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We were Ying and Yang, light and dark. I was her as she was me. Our attacks were one but could be two in any given situation. Our souls even appeared to be one but had been split into two halves.

We were the Uchiha twins.

I was born first, loved and hated by our insane mother. She was born shortly after, hated with passions unknown by our mother. It was her that people pitied. It was me that people could not hear.

Then one day, somebody did hear me screaming for help. Our aunt, the one person that Hari had wanted dead, had heard me screaming for help and answered my screams. She had tried to help my sister but came a few years too late. By the time she came, my sister was lost in the darkness.

"I hate it. Everybody thinks that Hari's the one that needs to be pitied just because Mother ignored her very existence. What about me? Why does everybody just hear her screaming and they never heard me? Didn't I scream just as loud as she did? Didn't I scream louder? Why didn't anybody hear?"

It was too late for my sister but it wasn't too late for me. Our aunt had pulled me away from the dark and had pleaded for Sasuke to listen to what we didn't say out loud. "If Hari's as scared as Haku is, then you could lose both of them. Just listen to what they have to say, what their eyes say that their mouths refuse to speak. If you do, you'll see a whole different side to them that you never thought possible."

The years passed by and changes came. Our little brother was born, delivered by my sister's own hand. Our father came into our lives and came back to Konoha. He became the parent that we needed.

When we were fifteen, Hari killed him while he slept. Father hadn't been the first one that she had killed but it was nearly impossible to connect her to any of the murders around Konoha and even to the string of suicides. She locked our brother in a closet with cleaning supplies. If he hadn't been found when he was, he would have died. He must have had somebody watching over him that day since he escaped without any brain damage.

It was when we were fifteen that I met Sanyu Tsuki. She had been transferred over to Konoha from Suna after beating the living hell out of Lord Kazekage's brother.

We started dating shortly after we met.

My sister was furious when she discovered that I was seeing a girl and was pushed so close to the edge that she fell. Driven by her own sorrow and insanity, by the darkness that lived within her, she tried to kill Sanyu in front of everybody. Hari was declared the winner of the match and soon she and I fought.

There was no winner, I suppose, since everybody had discovered that she was the one that was killing everybody. She vanished for a few hours and we had gotten into a fight again. This time, our aunt came and they got into it while I was unconscious.

When I came to, Sasuke was in the hospital room with me. "Haku, I'm sorry that I didn't notice anything sooner."

It's been five years since the day that my sister fled Konoha. We pick up rumors every now and then of something that she's behind but so far we've been unable to confirm anything regarding her location.

My name is Uchiha Haku. I am twenty years old and I know that there is nothing left of my sister to save. Incase God doesn't show, I'm going to do my best to send the monster that my twin has become straight back to hell.

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