AUTHOR'S NOTE(contains summary of previous chapter)

So I haven't been able to update in more than a year which is pathetic but I hope you like this chapter! Also here is a small summary of what has happened.

Ciel went on a mission meeting Gelaro and getting involved in an encounter. Belphegor tried to find traces that would lead him to Ciel's father. See what happens next!

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"Confession is always weakness. The grave soul keeps its own secrets and takes its own punishment in silence."

-Dorothy Dix

Ciel was wandering aimlessly around the empty corridors of the huge mansion. It was one of the places that Ciel thought she would never visit and even more be forced to stay in. She preferred smaller houses, since she felt lonely during the time she stayed indoors, which was basically all day. She stayed in her room until lunch and then she would wander in the garden or near the northern gate. The thing that impressed her most was that this mansion that looked more like a fortress, was perfectly hidden in the woods. She looked through the window and all she could see was the dense foliage of the trees that surrounded the house. It was a depressive image but then again winter was approaching.

"What are we up to?" She heard a very familiar voice coming from the exit of the room. She turned her head hesitantly staring at the figure that approached her.

"Well look at you…Even now that he lost all interest in you, you still insist." Ciel commented as Aloisia came closer.

"Why not? That's what you did! I find it nearly impossible that Bel suddenly approached you out of nowhere. I am not talking about the fact that you are poor but the fact that you and he basically are assassins. He needs someone who belongs in a different group so that he will become familiar with the outside world too."

"Since you two haven't gotten in a fight already , I assume it is time to leave, shishishi!" Belphegor said as he entered the room. Ciel tried to walk toward him but instead Bel quickly grabbed her arm leading her out of the room.

Ciel could clearly remember how she ended up in Aloisia's mansion in the first place. Just a few days before that, Belphegor attacked a man who was following him. Surprisingly enough that man was sent by Aloisia, that assured Bel that she was only using him to find more information about the prince. The girl had been completely honest with them even admitting that she felt ashamed by her action. However Ciel couldn't believe that it was over. She recalled having someone follow her too but she was not sure if it was the same man who followed Bel. Probably not, seeing as Aloisia would never do such a thing , risking her reputation. Sure spying on her childhood friend was fine but spying on another woman was totally unacceptable. Clearly her logic was messed up.

"You spied on us too." Bel said with a smirk as Ciel turned her head to look out from the car's window.

"For ten minutes or less, not for three days." Ciel stated focusing on the landscape.

"It's going to rain." She said looking at the clouds that covered the sky.

"Maybe there's a storm coming, ushishi." Bel added, making Ciel look at him.

"Then it's a good thing it is on my side." She said and after that they stayed silent until they returned to the Varia mansion.

The moment Ciel stepped in Varia's headquarters she had a feeling that things would get worse between her and Bel. Tonight she had to attend the ceremony together with the other members but something had gone terribly wrong…

"No way….." Ciel muttered as Squalo pulled the chair in front of him with his foot to sit on it.

"VOOOOOOOOOOOOI! How bad do you think it will be if Xanxus shows up at the stupid ceremony with a stupid drunk woman…" Squalo said looking at Ciel.

"I've heard that he's done it before….So…"

"He was sixteen and his supposed father used to spoil him a lot…Besides he never grew attached to these women." Squalo said.

"How is making me his escort better?Should I get drunk?" Ciel asked as she took a few steps backwards.

"VOI…Some might consider it an honor…Don't mess up or you're dead…And don't think you can drink as much as you want, I'll be watching you…" Her captain said exiting the room.

"My oh my, seems like I won't be able to rest during the evening…" Ciel said turning slowly towards her wardrobe. She didn't really mind appearing with her ordinary clothes but the rest of the members put a lot of effort in their appearances so she had to do the same,after all she was going to escort her boss, in order for them not having to hire some random woman that Xanxus would attack, not that Ciel herself was safe.

The thought of her having to escort Xanxus frightened her a bit but Ciel was determined to succeed without bottles or glasses being thrown at her.

"That is a positive thought, I might as well try…" She said to herself, when she felt another odd presence approaching her from behind.

"I won't tell…" Ciel turned quickly, facing the person that interrupted her thoughts, Fran…

"What?" She asked confused staring at the younger boy.

"I won't tell that idiot prince that you have to escort our boss." Fran said in an emotionless manner as he sat on the chair across from her.

"It's not like he cares now that I think about it…Sooner or later he will know anyways, Fran." Ciel said placing her finger below her chin.

