. Yet the fact remained, the cunning and scheming which was an earmark of his clan ran through her -'blood' would be the mortal analogue but the true term was not easily described in human concepts- as well. There were many, many ways she could influence the mortal human world. Many of them too subtle for even Rumisiel or Vashiel to detect if she was clever enough.

And Cassiel was VERY clever.

She took out an artifact which was her 'badge' as a member of the Fourth Branch. Some of the Divine Host, obsessed with Human television programs, called it a 'tricorder'. Some got Holy Swords and Blades; some got Multi-tools; she got a science fiction prop, useful though it may be. What the unit actually did was to amplify angelic senses, allowing her to sense and measure things she normally could not. However, even angels were not God, not prescient; she could not sense what had happened in the past or what would happen in the future, and there were limits on what she could see in the present.

She stared down at the town, eyes unfocussed. What she saw could best be described in this manner: Take a pot of spaghetti. Add several drops of red food coloring without stirring so each strand received a different shading of red. Then dump the pot onto a model city and illuminate with a black light. Now consider that each 'strand' was a connection between two humans. Gradually, with the device's augmentation, she managed to adjust her focus until she spotted the node among the wild tangle of lines which represented Ash Upton.

Like every human, the teenager radiated dozens if not hundreds of lines, but only five were really strong enough for Cassiel to perceive as lines separate and distinct from all the rest. The first two the angel was quick to confirm and temporarily dismiss as links between Ash and her parents. The third link was strange, duo-tone coloring and attached emotions marking it as fear on the girl's end, yet friendship at, and from, the other. Whatever caused it, it too was not a link the angel was interested at in the moment. The remaining strong lines led to two other girls; one apparently the same age as Ash, the other about two years younger.

These two were colored by sexual desire. Cassiel did not bother trying to find Ash's link to Rumisiel; angel/angel and angel/human links were hidden, even to her tricorder-enhanced senses.

She followed the lines to the other two girls, seeing that the two had a strand linking each other. That line had overtones of anger, envy, and friendship. What fools these mortals were, to allow their emotions to be so mixed.

Floating with legs curled up under her, Cassiel mused about what she was seeing. Although not exactly in 'midair' -another human conceptualization promulgated by the rare few with enough of The Sight to actually see angels- she still shifted her position a bit for better comfort. "Now, what merriment can I do with this?"

Emily stared at her desk. Currently there were two items on it; a psychology textbook and a poster of Kay Wheeler. Kay Wheeler had been her middle school celebrity crush, but it has been she who was crushed years later upon finding out he was gay. More importantly, it was he who had raised an important question. If Emily had never tried it... how did she know she was not homosexual? She had finally admitted, at least to herself, that she had feelings for Ash. The one time they had kissed properly, both awake and prepared for it, she finally recognized what it was she gained from her fellow Misfile: A feeling of safety. However, was her attraction for Ash-the-boy trapped inside, or Ash-the-girl whose mom was a former sexy lingerie model and who had obviously inherited her mom's good looks?

It was an important question, and one Emily saw only one way to answer. She had kissed Cas, a boy from Cape Cod and probably one of the nicest guys she had ever met, and felt nothing. No spark. Not the way Ash could make her feel just by being nearby or hugging her. Kissing Ash answered no questions, except to prove that she rather enjoyed kissing Ash. Therefore in her mind there was only one logical thing to do...

*Ding Dong*

Answer the doorbell.

"Hey!" said Missi. The perky little Chinese girl glanced at Emily, then looked around. "I didn't see Ash's car in the driveway, where is she?"

"She's off visiting her mother today," Emily explained. "My mom is out too... it's just you and me here."

"Soooo... why did you call me to come over?" Missi asked, puzzled.

Emily took a breath, "I want to find out something." Before Missi or her own nervousness could stop her, with hands on shoulders, she pulled the shorter, younger girl close enough to pressed her lips against Missi's.

Taken by surprise, Missi stiffened in shock before relaxing. Her arms reached about, wrapping around Emily's back.

Emily broke the kiss, stepping back into the doorway. Missi blinked, a hand reaching up reflexively to touch her lips. "Wha... what's wrong."

"I... I think we both know that I have feelings for Ash," said Emily. "We both know you do. But I...I'm not sure if what I feel is just for Ash, or maybe girls in general."

"So, that's why you kissed me?" Missi said with a frown, fists on hips. "Well, I'm sorry I'm such a bad kisser."

"Wait," said Emily. "You're not a bad kisser. It's just..."

"You didn't want to be seen kissing another girl in the doorway?" Missi asked, taking a step forward, almost toe-to-toe to the older girl so the door could be closed behind her. She reached out, about to put her arms arround Emily.

"Stop," ordered Emily, taking Missi's wrists. "I know I'm giving you mixed signals, but... if we're going to do this, you have to let me be in control, ok?"

Missi bit her lower lip, uncertain.

"I'm not going to hurt you or abandon you," promised Emily. "Trust me."

"Ok," came the reply, almost too softly for Emily to hear her over her own racing heart. Something about this, about taking control, was turning the age misfiled girl on. Her next move was impulsive. She reached for her headband, untying it. She had never done that before in front of the exuberant other girl, preferring to keep her widow's peak hidden. Still holding the strip of fabric, she took Missi's wrists and gently pulled them behind her back. Using the headband, she soon had Missi's wrists tied securely.

