First Fanfiction EVER, please go easy on me, i was watching the movie and thought this would be a fun story to write

hope u guys like it!

disclaimer- i don't own any of the characters or ideas or places from the amazing movie StickIt :(

"Fffffuuuuccccckkkkkkk!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, the sound bouncing off every corner of the gym then flying right back at me. I was still angry, but it felt great to just yell. Burt was one hell of a piss off sometimes, he doesn't understand me, and lately it's been really getting to me. He sent me to the old gym, just like old times; apparently I have to keep my hands to myself…what's the fun in that?

There is an eerie feeling to the gym, along with a nasty musty smell mixed with…blood and sweat? But it brings back all those memories from the days when I was forced to be here. Although I'm not forced now, I'm not willing either; I would highly prefer to spend the summer with Frank and Poot! But I was accepted to a gymnast school. Burt and my dad didn't want me to screw up again, so they stuck me in a place worse and harder to get out of then jail. And as long as I must stay, might as well train. I flop down on one of the red color coordinated mats. As I'm coughing from the cloud of dust and chalk I don't hear the footsteps heading towards me, when the owner of the footsteps reaches me and taps me on the shoulder, I no joke almost piss my pants!

"Dude! What the fuck?" I got out between a nervous laugh and a cough.

"Woe there," says a beautiful boy with a sexy deep voice. He's holding his hands up in surrender, and I realize that my body is poised to attack. My arms drop to my sides as my eyes do a once over on the boy—not really a boy, must be at least seventeen—I find that he is not wearing a shirt. He has long, muscular legs and a beautiful six pack—must be a gymnast—my head has to drop back to an uncomfortable position in order to see his face, he has to be like what 6'6? My eyes finally find his and I am faced with the most icy, piercing blue eyes I get lost in them and I'm pretty sure the boy notices. Any remark that I had for the boy died on my lips. I mentally shook my brain and said "sorry" wait, what, why am I saying sorry? Wow, to many knocks to the head today.

"The famous hard core Haley Graham actually saying sorry? And it wasn't even her fault! Wow, I guess the stories are wrong…" stories? Well I'm famous in a bad way, good! And he already knows who I am? Why am I excited by that fact?

"Hey! Have you stopped talking to yourself?" I asked the boy, seeing as he just had an insulting, but very true, conversation about me, with himself, in front of me.

"Yes ma'am, I have decided to maybe talk to you instead"

"Lovely." I muttered under my breath loud enough for him to hear, and soaking with sarcasm. Secretly there were little butterflies in my stomach being produced from just staring at the guy. "So you no who I am, who are you?" what are you? I asked myself mentally. This guy was so beautifully perfect, if I actually believed in the whole Twilight thing I would have probably thought he was a vampire. He stuck out a gym chalked hand and I shook it, his hand had calluses all over, just like mine, and it was extremely warm.

"I'm Nathaniel Vickerman, but you can call me Nathan" my jaw dropped.

"You're related to Burt?" Nathan kinda laughed at my expression and then said,

"Yea, I'm his son"

I hope u guys liked it, i think im going to have new chapter up soon!