"Fran?" Ciel asked.

"Hm, what?"

"Don't you dare start with Xanxus' past escorts…" The girl said as she left the room.

"Actually these stories are really interesting but if you insist…" Fran muttered watching the girl closing the door behind her.

Ciel went to her room and locked the door behind her making sure no one would intrude as she sat on her bed thinking about how she would appear on the ceremony. She ,as a girl, didn't want to look flawless all the times and her job wouldn't allow that since she would get hurt pretty bad when training or during an actual mission, but there were times when she wanted to look more like a lady in front of her colleagues. This time was no exception, she had been through so much that she just wanted to lay down and fall asleep for two days but not only was she Xanxus' escort, which meant she had to go, but also this was the moment that she had been waiting for during those months that she stayed with the Varia. "I really don't know if I can look like a woman even if it is for one night." She sighed as she rolled on her back repeatedly feeling really nervous.

Belphegor however, was relaxed since he had been through this a lot since he joined. He owned so a variety of costumes for each occasion and when he wanted he could always order a new costume made just for him. Belphegor was not that social since he mostly sat alone staring at the young girls passing by him or sitting with Squalo annoying him. Sometimes he would come home drunk and when he was not drunk he would be in a mood to annoy that one time that he embarrassed Ciel in the corridor. Thinking about that moment made a small smirk appear on his lips.

"She still thinks of me as a kid…"Belphegor thought while he touched his knives. "The real kid though is her…"

He got so fascinated as he imagined Ciel getting mad. He got more excited when she was mad at him. That was not right but for Bel it was a form of entertainment. Maybe he should push her through a dark room, or a hidden place so that he could piss her off as much as he wanted, after all the moment he would say so she would be his escort. Who else would she go with? Belphegor was sure that she liked that game too. Maybe she was not saying it out loud but she got excited also at the thought of him giving her attention. Bel's attention could take many forms but in the end it became more sexual and sometimes more tender. He would deny it forever but he could not hurt her out of pure despise because the truth was that he could not despise her . It took him a while to get used to her but once he did he realized he would not be able to hurt her at the point of breaking her. He wanted to…but he wouldn't allow himself to do that.

Ciel was the one thing that made him feel disgust but she also made him feel passion and sexual temptation which he found interesting since Ciel was not even his type and he surely was not hers.

Meanwhile Ciel was sleeping when she heard loud banging at her door.

"Oh my God….What kind of strength must you have to make that much noise?" She wondered as she got up quickly heading toward the door. She opened it after fixing a few messy stands of her hair. Squalo stormed in the room holding a large bag in his hands.

"What is this, captain?" Ciel asked blinking.

"VOOOOOOOOOOI! How dare you sleep when in a few hours we have a stupid ceremony to attend?" Squalo barked in her ear.

"Ok, you don't have to shout and lecture me about it…" She said closing the door and sitting on her bed. "So…What's in this bag?" Ciel asked.

"Pfff,it's a stupid dress for you. I had it ordered and made exactly according to your measurements. You would look short in the other dresses that's why. Also let's hope that you won't look like his past escorts…" Squalo said.

"I was planning to wear something else…but ok.." Ciel said taking the bag in her hands.

"No, you'll wear that…Let's just hope that he won't destroy it…" Squalo said.

"Let's just hope that he won't destroy me…." Ciel said.

"Whatever…just wear it tonight." Her captain said leaving her room.

Ciel stared at the bag in her hands for a few seconds before being interrupted again by another member of the Varia, this time a little more annoying than Squalo.

"Ushishishishi…are you going to dress as a bag tonight?" Belphegor asked as he closed her door and leaned against it.

"Why don't you wait and see for yourself?" Ciel said as she hid the bag in her wardrobe.

"Shishi, that attitude won't help you…On the contrary it could get you hurt, and then you'd have to dress like a mummy." Bel snickered.

"Tsk tsk,I don't have time for your compliments Bel." Ciel said turning her back to face him.

"Put on the dress then…"Belphegor said seriously.


"Put it on so that you can see it doesn't really flatter you…" Belphegor said.

"How would you know that it doesn't flatter me?" Ciel asked , mentally slapping herself for falling that quickly into his trap.

"See? You care about my opinion…So it matters to you, so you are going to do as I say and put on that dress." Belphegor continued.

"If I put it on will you leave me alone?" Ciel asked.

