Chapter 9







I was falling with Chaz behind me and as I was falling I couldn't help but to think. what was I doing? how'd this even happen? A few months ago I wouldn't trust anyone and I was blissfully unaware that I was never going to see my mother ever again. But now I am jumping out of a plane just for my mom. This was a major change from before.

At my old house before my mother was kidnapped ….

Every day at the end of the elementary school day id walk into my large home and climb the stairs to my room. my sisters would be watching tv with the maids as usual something mind numbing and I would never join them. When I made it to the top of the stairs , I saw my father on the cell phone and packing his suit case. I walked inside my purple room , laying on my bed. When the hand stroke 5 , id run down stairs threw the kitchen and into the basement. I excitedly put on my lab coat and goggles. My mother showed up on the other end of the lab waving and smiling back. she was my best friend.

I loved being my mother's assistant. This was actually one of my hobbies. We'd work until dinner (which was late at night for us.). this is something that we loved to do that was before she was hired at a top secret science agency. Then the projects became more secret and she locked the door to keep me out of the basement. Then it was rare when I saw her. I used to wait outside the basement door just standing by long enough for her to come out. I even skipped dinner hoping she'd let me in.

One day my father caught me down stairs next to the lab door crying. He kneeled down next to me rubbing my back. "what's wrong Vi?" he asked softly.

"when am I ever going to see mommy?" I asked. my father pulled me into his arms.

"what do you mean , mommy's always here."

"but I never see her , and she never lets me in so I can help."

He sighed. "your helping by not helping."

"huh? "

"your just a kid , there some things that you can't do. Like play with knives and mysterious liquids that you can't pronounce. "

At that time I vowed that I would learn anything that I could about the art of combining liquids , every atom known to man, and understand every creation that was made. This took a while but it was worth it. One day when I was done reading I went down to the basement and see if she has came out or something so I could get and idea of what was happening. I saw her thru a crack , playing with something. It had been a remote. This confused me but then I saw her hit something and the air shook in the area. Then a large blue portal formed in the door across from her and a arm popped out then shot back in and the portal closed. But instead of being angry that she failed she excitedly took notes and recorded something on her tape recorder.

I tried to lean in more to see what was happening but the door swung open causing me to fall on my face and that startled my mom.

"Arent you supposed to be doing your homework." She replied stuffing the contraption in a drawer.

"what was that mom?" I asked curiously walking down the stairs to see her closely. I noticed that there were veins popping out of her head and throat. She didn't look at me. "why wont you let me help you mom ?" I asked as my voice cracked with the sound of tears.

"you just wont understand , your too young." She said angrily. "you need to get out." I ran out of the room rapidly.

Tonight I snuck out of my room and to the basement.

"Violet your too young ," I mockingly repeted as I went into the same drawr when she shoved the tv remote in. I looked at it and I was confused. It seemed like a plain old remote. It had numbers and buttons. I pressed a button and a beam shot out there was a loud crash against the room , it scared me as I went there and picked up what fell. It was a hammer. I heard food steps up stairs and hooves. I tossed the hammer some where unfortunatlly that some place was the table. The remote had shattered and my parents were standing at the top of the steps. They were shocked to see what had just happened. The remote sparked as I staired back at them with globe sized eye balls and my jaw dropped.

"I can explain-"I began running over to the accident. But my mom had waddled down the stairs fast enough to beat me.

"GET OUT OF MY LAB!" she screamed in response , I could feel the radiance of anger that bursted off of her. I had began to cry while standing there.

"I THOUGHT THIS WAS OUR LAB MOM ," I sobbed. "THIS USED TO BE OUR PROJECTS , WHY CANT YOU LET ME HELP. I STUDIED EVERY THING ABOUT SCIENCE. BESIDES IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! WHY CANT I SEE YOU ANYMORE?" I could tell that she was truly hearing what I was saying. Her face began to soften. I picked up the remote , and it shocked my hand , but I ignored it throwing it against the wall. It shattered as a blue mist bursted against the wall. I went back to stairing at my mother. "WHY CANT YOU SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY? THIS STUPID SCIENCE STUFF IS TOO IMPORTANT. I SEE." I said storming out of the room.

