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Chapter 7: Answers

- Liliadent Crauza POV -

I, Liliadent Crauza, almost 14 years old, find myself walking out of the nurse's office thinking about that annoying kid, whose sadistic grin sends an unsettling feeling to my stomach.

I talk in my sleep? I guess I do, I mean many people do; it's not so out-of-the-ordinary.

I wish he would have told me more, I wish that nurse hadn't walked in on us back then, I could have gotten some answers out of him at least. Now, I don't know what to do. He suddenly has something on me, no doubt something embarrassing that he can use at any time to destroy my easy, calm life for good. I wish I know what it was, at least I could quickly deal with the damage. I refuse to be blackmailed, no matter what.

I wonder, what is worse? Being seen in that pathetic state, stripped naked, provoking who knows how many perverted fantasies, or giving him that weapon? Did he do anything to me?

I need to know. Asking that nurse without revealing too much of the situation is impossible. Not to mention, he probably never tried anything in her presence, so she won't be of help.

So what's the next best source besides Kirihara himself?

"Ah, Crauza-kun!"

I turned my head to see Yagyuu Hiroshi walking towards me. I returned his salute and searched his eyes in hope to find some clue, anything. However, Yagyuu looked as gentlemanly and polite as ever, no thoughts reflecting on his face. Whether he knew about it or not, I couldn't tell.

"Is it time for Classical Japanese classes?" I asked him.

"Only if you're feeling up to it, Crauza-kun. Kirihara said you were being treated in the nurse's office, so we assumed it was more than just fatigue"

"I am fine, just a bit dehydrated. What happened?"

"Kirihara-Shiraishi pair won. Tezuka won. Tachibana-Chitose pair lost, because the adversaries had syncro. And Atobe, he won. He also developed new moves, and strengthened himself a lot during this camp. Irie-kun however, was a tough adversary to the end. His play style is something else"

"So we're all in court 3 now?" I could feel the excitement like electricity sweeping me off my feet.

"Yes, you are. And there is a small party right now. You were part of the shuffle matches too, you should go and enjoy yourself. Classical Japanese can wait for another day, ne?"

"I understand. Thank you for filling me in, Yagyuu-san"

"You're welcome. By the way, did you happen to see Yukimura-bucho on your way here?

"No, I haven't seen him"

"I see. I'll keep looking, then"

With a court nod, Yagyuu walked past me. A party? And Kirihara would be there, with the rest of our court and maybe the 6th court as well. Would he attempt something in public? My instinct tells me he won't waste his precious weapon just yet, and not with so many witnesses, so I walk into the party with confidence, searching for no one in particular. In times like these, I really wish Sakata or Oishi were still here. Oishi was always nice and helped me a lot, and Sakata, although annoying, is someone I know. Right now, with Yagyuu gone, I don't know who to talk to.

Tachibana-san and Chitose-san, my usual opponents on court, are talking animatedly in a corner. They took their defeat very well, but isn't it a bit too soon to discuss new tactics?

Shiraishi-san seems to be talking to Yukimura-san in the other corner. Hold on, wasn't Yagyuu-san looking for him? I should let him know.

As I walk to them, I feel a hand stopping me. Turning around, I see the redhead that teased us that morning. I think he's Kirihara's roommate as well.

"I need to talk to you" he says. "Come with me, will you?"

I am curious enough to follow him, and he leads me…to their room. Well, I'm not so surprised. He probably wants a show, and Kirihara-the-annoying-bastard is most likely already there.

I'm sorry, but I'm not so easily provoked.

He opens the door with the key and locks it behind him.

As if I can't jump from the first floor, if the situation calls for it. How naïve of you.

Marui turns to me with a serious face, but I avoid it for now, looking for signs of Kirihara ambushing me.

"He's not here" Marui announces.

"Who?" I ask, feigning innocence.


"Aka-chan?" I laugh, certainly didn't expect such a nickname for their 2nd year player.

"Kirihara Akaya" he says, smiling and sitting on the bed. I sit on the chair in front of a desk and wait.

"I wanted to talk to you alone", Marui starts. "I want to apologize for the scene in the cafeteria. I'm afraid I did something terrible"

I turn my head to him, this time looking him in the eyes. He is sad, truly regretting it.

"I only wanted to tease him because he kept secrets from me, I didn't want to hurt him like that"

"He was embarrassed, right?"

"More than that" Marui admitted, lowering his head in shame. "I had no idea how much it meant to him"

"How much…it meant?" I asked, playing with a pencil from the desk.

"Akaya would kill me if I told you, but you mean more to him than he lets on, and this is certainly more than a crush"

"Well, he has a nice way of showing his feelings" I mutter, embarrassed at the thought of what happened in the nurse's office.

"By the way, are you gay?" he asked suddenly and I dropped the pencil on the floor and cursed at my stupidity.

"You are, aren't you?" his face distorts in a grin, so much like Kirihara's.

