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Chapter 1: the new kid

Briskly walking through the hall, I avoided all human beings in the Nathan Hale High School hall. There were huge groups of people in the hall; well not groups so to say Cliques. They seemed to move as one everywhere they went talking about pointless stuff.

"Did you hear about what Holly did to Tim?" I heard one clique mutter. I rolled my eyes, why did it matter what happened. Why do I even care? It is not like they uncovered one of nature's mysteries and the other one turned it in to the government. That'd be interesting. I thought.

But I silently pushed my way to my new class. But that was so complicated when everyone was talking about useless teen trash. But suddenly the bell rang and all cliques broke apart faster than a flock of birds at the beach. I was the only one left in the hall. Everyone had fled in about 20 seconds.

The teacher walked by with a sharp "gets to class." I groaned when she passed. I had to run.

When I made it to the door of my first bell class I stared at the door. I tried to open it; it was locked. I knocked on the door lightly. I looked down at my red vans, light blue skinny jeans. I put the sleeve of my black and gray sweater toward my face. Finally the door opened.

A woman with black hair that was put into a ponytail and a lab coat looked at me. "You must be the new student." She ushered me in. "welcome to chemistry." I was in front of the class room.

"Class we have a new student." She looked at me "what is your name sweet heart?" She whispered.

"Violet James." I replied softly.

"Violet, tell the class about yourself while I get your stuff together for this class." My eyes probably fell out of my head at that my head.

I was very shy. I didn't like to speak in public areas; we'll try to speak since I was always tongue tied. I was panicking. In my brain seemed to be on fire and the little worker people inside were having a mental break down and/ or spazzing.

"What do I say?" I whispered to my teacher.

"Anything about you. where did you come from ?" she said walking to the back of the class.

"well I came from the beach side of Virginia. " I said nervously I could feel every one's eyes on me.

"wow, so you lived on the beach here. "


"So, what do you do in spare time? "

"Watching my little sisters. Making sure they don't destroy the house. But usually reading."

"Really. What do you read? "My teacher said running around the room getting things out of cabinets and drawers.

"My father's collection of books on ideas."

"Is that just a book on ideas?" one girl said raising her hand.

"Well not an idea, it is more of a book of one persons thoughts about a thing."

"Boring." I heard her mutter.

My teacher made it up to the front of the room where I was. She handed me a lab coat and goggles with books and papers. She looked around the room. I put on my lab coat as she scanned the class for something. Then smiled.

"Ah, Chaz you have a new lab partner." She smiled. At that moment my heart raced and time stopped. My new lab partner was …. Hot. He had red hair with blonde high lights, and green eyes. I could have died just looking at him.

"Don't be shy go have a seat, he doesn't bite." I walked over to my new seat and quietly sat.

"Hi," he whispered to me. I blushed as a piece of my light brown hair fell in my face. I didn't know what to say, the silence between us burned my throat. I knew he was waiting for a reply.

"Hello." I said softly. The teacher began to talk and so did he.

"You must be nervous." he said. My face became a deeper red on top of my light coco skin. "With this new school and stuff."

"Yeah just a little. " I said.

"Violet, do you have anything else to share with the class." The teacher said impatient.

"Um, I don't think so." I replied.


But this didn't stop my lab partner from talking to me. He tapped my shoulder and scooted a paper next to me.

I looked down at it. He asked: where did you go to school before this.

I took a pencil out of my bag and I pretended to pay attention.

I replied: privet school, it was boring luckily we didn't have to wear uniforms.

I pushed the note back over to him. He smiled. We talked all bells I didn't even know what half of the class was about. But that didn't matter. My day started good, but I was sure that my day was going to get worse.


I was right.

I walked out of the line for lunch with a salad. 'Note to self bring bag lunch.' I thought to myself. The food up there was disgusting, why? Because it didn't look right. ! The salad was the only thing that looked... Appetizing. Not that I am a health nut but if you saw it you would have done the same thing. Besides what makes that pizza glisten in the light?

"The question of the day: where am I going to sit? " I muttered. I looked around the huge lunch room, the tables were all full. I thought for a minute. People were busily chatting. I decided to walk slowly to the other side of the cafeteria. No spaces. 'Well I think that I can eat in the library or something right?' I thought.

I left the lunch room and went to the cafeteria. The strange part was that it was like a dead zone in the hall. Not a living soul was to be found. I ventured around the hall and made it to the library. The library as usual is silent. I snuck to the back of the library, making sure not to bump into anyone or anything. There was a table in a dimly lit part near a book shelf. I sat down enjoying my silent meal, which was broken I heard talking on the other side.

"You need to stall the P.E. class. "

"What do you expect me to do? Do you even know how many people are in that Class? "I heard a voice say, it was so familiar. I stood up to see what was on the other side but I tripped over my chair, which knocked down a few stacks of books.

"What's that?" one of the voices said.

'RUN!" screamed my brain. My legs went in reverse and I shot off out of the room. I ran so fast that I forgot to get my tray, I didn't care I had to get out of there. Luckily the bell rang and the hall filled with children again. I was breathing heavily as the cliques returned in their positions crowding the hall way.

I ran into the bathroom that was also crowded with girls. I made my way to the sink to look in the mirror [or at least try to look in the mirror, it was written on with more gossip crap.]. I looked at my neck a vain bulged pumping blood to my brain. That happened sometimes when I am afraid a green blood vain pops out of my neck and I become light headed. I tried to calm down, but my heart was going a mile a minute.

The bell rang and the girls left the bath room. I was the only one left. I took my class sheet out of my bag to see where I went next. The vain in my neck seemed to increase the pumping; I had gym next.


I went into the locker room and there were more girls just talking, changing, and walking around. I got changed. [Luckily I ordered mine over the internet and they came in the mail when I moved here.] It was time for all of us to pile outside and I felt nervous I began to shake nervously. I hid in the back of the crowd. They all went out to the track and I hid behind the bleachers where the fire alarm was. I looked around no one was outside besides the kindergarteners next door. But suddenly I saw one of the kids; he moved toward the fire alarm.

"No kid, get away from that!" I cried. But he ignored me. Suddenly I heard an annoying screaming bell go on. Both schools alarm went off. Turned and saw Chaz pulling the alarm. Everyone on the track rushed to get out the gates that lead to the bus loop. "How could you? Do you know how much trouble you're going to get in?" I yelled over the alarm. I tried to jog away so I wouldn't have gotten in trouble, but I was tackled from behind.

"Duck!" he cried covering my head. I only heard what seemed like a jet engine and wind going quick over our head. When I looked up I was a zooming bus. We both stood and stared at the sky; the jet stream.

I slowly looked back at him. "Oh – my – god. What was that?" But he dragged me along.

"No time to explain!" he said, I was pulled along inside the gym. I was dragged into a closet, and he locked the door.

"What is going on?" I growled angrily. "You tell me this minute or so help me -" he slapped his hand over my mouth.

"Be quiet." He whispered.

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