"I am waiting, and a prince should not wait for too long." Ciel just stared at him attempting to walk quickly past him and exit the room, when she suddenly felt him grabbing her arm.

"What?" She said.

"Wear it, shishishi…"

"Fine…but first you have to leave the room so I can change." Ciel said walking toward the wardrobe.

"I will just turn my back for a few seconds if you haven't managed to change by then I guess I'll see something that you don't want me to." Belphegor said grinning.

Ciel pulled out the dress from the bag and realised that it was long. It was that long that she had to wear heels in order for her not to step on the tail of the dress. She wore it quickly stepping on her toes.

Meanwhile Belphegor took glimpses of her bare back while she was dressing. She was so pale and her skin looked so soft apart from some spots were there were bruises and cuts.

"I am talking to you….You can turn your back now." Ciel said putting her hands behind her back trying to step on her toes a little longer. Belphegor looked at her seemingly not impressed at all.

"I think it is nice, it hides everything except my neck and hands and if I wear heels it will look better." She said.

"Shishi…it makes you look older…usually young ladies wear short dresses at ceremony. Also it is black…What are you? A widow?" Bel laughed.

"Look , that is what Squalo ordered for me so I will be wearing that, I wear it so as not to embarrass Xanxus,and since I am getting promoted I don't focus on how you would see me….I wore it…now you can go." Ciel said actually a little disappointed.

"Shishishi…why mention our boss like that?" Bel asked.

"I am his escort, that's why…" Ciel said. "I should look more like a woman and less than a small girl." Ciel said.

"…Shishi, like he cares." Bel said a she exited the room. Ciel folded her arms while staring at the mirror in front of her.

"It's not that bad…" She said to herself.

Belphegor's mood was something beyond annoyed. The way she said that she would be escorting somebody else to his face, wearing a dress that was nothing like her made him mad. He was even more disappointed that she didn't even protest about it. Soon his annoyance became rage…He wanted to be the one that she would have her mind on during that important evening, but since she could escort her boss he wouldn't even be able to drag her away for a moment. What disgusted him the most was that he cared…He felt so angry and confused with himself that instead of heading to the training grounds, he went straight back into her room.

Ciel was sitting in the living room reading a book she had taken from the library. She had almost forgotten what time it was before Lussuria opened the door and stormed into the room making Ciel jump a little.

"Oh look at you sitting here like nothing is going on…You have to get ready or else the boss will be angry…" Lussuria said pointing at the large clock on the wall. Ciel's eyes became wide when she realized what time it was. She had to get dressed. In less than four hours she had to be ready or else she would be punished and humiliated in front of the others. This was the night of her promotion she could not miss it. She left the book on her armchair and quickly ran out of the room . She went up the stairs heading straight into her room.

She opened the door but what she saw was enough to make her want to jump out of the window in despair. She gazed at the black mess that was left on her bed as she approached it. It was the dress that Squalo had ordered for her…Ciel looked at it in disbelief. Not only was it torn to shreds, there was not even the slightest chance to get it fixed in less than four hours!

"Take a deep breath Ciel, that is just a dream…you will close your eyes and when you open them everything will be fine." Ciel said to herself denying the situation.

"Shishishishi…It looked horrible anyways." Belphegor said approaching her but she was so socked that she couldn't react to Belphegor's intrusion.

"You did this?" Ciel asked seemingly calm.

"Shishishi, why? Are you going to hurt me? I am something like your senior you know…apart from me being a prince and you being a tasteless little girl." Belphegor had such nerve to provoke her.

"You rotten little brat…No manners at all….I have been waiting for this since I first came into this hell…Don't you have any respect?" She said, and Belphegor could have sworn that he saw a small vein popping on her forehead. He found that quite amusing but he held in his malevolent laughter for later.

"I think I did you a favor, although I don't like messing with somebody else's escort." Ciel looked at him confused for a moment.

"Without that dress…I can't go anywhere…The worst thing is that Squalo won't trust me with anything…And my promotion depends on him…" Ciel looked at him seriously although she had calmed down a little from the shock.

"Shishishi, that expression only suits the prince…you are not allowed to have such an expression." Belphegor said, his grin disappearing from his face. Ciel's lips formed a thin red line as she crossed her arms. Before she could even say a word she felt Bel's strong arms grabbing hers tightly as he dragged her out of the room. Ciel tried pushing him off but he was too strong for her to handle.