"I…don't know. I'm probably bi"

"That's fine" he laughs. "As long as part of you accepts men, Kirihara stands a chance"

"He doesn't!" I say quickly, as my anger takes over me. Playing matchmaker, wasn't he? As if he would call me to his room only to apologize. I get up from the chair and fold my arms.

"He's arrogant and dumb, not to mention egoistical, always doing things without thinking of the others, and he is weak on the tennis court…"

"Weak? Hold on, he defeated you, didn't he? In the Nationals?"

"It wasn't him who defeated me, though, was it?"

Marui's eyes widened, fixing my own with an intensity I haven't seen in his eyes before. Is this the famous Rikkai Pride?

"He defeated you. And he won his shuffle match, unlike you. Why call his tennis weak?"

"Because he didn't do it as himself. As himself, he lost. The first part of the match, he was inferior. And today, he probably won the same way"

"You're talking about the Demon Mode"

"Mode, is it? Let's say that his arms becoming red is biologically possible, but how do you explain his hair changing color? His reason being replaced by sheer insanity? I think it's more than just a mode"

"And what do you think it is?" Marui asks me in a mocking tone.

"Demonic possession"

Marui bursts into laughter, and he is loud and scary. I suddenly regret coming in his room. Maybe all Rikkai is the same. They tolerated it – Kirihara's Demon Mode, for victory, so maybe they're all possessed. I want out, I want out now, before Marui attacks me for uncovering their secret.

"Today, he didn't win like this", he says once he gets his breath back. "Actually, I don't think he will be able to reach it ever again"

"What? Why?"

"For a very stupid reason, actually" Marui says, approaching me. "His hair"

"His hair?"

"What do you think about his hair?"

"What do I think about his hair?" I ask, scandalized by how our conversation escalated.


"I don't know, it's normal, I guess?"

"Pretty close" Marui laughs. I don't get it. I sit down on the chair, waiting for Marui to catch his breath.

"Apparently, he's very subconscious about his hair. All it took Shiraishi was a compliment here and there, and Kirihara became an angel!"

I snort in disbelief, what does this guy take me for?

"I don't think exorcism works this way" I tell him.

"Dude, he's not possessed. Never was"

"But there is something wrong with him, right?"

"He is in love…and I no longer find anything wrong with it" Marui answers, seeking my eyes.

I sigh. Marui stays silent for a while, trying to read me. I advert my eyes from his scrutinizing ones, trying to think of a fine comeback line, to find none.

"Is this all that you wanted to tell me?"

"Yes, this is all"

"Then, good night, Marui-san"

I go to the door an unlock it; open it without looking back, and I bump into none other than Kirihara Akaya.

We are both surprised, and I am going to take advantage of his surprise in order to make a quick escape. I move to walk past him, but his hand grabs mine and stops me.

"We need to talk" he tells me, quietly. I don't like the feeling of his skin touching mine, and I don't like how the temperature level suddenly increased, so I move to free myself, but he is stronger.

Marui walks past us with a wink, heading back to the party, most likely.

Kirihara's green eyes hold something dangerous, and I'm suddenly afraid of what will happen if I walk back into that room with him. He needs no weapon now, I know what I know – I am too weak to fight it, whatever he has in store for me.

I pull out again, but he takes advantage of my change of balance to pull me in the room, locking the door behind him in one swift movement and pushing me to the bed.

All my alarms start to ring.

"I didn't think I'd find you here" he states as he approaches me like a predator.

"Well, I was on my way out" I say, as calmly as I can, standing up and walking to the door once more.

"Are you in such a hurry?" he asks, mockingly.

"I'm going to the party" I say, without turning to him.

"A loser like you? You don't really deserve to be there".

That mocking tone and that smirk I hate so much, again.

"I played my best! Of course I deserve to be there!"

I really didn't mean to yell. What is this guy doing to me?

Kirihara chuckles. I am afraid to look at him. My hand pauses on the doorknob, and the key is not there. Of course he wouldn't be as kind as Marui-san. Okay, let's try the window next…a broken leg looks much more appealing than being stuck to him.

"Uzauza, are you really that afraid of me?"

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

"Of course not, why would you think that?" I answer, as calmly as I can.

"Because you're trying really hard to escape. So, it's either you hate me, which is not the case here, or you're afraid of me"

"I hate you"

"You don't"

"And you know this how?" my patience has its limits.

"I told you, you talk in your sleep"

"What did you say?"

"I like you too, so kiss me already"

"Pardon me?"

"That's what you said" he tells me, pouting.

"I did NOT say SUCH LIES!" I shouted again.

"Are they really lies?" he asks me, approaching the bed. "Do you really hate me? Or fear me?"

He was almost whispering, and he taken my hand in his hand, thumb tracing patterns. I feel like I'm blushing again, at his sudden display of affection. My knees go weak, and I have no choice but to sit on the bed.

I can't look at his eyes, I don't want to see the danger, the lies or whatever else is going on there. He is a demon, that's what he is, and no amount of words will convince me he's not. Kirihara is dangerous. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

His hand is rough compared to mine – this guy doesn't seem to care for his body at all. There are some scratches that he definitely didn't treat, just washed them a bit and let them be, and his nails aren't well-trimmed either. Does he chew on them? I certainly hope not.