Since then it has never been the same with my mother. Every time she'd try to talk to me I'd block her out by talking to someone else or playing my music. id even avoid her at dinner. For once she came out of the lab and tried to have dinner with my family. But I took my plate from the table and marched up stairs to my room. I would usually eat there. in fact I spent most of my time in my room , alone.

My mother had explained though that her sciences were needed far out into the east for teaching and assistance. She had gotten a call that my aunt was going to pick her up as soon as possible. I almost broke my neck trying to cling on to her leg at that moment. I couldn't let her go, I haven't seen her in a long time( which was partly my fault for trying to ignore her) and these people were going to pry her away from my family forever.

My instincts told me that her assurances were wrong . I knew that she wouldn't be right back. once she hopped in the car with my aunt I could feel something was about to happen. But I was blissfully unaware of what really was to become of the situation.

I felt tears sting my eyes as we landed on the ground.

"I told you that you were going to be ok." Chaz said under the parachute.

My heart was stung also Everyone tried to assure me that I was going to be fine but it never really was going to be 'ok'. " for now." I muttered , escaping the oversized blanket. After securely hiding the chute I tried to locate where we were. It had appeared that we were in the forest outside a city.

" how are we going to find Simon." Chaz asked. I sat on the ground thinking. "wait don't you have the Genious feature?"

"I think so? What is that supposed to mean." I replied. I didn't understand what was happening , he had snatched me up by my arm patting me down.

"there's got to be a button somewhere," he replied continuing with the awkward search , spinning me around a few times.

"what are you looking for any way? Im sure I don't have it." I said trying to stand straight , but that was a bit complicated from my dizzy-ness.

"This Feature makes you sixty -eight precent computer."


"which means you can find your simon and we can get in and out in 30 minutes." He replied ending the search. We heard someone in the distance. He guided me inside a bush. There were two young men who walked past our bush. They looked like locals. They both wore identical silver bracelets. I curiously watched from the crowded bush as they took off the bracelets. Watching them morph into two built goons.

"I thought this was supposed to be a landfill for those resorces Jo needed." One goon said , they continued to walk and I followed. Chaz tried to get me to leave them alone but I ended up dragging him out of the bush.

The two goons lead us to a cave. It looked like it was made mainly of rocks and it could collapse at any moment. But instead they went inside , I tried to follow but chaz was holding the back of my shirt.

"this isnt a good idea , both of us go inside at the same time. "

"yeah , what are you afraid of the dark or something." I asked putting my hands on my hips. "ill hold your hand if you want."

"as much as id like that to be true ,it isnt what im talking about. For safty perpouses. Since we are here without orders and we found them we might need to wait for the team so they can assist." I rolled my eyes.

"are you scared ?" I asked.

" NO!" he replied , I could tell that he was getting angry.

"Is this because you have never been this close before? Neither have I , but you cant be afraid." I replied putting my hand on his shoulder. "you've gotten this far and its almost over. You already broke command and jumped out of an air craft. You can do it." I replied grabbing his hand and pulling him inside the hazordus cave.

We walked inside the cave in silence for what seemed like forever. I picked up sounds in the distance and a dim light followed. The shadow became larger and larger till there was a goon. He scratched his head , not noticing that Chaz and I were pressed onto the wall avoiding the beam of light from his flash light.

"i think boss is just foolin' about the security being breached." He said. "no people here." He said shining the light in every direction. Suddenly the goon was on the ground. he had collapsed face first.

"nice kick." Chaz said from behind me.

"yeah- yeah , now take his cloths off."

"what ?" he replied looking at me crazily.

"take his cloths off." I repeted.


"one ; He has on the same cloths as the other goons which makes it a uniform , two ; im a girl , and three ; he's yecky."

"right." He said kneeling down. When all was done he looked back at me. "now what."