Now, more confident, Emily placed one hand on the back of the other girl's head, the other hand cupping her bottom through the tight jeans she wore. She bent down, kissing Missi firmly. Her tongue reached out and stroked over Missi's lips, prompting the younger girl to open her mouth for Emily's tongue.

Missi submissively allowed the other's tongue to probe into her mouth, making no move to do any exploring of her own, teasing the older one by her own tongue's passivity. How long the kiss lasted, neither girl could say. Finally, Emily broke for air, looking deeply into the younger girl's expressive and exotic eyes.

Missi's face was flushed, her pupils dilated and her gaze a little unfocussed. She was breathing faster, in shallow gasps, than she normally did. In short, a textbook display of arousal, and the older girl had read enough textbooks to know. Any thought of further hesitation flew out of Emily's mind. She reached down, grasping the front of Missi's shirt, tugging it up and over her head and down her arms midway. She then left the garment there, further binding the girl's arms as Emily reached out a hand, cupping and stroking the younger girl's small breasts through her thin and lacy bra. It clasped in the front, which Emily unfastened. the bound girl hunched over, as if trying to hide her smaller breasts. It was not so much that she was uncomfortable with her body and self-image, but Emily had pointed out the lacking of her charms enough to feel vulnerable in this situation.

However her former taunter now gently placed hands on her shoulders, and Missi gradually relaxed, unfolding to allow Emily to see.

Missi's breasts were small yet firm; with dark nickel-sized areolas which contrasted with her delicate oriental skin. Each nipple was pierced with a stainless-steel or silver barbell. Emily reached out, stroking the small buds with her thumbs, and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from her bound companion.

"Ash told me that you and she made out," Emily said. She pinched one of the nipples, tugging on it lightly. "We share everything. Did she let you take off her bra?"

Missi gasped, arching at the sensations. Part of her felt like she was floating, overwhelmed, like she was riding the biggest rollercoaster ever. The only thing she could think of which even came close was that first ride with Ash, going down the mountain Old Road. "Y-yes..."

"And did she take off your bra?" Emily asked, resuming stroking her breasts. She felt vaguely guilty, remembering she had often made fun of the girl's bustline, saying she could be on the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee. While small, the breasts were definitely there; hardly the mosquito bites she had sometimes taunted.

"No...," said Missi, not even considering lying. "I had to do that on my own."

"Wow, Ash really WAS the girl in your relationship," said Emily. "Well, don't worry." She reached down and pushed Missi's thong and jeans down to her knees, exposing the girl's sex. "I'm the one in control now."

Missi opened her eyes with a start, panting in sweat.

For once, she was glad her parents were off visiting her foster brother, Tom. Otherwise, they might have had questions about her very wet dream. Questions Missi was not ready to have to answer. Granted, it would be a bit hypocritical for them to question her decision to being a lesbian, but she did not want to have to confess she was dreaming about being restrained by another girl.

She closed her eyes, hoping her next dream would feature Ash.

With a gasp, Emily sat upright in her bed, eyes wide, sheets falling away to pool at her waist, face flushed.

She had some weird dreams before -and very recently- but that had to be in the top ten worse. It was not a dream she could discuss with Ash, EVER. She could not even begin to comprehend where the idea of restraining Missi like that came from. In the dream it had just seemed the natural thing to do. Maybe I'm channeling my old bitchiness again, she silently ventured.

She closed her eyes, resolving to go back to sleep. Maybe, if she went to sleep fast enough, she'd forget all about that stupid dream.

Ash opened her eyes.

"Weird...," she said, a smile creeping to her lips. "Hey, I'm fantasizing about two girls having sex! And I wasn't one of them! Yes! Total guy dream!"

Ok, so maybe it was a little weird imagining Emily and Missi going at it behind her back, but dreams were supposed to be a little weird. It was not like the two would do anything like that in real life. Well... Missi might. The girl was wilder and more adventurous than either Emily or herself, despite being the youngest of the three. After all, she was the only one of them to have a body piercings or a tattoo. Anyway, it was not a dream Ash would be telling Emily about, except maybe in the broadest of details.

Closing her eyes, Ash curled up on her side, wondering if the dream might continue.

Cassiel opened her eyes.

Technically speaking, angels had no need for sleep -again not in the sense of the human concept. An hour or two in a meditative centering trance had the same effect. However, most lower level angelics, especially while in the mortal planes, preferred sleep. In addition, Cassiel was not advanced enough to enter the dreams of mortals -much less a group of them- unless she was functionally asleep as well.

"Well, that was unexpectedly entertaining," she mused with a frown. Having deliberately entangled the linking threads of all three girls, she had linked herself in as well; but Ash not having had an avatar-self actively participating in the shared dream was both unexpected and perplexing. The entire experiment had been to provoke an emotional response from Ash, and how could Cassiel do that if the girl was not directly involved?

Still, it was far from a bad start, as such things were. Maybe the idea of her two friends as lesbians would bring Ash's own latent lesbian tendencies, which she knew was boiling under her surface, more to the forefront, causing her to break up with Rumisiel.

Wouldn't that simply be delicious? An angel dumped by a mortal was one of the most embarrassing things the former could endure of the latter.

Cassiel sat up, shifting her astral posture to one more conducive to the aforementioned centering meditation. She needed time to better work out how best to capitalize upon what she had learned this night.