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Alright, I'm badass, I need to smarten up, its just a guy. "STOP ACTING LIKE A FUCKING GIRL!" I yelled foolishly at myself in the mirror. Eye liner, sweats, white tank, and converse. im ready.

"Did you see Burt's smoking son? I could just eat him up!" Joanne exclaimed as I rolled my eyes.

"wow Joanne, you starving yourself so much you goin to result to cannibalism? " Joanne turned to me and glared, hands on her hips,

"I'm a vegetarian Hayley." Oh good god, im outa here.

"Whatever, I'm going out." That LOOK appeared on her face and she did a prissy run till she blocked my way to the door.

"Your not allowed to, Burt said that you had to stay in."

"I don't give a shit about Burt, so move. Or I'll move you" Joanne makes the mistake of pushing me. "wanna fight?" her face looks scared.

"sure" Joanne pushes me again, I don't like being pushed, but I don't fight anymore. I quickly get in her face,

"You want to get cut BITCH?"

"Ah, get away from me! Your such a psycho Hayley!" I smile.

"Nice one Hayley" Wei Wei smiles from the couch.

"I thought so, but thanks, anyway, I'm going to go now, in less Joanne is going to stop me?" I look questioningly at her but she just huffs and stomps up the stairs.

"Where are you going anyway?" Wei Wie asks with an eyebrow raised.

"to hang with Burt's son" she looks shocked but fortunately doesn't go off on one of her high speed talks. I wouldn't know any way because I quickly said bye and ran out the door, slipping on my jacket.

My crotch rocket is hidden in the barn, I drag it out and find my extra helmet. The roar of the engine is reassuring and calms my nerves. Nathan's place isn't to far away so I get there quickly, he's waiting on the porch in a swath of light. I get off my bike as he stands and I pull off my helmet, shaking my hair a little bit.

"Hey" he does a small little wave and I say hey back as I hand him the extra helmet. "nice bike"

"Thanks, you ready?" he smiles and the tight light blue shirt he's wearing makes his eyes shine.

"yea, I have to worn you though, I have never been on a bike before" I didn't think so, I like the fact that I have a talent he doesn't.

"That's okay, put the helmet on and climb on the back" he looks hesitant.

"I don't want to mess up my hair."

"Oh good god, suck it UP!" but I know he's just joking. He slips the helmet on his head and I slap down the visor. I pull mine on then jump on the bike, slapping the seat behind me. Nathan climbs on and I know he doesn't know where to put his hands. I fix the problem for him by taking his wrists and wrapping them around my middle. He takes one back and flips up his visor

"Oh baby, we haven't even started the date!" he teases. I pinch the hand still around my waist and yell that its not a date. He slaps down his visor and replaces his hand while I start the bike.

Our non-date, date is beginning at one of my ultimate favorite places. Paint world. As I pull into the parking lot Nathans hands stay secure around my waist, I don't think he's digging the whole bike thing. I unclasp his hands and get off, pulling the helmet from my head and helping Nathan off. "So how was your first motorcycle ride?"

"Scary as hell but I like being close to you" he winks and I shove him.

"Fine, you can walk home!" he smiles wider.

"So what is this place?" its my turn to smile.

"This is the most colorful place in America!" he looks confused, "You'll see" As we walk through the door I can tell he is still very confused. White zip up jump suits hang from the walls and the paint buckets and grenades are lined beneath. The guy at the desk recognizes me and asks if I want the usual package I agree but ask him to add in my friend. He hands Nathan his suit and me mine. "what am I supposed to do with this?" Nathan asks and I tell him to put it on. The guy at the desk tells us that a singles game is beginning, that's the best kind.

Nathan and I step into the playing field with our paint grenades and super soakers. The room is totally white, cleaned down after every game. The other contestants blend into the surrounding and Nathan finally gets it, "Paint war? Seriously Hayley?" the bell rings as I tell Nate to pull his glasses on and I put mine on. A blue grenade is in my hand.

"Oh Nate, I am SO serious!" and I break the grenade upon his head.

"Oh its ON!" Nate yells and I run, dodging other peoples grenades and super soaker sniper shots, the soft floor is beginning to get slippery and as I'm sneaking up on Nate we both slip, landing in a pile of limbs.

"We both laugh, totally covered in paint he splashes a yellow bomb on my head and it runs down my face.

"Two words, PAY, BACK" as he says each word his face gets closer, he looks down at me and wipes a paint trail from my face and removes his and my goggles. I lean into him, placing my face just millimeters from his, I hold his hair within a fist. I feel his warm breath and just as he's about to kiss me, I whisper "I hate you" smiling as I smash a paint bomb on his head. He laughs then growls, "your dead Hayley!" I giggle and run away. The non-date, date is going to stay a non-date, date. But maybe I'll let it become something more.


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