"put it on and lets go!"

Groaning he followed orders and I explained the plan to him. at the end of the cave was a very large man who garded what seemed like an elevator.

"Halt ," the man boomed. "who are you two."

Grabbing my wrist and shaking it high in the air. "I caught this spy. Simon ordered me to bring her to him."

There was silence as he looked chaz over.

"Alright," the elevator opened behind him and he stepped out of the way. As we entered I looked away from the two. Then the elevator doors closed Chaz and I were giggling like idiots.

"I told you the i.q. of a goon is low." I laughed.

"I know," he replied letting my wrist go.

The elevator dinged that we were about to stop so we tried to settle down and got ready to step out of the elevator. The doors opened and there were a group of goons and the masked boy was at the front.

"well if it isnt violet!" he said. "we've been expecting you."

I was inside a room there was an large glass there in front of me. but I could see no way out of this room. simon was sitting across from me , with the goons and chaz (chained to the wall.) . I looked around the room through the glass. It was like a small meeting hall like the one that you would see in movies with kings and queens (a court) but it was all made of dirt.

"its been a while hasn't it?" simon asked taking off his mask.

"yet I cant say that our meet was pleasurable ." I replied from the other side of the glass , smoothly. But my heart was racing faster than a champion race horse.

"lets get to buissness."

"trouble." I muttered under my breath.

" give me the remote-" he said walking to the wall of glass

"I can see that you don't recall me telling you that I destroyied it."

"instructions." He finished , putting a gloved hand on the wall. "the new kid doesn't need to be nervous. Besides I have a proposal for you." as he said that three cages were lifted thru the floor. My family was inside those cages , and I couldn't take my eyes off of them . my father was in the largest , my mother was in the medium one , and my sisters were in small cage. Simon smirked. "your family is free to go. But you have to stay with me , and make a new remote."

"I cant do that." I said as my voice quivered. " being where we are now then we could destroy the world. Its not worth it."

"fine then. I was hoping that this wouldn't happen. " he said turning as one of the goons wheeled a large opage fish tank full of water next to him with a radio and handed it to him. "do you see what this is."

"yeah , it's a radio and a tank." I watched as he placed it on the ground.

"nope, its your death." he said holding the radio up above the tank. "see your up grades are so strong that you're a walking computer ; a robot. Nothing human is really left about you except for your skin and organs. But lets just cut to the chase." He dropped the radio in the water. Five seconds later sparks and bolts flew out of the tank with sudden rattles.

It hit me , its almost like suiside. Electronic + Human + Water = a nice barbeq crisp. I began to shake turning toward the other side of the wall. I felt like I was going to cry with anger. If I didn't stay id die , if I did stay the odds of death were a little lower.

"I will never help you." I replied thru the wall. I had to protect my family.

"fine. When your lungs become over filled with water your going to electrocute yourself ending your life and insuring that no one can save you. I bet your family would be happier without you." I could see my mom and sisters crying in the background and my father giving me a look as if it was a mistake.

"You don't have to do this Violet." My mom cried as simon pressed the button from his chair signaling for the water to come in. a piece of the wall was lowered and the pressure of the water was high. It wasn't long before the water was up to my ankles , then my knees, then up to my waist. it didn't take long before the water was at my sholders and I floated from the ground trying to stay above water. I waved good bye to my loved ones as my head hit the ceiling.

'am I really giving up now?' I thought to my self taking my last few puffs of air. 'wait , maybe this isnt the end. I can multiply. Maybe if I multiply so much that I can break the glass then they could over run and shut down simon.' There was no more space left now I was holding my breath. Suddenly there was another me , then another, then three more then five more. the tank was filled with me. but my time had ran out and my lungs couldn't hold veins in my head and in my neck slowly stopped pumping. Gradually becoming motionless with the clones there was a blue light that radiated from inside the waterfilled room. it had became so bright and there was so much energy that the glass shattered and the clones (and myself) had spilled out onto the floor.