"Let me go…Bel I am serious!" She said. When she noticed that she was in the prince's room , she stopped complaining waiting for the boy to explain.

"Why did you bring me here?" She wanted to ask but instead she remained silent.

She watched as Belphegor pulled an item out of his wardrobe. She examined it but couldn't make the details. As he came closer she noticed that it looked like a dress.

"A dress?" Ciel asked.

"Shishi, you could say that." He gave it to Ciel…She took it in her hands so that she could take a better look at it. It was a much shorter white dress. It looked like something Aloisia would wear and she hated to admit it but it looked really nice.

"Where did you find this?" Ciel asked.

"Why do you care? I expect a thank you." Belphegor said beaming with arrogance.

"No way…you tore the other dress to shreds. Now we're even." She said taking the dress and going into her room.

After a few hours Ciel was ready to attend the ceremony with the rest of the Varia, she still had in mind that Squalo would notice that this was not the dress he ordered and he would totally remind her of her punishment later but for now she was the perfect escort for Xanxus.

She glanced one last time at herself in the mirror before taking her clutch and heading down the main hall. Slowly she approached the other members feeling a little uneasy with the situation but she tried to hold her anxiety back. For the moment she had to be focused on Xanxus. Squalo looked at her in an annoyed way and then turned his head towards their boss.

She didn't say a word to avoid the comments from the members. She stood quietly on her seat in the car, looking out of the window.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a huge manor. The path that led to the door was illuminated by some small lamps placed along it. The garden was huge with a lot of bushes and trees. Ciel could even spot some wild roses near the entrance. She had never seen such a beautiful place. For a moment she wondered how many people would have to take care of it when she felt Squalo grabbing her arms and bringing her closer to Xanxus.

"VOOOOOI…Focus or I'll slap you!" Her captain said while Ciel pulled her arm away.

"Ushishishishi someone's going to get seriously hurt tonight." Bel chuckled as they kept walking. Ciel didn't even dare to touch Xanxus's hand or even come closer to him. They walked in parallel directions but they didn't even want to be near each other. Xanxus would not forget that incident that had happened months ago.

As they walked Ciel could feel Bel's intense stare on her back. It made her feel strange but she had to resist looking back.

After a few moments they were into the manor walking through the crowd and approaching the Tenth's family. Ciel remained quiet as Xanxus ignored the smaller leader and headed to a room that was secluded from the main hall. Ciel looked behind and saw that the rest of the members were talking to their Vongola counterparts. Suddenly she realized that she was mechanically following her very dangerous boss. She continued walking despite the constant fear that had dominated her soul.

In a split second Xanxus turned around and looked at the younger Varia member. Their relationship was nonexistent so Ciel felt a little uncomfortable.

"Sir?" She asked in a very low tone.


"Sir don't you think that we should be close to the other members?" Ciel asked after having gathered all her courage.

"Trash…Are you going to keep following me?" Xanxus asked obviously irritated.

"It will seem bad if I just leave you here, Sir, just treat me like I am one of your escorts." Ciel said realizing that Xanxus's escorts didn't get the least bit of a nice treatment.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Xanxus laughed loudly like he was mocking her.

"Sir, be district." Ciel said quietly. "It is better if we don't have the other guests staring at you." She continued.

Suddenly Xanxus grabbed her wrist bringing her face closer to his. His breath had a light scent of alcohol. Ciel was surprised that it was not that strong. Also she could have sworn that for a moment she could smell another subtle scent. It was his cologne. She was shocked that she forgot how close she was to him.

"Get out of my sight…" Xanxus ordered as he realized her with such strength that could send her lying on the floor.

Ciel looked back and saw Squalo following Xanxus. She just stayed there looking at the ground under her feet. She couldn't even convince her boss to be a little less antisocial…Of course she couldn't say that to his face.

"Ciel-san…Ciel-san I am right here…" Fran said waving his hand in front of Ciel's face.

"Hey! Don't do that!" She said pushing his hand away.

"No need to get angry…Boss is like that all the time." Fran said while Ciel passed by him and went to sit on a small couch by the window.

She crossed her legs and just stood there. She looked around to see if any Varia members were close by when suddenly the most irritating one approached her.

"Shishishi…looks like you're not much of an escort." Bel laughed as he stood in front of her. Ciel looked up in annoyance.

"I don't need that from you too. Not that I care seeing as our boss is a psycho…but still..can't he be a little more discrete?" She said.

"He didn't even notice you, shishi." Bel pointed out.

