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Rule One: Defend Thy Sister's Honor

Ever since the beginning of time, brothers and sisters had an unwritten rulebook between them that kept peace in the siblinghood… most of the time. Despite being completely different species that got divided up into subspecies, brothers and sisters managed to live in relative harmony with the aid of the unwritten rulebook. When it came to brothers with their sisters, the rule was simply: "Defend thy sister's honor." When the subject landed on sisters with their brothers, the rule changed simply to: "Get rid of the whore."

The rules could either be simple or complicated. Their simplicity depended entirely on the degree of planning involved or the situation. Different situations resulted in plans that either required one to rid their sibling of a potential pest before the said potential pest became someone that they no longer were willing to tolerate.

One could argue that the unwritten rules were invalid to the Sand Siblings. With the youngest brother being a former Jinchuuriki and the current Kazekage, it was easy enough to assume that the rules didn't exist. The older brother was a rumored pervert that had a potentially unhealthy love for puppets while their only sister was a woman whose skill was matched only by her sharp tongue.

When one took away titles, all they happened to be were regular siblings. As with all siblings, the unwritten rules were put into effect. At the moment, however, Gaara and Kankuro found themselves in a situation that younger brothers seemed to dread.

Their sister bringing home a guy.

It wasn't that they didn't know the guy. They knew exactly who it was that their sister was bringing home except the only problem was that they couldn't understand why their sister wanted to bring him home. Temari was a kunoichi that demanded respect so why she chose to chase after the laziest shinobi that they had ever met was beyond them.

Despite knowing the lazy shinobi's reputation, it was always easier to assume that the unwritten rules would be needed. They were absolutely certain that there was a subsection in the unwritten rulebook that stated very clearly what violations would be tolerated and which ones would not. At the moment, there was only one rule that they cared for.

Defend thy sister's honor.

She warned them to behave and had even gone as far as to threaten them. This was the first time that she was bringing a guy home that wasn't family and she intended on making this go as easily as possible.

From how they had easily agreed to be polite to their guest, she knew full well that they were planning something that was possibly going to make her curse the days that they were conceived. It seriously wouldn't have been the first time that she cursed those days and certainly it wouldn't be the last.

When dealing with her brothers, it was always safe to assume that they were planning something since younger brothers always seemed to have some sort of sister complex. If older brothers had sister complexes, she couldn't say since she was the oldest of three kids unless her father had a son that none of them knew about.

Maybe having taken care of them ever since their mother died hadn't been such a smart move. They were probably more protective over her than what they should have been in the first place.

Now that she actually stopped to think about it, they did seem to be acting strangely. Hold on a minute. Did they actually think that Shikamaru was going to impose on her honor or something? What in the hell did they think she was?

Growling softly in irritation, the blonde-haired kunoichi left the house and started towards the gates where she knew Shikamaru would be arriving in a short while.

Since Shikamaru was a single child, he couldn't say that he understood the strange workings and rules that siblings seemed to have. Trying to understand the complex rules was just something that was too troublesome to attempt to figure out. As he looked at his girlfriend's two brothers, he figured that the unwritten rules of siblinghood was one of those troublesome things that he would need to learn.

So far the only thing that he was able to figure out about Temari's brothers was that they were going by some kind of unwritten rule book. It was really too bad that his friends didn't have brothers or sisters although he knew that Uchiha Sasuke had an older brother. The only problem with that theory was that A) Sasuke was no longer in Konoha and B) Even if he had been in Konoha, there was no way in hell Sasuke would have admitted to knowing any of the unwritten rules.

Now he was wishing that Temari hadn't left him alone with her brothers. "She's not that kind of girl, you know." Kankuro warned the dark-haired man. "She may not act like a girl all of the time but that doesn't mean that you can go ahead and ruin what virtue she has."

They were worried that he was going to destroy her virtue? Okay, either worrying about their older sister's virtue was something that all younger brothers did or it was just something that those two worried about. "I know she's not that kind of woman." Shikamaru said, adding emphasis on 'woman' to remind them that their sister wasn't a little girl.

Gaara looked at him with a cool gaze. He didn't need to say anything to make his warning clear to the Nara. His look plainly said that they wouldn't tolerate their sister's honor being sullied for any reason. What honor she had as a woman was different than her honor as a kunoichi.

By the time that Temari came back, her eyes narrowed slightly at her brothers. She knew they had done something and after getting Shikamaru to tell her what they had said, a sigh left her lips. "Defend thy sister's honor," she quoted with a sigh before smiling a bit at him. "Don't worry. They'll get over us being together… eventually."

Nodding slightly, Shikamaru wasn't entirely sure that he could handle another talk with her brothers if they were going by a rulebook that hadn't even been written. The rulebook that they were going by, he realized, was one that nature had allowed to be known subconsciously by both older and younger siblings.

lostmoonchild: Okay, this is just going to be a fic of 10 different rules and each rule is going to be its own story. Honestly, I'm already seeing so much potential that it's almost funny. Each rule may not apply to other siblings but this could probably serve as a glimpse into the insanity that my younger brother and I keep each other prisoner within.