Reaching out to you

- Chapter I -

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I haven't seen a Kirihara Akaya x Liliadent Crauza fanfic anywhere on this site. Maybe I didn't search well enough? Anyway, for those of you that haven't read "The new Prince of Tennis" manga, this fanfic may be a little confusing. However, I'll do my best to explain the situation:P

I should find a name for this pairing…I guess? Hm…Ace Pair? Naaah. Bloodthirsty Pair? Muahaha. I guess I should also tell you, just in case, that I haven't read the Prince of Tennis manga, just watched the anime. And the extra stories and movies, etc. (the etc.'s are very important!:D)

This idea came to me when I read the last 2 chapters and found out that Kirihara had given Crauza (Krauser, anime spelling) a nickname! Isn't this what people do when they care or at least are interested in someone? Yes, I know Kirihara took a beating from him, but…:D the yaoi fangirl in me saw this as a signXD

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Coming to camp U-17 was initially a great idea; that is until the official trainers decided that 50 middle scholars were a bit too much for them to handle, had them team up a and then made teammates eliminate each other in single matches, until 25 were left.

Losing disgracefully to Yanagi-sempai, without being able to take one point, was hard enough as it is, but in the end, when Yanagi Renji forfeited, Akaya felt something crash inside him. Bloody betrayal!

Yanagi however, turned a soft smile towards his kouhai and explained:

"You will stay in this camp. You must climb higher"

And then he left with Seigaku's Inui Sadaharu, without looking back.

Behind him, Kirihara Akaya, with bloodshot eyes, decided that he WILL climb higher. And he will use that training to completely crush the Big 3 before their graduation from middle school.

The air was chilly, but Akaya could not feel it. His adrenaline-pumped vessels heated him with determination. Akaya would not lose again.

This time, victory is bitter as well. The Golden Pair, the Platinum Pair, the Silver Pair and many others, split up. The losers go home, disgraced. Or do they?

Unknown to Kirihara and every other winner, the losers are going to a more special camp, in the nature, being trained by a drunken coach in order to overcome their weaknesses. Being reunited with Inui (who was sabotaged by Mizuki), he momentarily forgets about Akaya. Sanada is there as well. Yukimura played a merciless game as usual, striping Sanada of his senses right from the first rally.

Echizen and Tooyama ended up in losers' camp after losing to 2 high school players. They are optimistic however and play around a lot, pulling pranks on the high scholars from losers' camp. Everyone improves; especially the brats' team. But Echizen still hates doubles.

In the official training camp U-17, the middle scholars go through a rigorous training program, involving many types of physical exercises. They have the latest technology helping them develop into better tennis players, so even one day of training makes a great difference.

Liliadent Crauza and the rest of the team Nagoya Seitoku remained in Japan after the Nationals.

"We only transferred here to win the Nationals", his teammate Richard Sakata says. "Come on, it's time to go home"

"If this is a remote island nation of tennis amateurs, then why did we lose? I'm staying, I need to learn more…"

Recollecting the dialogue he had with the others to convince them to stay, while the Gentleman Yagyuu offered him a cup of tea, Liliadent smiled. He knew he had made the right choice. Germany's training facilities didn't even compare to U-17.

Having finished his cup of tea, he stood up and marched to the exit of the cafeteria-restaurant, long blonde hair swinging softly to the sides with each step - a tall, maybe too imposing presence for a first year.

Kirihara cast him a glance from the corner of his eye, noting the German's elegance. He could still remember those blue eyes and their cold look as they played against each other. The power he never thought a thin blonde could display, as his back hit the fence and blood poured out. The desire to paint him red and see the contrast between these two colors.

But most of all, Kirihara Akaya wanted to see if the straight blonde hair was soft to the touch, and if Liliadent could feel passion and despair, just like everyone else. If he was really a demon or just a child playing in the sandbox. If he was for real.

Kirihara Akaya shook his head. Such thoughts are not allowed; they would break his focus and endanger his gekokujyou. (Was the Hyoutei kid this contagious?)

And then, Crauza made a turn, having been called by Yagyuu, and in a hurry, brushed his forearm against Kirihara's shoulder. Kirihara shuddered to the touch, and caught the scent of cologne the blonde had used. He quickly lifted his tea and drank, burning his tongue, hoping that nobody had noticed his pink tinted cheeks. (Thank goodness Niou and Yanagi were gone)


It was a warm afternoon, considering the fact that it was winter, and after practice, Yagyuu Hiroshi came from the 6th courts to greet Kirihara in the 5th courts. He had never told the brunette boy, but Kirihara was the one that reminded him of Niou the most, and in some way, he felt the need to see him and maybe talk to him every day.