Simon rose from his chair to look closely. "Ew ," he said as his face scrunched. My family began to cry even harder. "Dispose of the family too." They were taken out of the cage and forced to leave the room. but my littlest sister refused. She screamed as loud and as annoying as possible. The goon tried to push her along but she kicked him in the shin. He hunched over holding his knee.

"Get her!" Simon cried. But my sister had jumped on him.

"Your going to pay bad man." She said almost strangling him with his cape.

"Get it off!" simon shaked and jittered trying to shake the little girl off. But it was complicated trying to get rid of her. My family had joined in the rebellion. My father slugged gaws , my mom stomped toes and my other sister… kicked crotches. They all worked as a team to kick the snot out of those villains. That's family for 'ya.

Suddenly a bus crashed threw the ceiling. children fell out landing on their feet ready to fight.

"well then…" Jackson said looking around. "were late."

Matilda noticed that Simon was in a head lock by my baby sister it almost looked like she was going to break his neck . "they took care of everything." Matilda said.

"were's violet." Rudy asked chaz breaking him free from the chain. He ran over to the pile of bodies.

"She's dead!" he cried back . Flinch punched Simon in the face knocking him out.

"bummer." Ruby grinned turning away. "well lets go."

"ruby wait," Duncan said joining chaz. "look."

At the top of the bodies there was a cough , then sputters. The bodies turned to dust and I was found. My hair was white as a ghost and I my breath was heavy.

"I thought you were dead." Chaz said , holding my head up.

"if I multiplied and broke the glass the other parts of me would have had air. Thus giving me C.P.R. . If I hadn't done any of that I would have been crispy."

"Violet?" My mom said looking down at me.


She hugged me so hard I almost needed to give myself C.P.R again.

"Mom I cant breathe!" she was slightly putting pressure on my lungs and stomach. But I liked the deathly affection that she was giving. I missed her.

But over all we were back to being a big old happy family.


Over all we were a big happy family. Once we got home things worked out for me smoother I spent more time with my family. Daddy came back sooner. Mom Closed the lab so she could be their when we get home and go inside when I get ready for school. I helped my sisters by weekly taking them to karate classes and I could help the maids clean up and they could help me by watching the two Mini heros ; my sisters. That way id have more time with …

"CHAZ!" I laughed. Jumping down from a dangerous stack of cars in the junk yard. he shushed me grabbing my hand. We went to the same car that we first went to. He got on his side and I got on mine . watching the sun set as we did when we first met and when I first met his brother.

"im so angry at that darn computer. I mean really , it said that I am going to have white hair for a long time."

"I think it looks good on you." he smiled.

"thanks , but im dyeing it." I said putting my feet up.

"what'd your dad say." Chaz asked softly.

"well he said that were staying. On one condition."

"whats." that he said happily.

"that he gets a better security system." I smiled at him. "he's getting body gaurds when he goes into far places. He said those goons pulled him out his hotel room in nothing but a robe. But he says that they had enough decency to get cloths for him." chaz and I laughed watching the sun set. (AN:*this is the best part!*)

His hand slipped into mine. "so Brain-"

"I know I am a part of the team now but you don't have to call me brain. It's just a codename."

"oh," he said scratching his neck. His cheeks turned red. "I thought it'd be a cute nickname for you."

"what are you saying?" I asked sitting up.

"I just wanted you to – I mean you don't have to – but you would really make a good –" he was getting frustrated.

"HE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH YOU!" I heard a voice cry from above. The team had been purtched on the top of an extra dangerously high stack of Cars. I saw that Jackson was obviously the one who screamed that. I looked back at Chaz. I could tell that he was going to kill his brother from the look on his dark red face.


Instead of saying yes I kissed him. "I would love to be your girlfriend." I whispered ignoring the barf sound from above. I got out of the car and yelled at the top of my lungs.

"ILL RACE 'YALL TO THE PLAYGROUND." I ran out of the junk yard and to the playground.

I was finally apart of the team, is this the end , I think not.