Falling Through The Cracks

I was sitting around watching TV in my sweatpants, waiting for my life to start, when I first met him. It was late, but it was summer, and going to bed before midnight was not an option. I was sitting on our old sofa in the TV room of my house, watching That 70's Show. I was dressed in my comfy navy sweatpants and my Invader ZIM t-shirt. I was barefoot and had my wet curly hair pulled into a sloppy pony tail and had acne medicine smeared on the massive zit on my forehead. I was absently stroking my cat, Mr. Periwinkle, while I waited for a stupid commercial for some stupid hair dye to end. Staying true to my impatient self, I decided to go make myself a snack while I waited out the commercials.

I quietly walked out of the TV room and headed into the kitchen. The only noise was the distant sound of the TV in the other room and the gentle hum of the fridge. I puttered around the kitchen for a while concocting an elaborate ice cream sundae. I was just squirting whipped cream down my throat when the doorbell ran. I put the can down and quickly gulped down the whipped cream. I wiped my mouth and made a dash for the door. I had no idea who the hell would be coming by the house this late, but I didn't care. It was twelve o'clock, Dylan was sleeping, and if I woke him up he'd bitch to no end.

I ran for the door and speedily undid the lock and threw the door open. I was in too much of a panic about waking up Dylan that I didn't even check who it was before opening it, which was pretty stupid. The second I opened the door I realized just how stupid I was. Standing there, glad in black, was a young man. He didn't look much older then me and had death pale skin, blonde hair, and blood red eyes.

I screamed as he tackled me to the ground. I landed hard on my back, with the strange man's hand over my mouth. I struggled underneath him, screaming against his hand.
"Easy there," he told me. Desperately, I attempted to knee him in the stomach to get free. I did, but I was pretty sure I only hurt myself. It felt like kneeing a rock.

"Hmmmm, we've got a feisty one here," the guy pinning me said.
"Is that why you're doing this all wrong?" came a guy's voice from somewhere.

"Hey kid, here's a head's up," said the guy who had mauled me, "I'm the teacher here, you're the student. Don't tell me how to do my job."
"My apologies master," the other voice said sarcastically, "But it looks to me like your 'captive' is about to deck you."

While the two of them had been talking, and I was being smushed underneath this guy, I had tried to reach for something to help me get free. One of his hands was over my mouth and one was holding down one of my hands, which still left one hand of mine free. I reached behind me blindly while they talked, looking for some form of weapon. Eventually I found something that definitely counted as a weapon. My little brother's baseball bat was lieing at the bottom of the staircase. Usually I flipped a bitch on him for leaving his toys lieing on the ground (seeing as I always tripped over them) but now I was especially thankful.

I grabbed the bat and reached over the guy. Sadly though, his buddy had warned him and he saw it coming. So he moved his hand off my mouth to snag the bat from me. As soon as his hand left my mouth though I started screaming. He cut off my screaming though when he clamped his hand over my mouth again.

"You better keep her quiet, Benjamin" the other guy advised.
"Please kid," the guy on top of me, Benjamin, said, "I've been doing this since before you were born."

"You'd think you would've gotten good at by now . . ." his friend muttered.
"Just watch and learn kid," Benjamin instructed.

Just then the guy grabbed something out of his pocket, a hand still over my mouth as he crushed me. He pulled out a role of duct tape.
"Jesus Christ," I muttered as he momentarily released my mouth to put tape over it.

"There," he said, "Now . . ." He slid off me half way and then grabbed my legs and began pulling me. I attempted to scream as he pulled me towards the front door by my legs. I desperately grabbed at the railing next to the stairs to try and get some traction. Except that this guy was really, really strong. It was insane really. My hands slipped off quickly and he was dragging me across the floor. I screamed against the tape and struggled angrily.

"I'm watching," the guy, who I was now refering to as 'Kid' in my mind seeing as that's what Benjamin kept calling him, said, "When do I start learning?"
"Put a sock in it kid," Benjamin instructed, "You don't know what you're talking about."

"How about I prove I know what I'm talking about," Kid said, "How about we start over and you let me handle this my way? And it'll be a lot less messy. So how 'bout it? We got a bet?"
"Interesting proposition," he mused as he stopped pulling me, "But I know you want something out of this kid. What is it?"

"Okay, if I win, then I get to go solo," Kid said.
"And what about if I win?"

"On the off chance that the planets align and I am, somehow, wrong then . . . well, I don't know, what do you want?" he asked.
"Hmmm we'll discuss my conditions on the way home," Benjamin said, and suddenly he was no longer holding onto my legs. The tape disappeared off my mouth and just as I was about to scream, everything went fuzzy.

Slowly it all faded into blackness.