Kirihara was busy staring at a tall blonde that Yagyuu recognized as his adversary in the National semifinals. Frowning, he walked up to Kirihara and patted him on the shoulder to get his attention, earning himself a startled yelp.

"Akaya, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, Yagyuu-sempai"

"Is there something that…perhaps you wish to share with someone?"

Kirihara studied Yagyuu's face for a second, debating with himself.

"You promise not to tell?"

"I promise", he said with gentlemanly elegance in his words, sitting down on a nearby bench.

Kirihara approached Yagyuu and sat next to him.

"Well, it's about Uzauza"

"Uzauza?" Yagyuu asked, confused.


"And you call him Uzauza…because?"

"He is annoying" Kirihara laughed. "That's the first UZA, and the other one is from his name. Fits him, don't you think?"

"I suppose you couldn't get over what happened at the Nationals, right?" Yagyuu wondered, careful not to trigger Kirihara's anger.

"I think not"

"I see…well, what is the problem?"

"Is he superior to me?"


"I feel that he is superior to me, although I defeated him already. It annoys me. I want to destroy him with my own powers for good"

"Really now…"

"Yagyuu-sempai, what should I do?"

"If you want to test yourself, challenge him to a match. And don't go into Red-Eye mode or Devil Mode"

"But individual matches here are forbidden"

"Yes, however…it is forbidden only as long as the cameras can see…" Yagyuu finished and got up, pushing the glasses up his nose. "So play somewhere else"

"Of course…" Kirihara said, smirking. "Thank you, Yagyuu-sempai. I knew I could count on you"

"Then, I bid you adieu", Yagyuu finished dramatically, walking back to the 6th courts.

-8 PM, in the gym-

"Uzauza, I challenge you to a match!" Kirihara spoke with confidence. "Meet me in an hour, on the field that's half a mile south from here!"

"Allright" the german said.

Liliadent Crauser had answered without giving it a thought; he was immensely bored and Kirihara's request had come just on time. He didn't even give a second thought to the name Kirihara had called him. Perhaps his name was too hard to pronounce for a kid like him?

-9 PM, the field-

Kirihara arrived a few minutes after Crauza, running and panting. The german boy stood tall and proud, the racket ready. Kirihara steadied himself and took out his racket as well.

There were no tennis courts, just plain field – earth, grass and rocks, surrounded by trees.

"Well then, the rules are?"

"We won't play a one set match. Instead, since it will get very dark soon, we will rally until one of us manages to score a point"

Kirihara and Liliadent both drew a line to mark the end of their field.

"I see. Service?"

"You serve", Kirihara said.

Liliadent didn't need any more invitation. He tossed the ball into the air and hit it as hard as he could. Kirihara hit back, with equal power.

Liliadent hit random points across the field, getting Kirihara to chase the ball, and he returned everything with pinpoint accuracy. His speed and stamina had obviously improved since the Nationals, but Crauza knew he still had THAT, and Kirihara could not block it.

So after 15 minutes of rallying, the german considered it was time to end it.

He his his trademark Hopping Ball with pinpoint accuracy toward Kirihara's stomach.

Kirihara tried to block it, but the ball was too heavy and he flew 1 meter in the air, landing on his back a few meters further. His eyes were closed and he wasn't moving.

"Hey, wake up!" Liliadent shouted.

But Kirihara was still immobile.

"Hey Japanese kid, this isn't funny, get up! I didn't hit you that hard!"

No change.

Crauza placed his racked on the ground, marched towards Kirihara, kneeled next to him and shook his shoulders.

"Get up I said…oomph!"

In a split second, Kirihara had pulled the blonde towards him and had kissed him, rough lips touching soft ones. Then, taking advantage of the shocked German, had turned him on his back, so that now he was on top of him, one of his hands pinning the other's wrist firmly to the ground while the other caressed his face and hair gently.

Liliadent gasped and Kirihara took the opportunity to slip his tongue into the other's mouth, hungrily exploring the wet cavern.

It was pure ecstasy, Kirihara noted. The German was so sweet, his lips so pliant, welcoming, his face red, panting for air. Kirihara himself needed air, but as far as he was concerned, kissing Uzauza was more important than breathing.

And then everything ended. Liliadent Crauza had found the power to bite his tongue push him away and stood up, every fiber of his muscles contracted, face contorted in anger.

Something snapped in Kirihara, and he sprinted towards the camp, without looking back, as if he was chased by Inui with a pint of Aozu.

A/N: Aozu, if you don't remember, is right now the most terrible drink Inui has created; not even himself and Fuji can't withstand it. Also, in the bowling episode, they drank from very tiny glasses, compared to Akazu that could be drank from a pint.

I think this will be a two-shot.

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