"Kirihara?" I start, raising my head. Big mistake.

"Hmm?" he isn't looking at me, but instead at my hand, focusing on those patterns he keeps tracing on it, looking so fascinated, like he is seeing it for the first time in his life. So childish, so cute.

Snap out of it, Liliadent. He is a demon spawn.

I want to retrieve my hand, but my body doesn't react. Instead, my body seems to enjoy his attention, and I'm sure my face is as red as the red on our uniform. He'll definitely see and he'll definitely know what he's doing to me. And then, I will lose.

Kirihara suddenly releases my hand and walks in the opposite direction, as I curse myself for suddenly missing his attention.

He sits on the desk and grabs his Nintendo game, flicking the on button and I hear the synthesized music that's marking the beginning of a popular fighting game. What was it's name again, King of Fighters, I think?

"You can go to the party, if you want to" he says.

What? WHAT? That's it?

"I left the keys on the bed"

I look around and see them next to me. I didn't see or hear him put them there. When did he…?

"Throw them back on the bed once you unlocked the door, and close it behind you" he says. "I'm sure your aim is good enough"

Now, he's focusing solely on the game, his eyes following points on the screen, his brows furrowed in concentration. That little bastard is suddenly ignoring me for a game!

I march up to him and look from behind at his game. He is good, I will admit that.

"Why?" I ask, with curiosity.

"Marui said it shouldn't be forced. You didn't think I would do something to you without your consent, did you?"

He paused his game, but his fingers are still positioned on the console's buttons.

"The thought…crossed my mind…" I admit.

"If I wanted to, I could have done a lot in that nurse's office"

"You didn't"

"Not much" he admitted. "Maybe I kissed you, but not more. And you said - kiss me"

"Kirihara, I – "

"Leave before I change my mind" he says.

I want to ask him so many things, but he already gave me the answers I sought.

I should go now and reflect on everything that happened, and everything that Marui told me.

But instead, I keep looking at that Kirihara Akaya that I hate so much, waiting for something to happen, trying to figure something to say.

Kirihara sighed and returned to his game once more.

"Or stay, if you want" he murmurs so quietly that I almost can't hear.

Maybe I really didn't hear it, maybe my heart did.

Kirihara is hitting buttons enthusiastically, smiling like a child that found a cookie jar – he's probably winning that game of his. I find myself unable to look elsewhere than at that picture, so simple yet so stunning.

I remember telling Marui that Kirihara's hair looks normal to me, but now I don't know anymore. Those dark curls are so fitting for this guy, with his pale skin and shining green eyes, promising danger and much more, that it scares me but at the same time makes me want to know more. I wonder what it would feel like if I let him do more…if I let him cup my face with his hand, if I let him roughly pin me to the wall or to his bed, if his weight rested on my body, heavy but sweet, cutting all air, and those eyes, those green eyes would root me into this place with an intensity that I know he's capable of…

I don't know when it was that I lay on his bed horizontally, thinking about this, but my heart was beating so fast that I was sure he could hear it despite the noise in his game. I turned on the side, face turned away from him and took deep really breaths to calm myself.

He must have heard me, because he rushed to the bed, console forgotten on the desk and he hovered above me, concerned.

"Crauza, are you sick? Are you having problems breathing? Do you want me to call the nurse?" he was talking fast and there was a hint of worry on his voice.

It took one look at his serious face and I knew.

"You are my problem"

I dragged his face down and kissed him fully on the lips. I felt him struggle to regain balance, positioning himself better so that he wouldn't hurt me, and then he responded, so slowly and sensually that my world started to spin around me, and I was glad that I was laying on a bed.

And then, one of my hands sought his, and the other played in his curls, and he moaned with approval, and I swear it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.

His own hands were roaming about, one caressing my cheek, touching my neck and chest while the other held mine.

I happily opened my mouth when I felt his tongue slightly pushing in. He was eager, and for some reason seemed very skilled at what he was doing, a natural. I could feel strange noises coming from my mouth, without me being able to stop them, and then he lowered his head and started to place butterfly kisses on my neck, and I swear I saw stars…

Minutes later, we stayed on his bed, panting, and I was holding on to him shamelessly.

That demon, with his dark curls, dangerous eyes and sadistic grin had won me over, and I was more addicted to him that I was willing to admit. All we did was to kiss on his bed, but it felt so extraordinary, that I can't put it in words. What's going to happen now?


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If you're wondering about some stuff that I just threw in without explaining – in PairPuri volumes, translated on livejournal, there are some "witness interviews from Camp U17, before they were given uniforms and before the middle scholars were separated. Here's an extract:

Witness: K-san (Krauser)

Classical Japanese is sure difficult.

Even during the training camp, I have homework. I am good with English, but classical Japanese is very difficult. Oishi-san and Yagyuu-san taught me.

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