"I know…he doesn't think much of me…"

"There are people staring at you…Maybe it is because you were escorting Xanxus or maybe it is because you look awkward…"

"I am calm, just a little bored…" Ciel said.

"Ushishishishi, maybe I can help with that." Belphegor said still looking at her from above.

"Oh can you? I don't trust you." Ciel said looking away from him.

"Suit yourself then, peasant." Belphegor said as he walked away.

Ciel took one deep breath ready to follow the prince but with so many people around her it was difficult to follow his steps. She stood on the tip of her toes but she had lost him by the time she managed to avoid the large crowd of people who had been gathered in the hall. After a few minutes she found him sitting by the fountain with Fran. He turned his head and acknowledging her presence and then kicked Fran on the back implying that he wanted the younger boy to leave them alone. Fran just returned to the ceremony making a witty comment about Bel, which the prince ignored for the time being. Ciel approached him mentally asking herself why she would be the least bit attracted by someone like Belphegor.

"Ushishishishishi! Seems like you are not that quick to realize when somebody offers you something. Well…don't expect me to entertain you now, shishi." The prince said.

"What kind of twisted person should I be to find anything you do entertaining…?" Ciel said.

"Just because a monkey found a dress and looks like a princess for a while it shouldn't be mistaken and think it is a princess forever…shishishi." Bel chuckled.

"I'll just ignore you….for now…" Ciel said looking at the shining water in the fountain.

There they were, having nothing to say to each other. That was quite the typical situation but for some reason Bel couldn't ignore it. He was willing to pay for a dress for her to wear and put up with her nonsense but that kind of behavior drove him mad. He looked at Ciel as she rubbed her shoulders attempting to feel warmer during a cold breeze.

"I want you." He said looking at her from above.

"I kno-….What?" She said standing up. Before she could take a step back Belphegor reached out with his right arm and grabbed her waist making her torso collide with his in a brief movement.

"What are you doing?" Ciel asked totally surprised.

"It's not like we haven't done this before…Shishishi." He said as he lowered his head, rubbing it between her neck and her shoulder. Ciel felt the hair behind her neck rise. She moved her head stopping Belphegor from what he was doing.

"It doesn't work out…" Ciel said trying to move away from him. The prince held her even tighter than before.

"Shishishi, that is up for both sides to decide." He grinned as he leaned closer to her face. Ciel could feel his hot breath on her nose. And then closer to her mouth.

"It doesn't work if one person likes torturing the other, Bel." She said turned her head to the side.

"Even when it could be described as torture, you liked it and you wanted more. I don't remember tearing your skin, or cutting you…Unless you want me to start now…" The prince said, grabbing her chin with one hand and playing with some soft stands of her hair with the other.

"…You torture me in other ways…" Ciel managed to say.

"How boring would your life be if I didn't?" Belphegor said the grin disappearing from his face. Ciel made a sound of annoyance while her lips formed a thin line.

"This night is about me…Don't ruin it." She wanted to say but she kept it to herself for reasons she couldn't figure out yet.

"You talk too much…to the point where you leave me no other choice but to shut you up." Bel said as his soft lips brushed hers. Maybe it was the gentlest kiss he had given her up until now despite the fact that he was putting pressure on her lower back to keep her close. She could feel her chest rising and getting warmer, her breathing quickened and her hand froze… She could feel his strong hands touching her sides as he claimed her lips once again this time in a fierce way.

When they finally separated, a light blush appeared on Ciel's cheeks as she lowered her head so that the prince could not see.

"I'll be expecting you in my room tonight, shishi." Belphegor said positioning his mouth close to her ear. Ciel's heart beat so fast she thought it was going to explode but instead as she felt the cold air against her face, once Belphegor left, she took a deep breath of fresh air and headed back to the ceremony.

As soon as she entered the great hall her eyes focused on a man staring at her from across the room. Realization hit her when he stepped into the light and his face was illuminated. That person had no business there but quickly was approached by people who started talking to him…Ciel could not believe what she saw. She had to get closer to him without letting the other Varia members know that something was wrong.

"Going somewhere?" Lussuria asked as he approached her.

"Absolutely nowhere I was just looking for the restroom." She said as she walked past him quickly meddling with the crowd so that he wouldn't be able to follow her even though she doubted Lussuria would do something like that.

When she got close enough she started regretting that decision. She should learn to mind her own business.

"What is he doing here?" Ciel thought as her father finally turned to look at her.