Since it's taken me twice as long to get here than I anticipated and the major all change hasn't yet happened I'm going to re title this story 'Cambridge Blues'. I have a few one shots back in the early days to post and then I'll come back to the continuation of this time line with 5.7 (and no doubt 5.8)

The conversation lulled as attention was drawn back to the TV. Mac was taking his time; despite banging sounds from the kitchen Dempsey concentrated on the football and in due course Mac reappeared with plates, a pile of pancakes, and a selection of toppings - well two toppings to be exact.
Dempsey's jaw hit the floor.

"Hey real maple syrup" Mac waved the bottle "best thing for pancakes"
Dempsey squeaked a panic stricken cough and Harry burst into an apparently unsolicited giggle; she tried tipping her head up to gauge James' distress but in the end she had to look away – his gaping mouth opening and shutting like a goldfish fighting for breath just kept reigniting her fit of giggles.
Mac balanced the plate of pancakes and started drizzling one with maple syrup.
Dempsey's mouth was dry, he swallowed trying to get some moistness but Dave misconstrued the attempt to moisten his lips and laughed "Dempsey's getting all of lather"

"Well the art of a good pancake is the generous topping" Mac finished drizzling syrup and folding the thing in half and the quarters. He then proceeded to open a pocket in the folds and shook the canister of cream

"Wooo…hey. cream n all!" Dempsey observed in horror

Harry shifted her gaze from Mac back to James, she caught his eye again and read his double dismay; blushing slightly she turned away in self protection.

Having pushed ample cream in Mac passed the first pancake to Tony at the same time reassuring Dempsey that 'he'd got plates'

"What! Dempsey house proud?" Bob mocked "Think he must have a new woman"

Tony roared "Jim always has a new woman"

"Hey I'm here" Dempsey protested, swinging his seat around

"So you want the next one?" Mac asked as he took the warm pancake and wove a grid of syrup over the disc with Dempsey saying 'that was plenty' and Tony reminding the present company 'that a couple of nights ago Dempsey had taken on a foursome'

Mac pulled the pocket open and shot the cream in as Dempsey let rip with a 'woah'

"Yeh but we've got no proof that he managed them" Dave challenged

James admitted that 'it tasted good' but his eyes were aggrieved as Dave got Mac to pile on the fillings for his. Harry's eyes were pained at the detail Tony was sharing about how cute Luscious Linda's girls were and Dempsey was quietly bricking it now unsure as to which was the most agonizing scenario.

"The thing was that that was only ad that ever changed in the lonely hearts" Dempsey started to explain

"You're that familiar with them" Bob asked

"Well a postage stamp sized paper don't have much to read" Dempsey justified

Harry groaned recognising his persistent dig at the Evening Standard

"But you had FOUR" Mac emphasised the four "women?"

"I booked four" Dempsey carefully placed his words "I wanted to crack the code" and willing Harry to read the truth he gave her a meaningful look "I can't help my reputation"

A goal distracted the conversation briefly but Harry held Dempsey's gaze "you've got a bloody big ego" she mouthed

"I sure have" he grinned cocking his eye brow

Mac turned to Harry offering her the next
"Keep drizzling" she instructed watching him working in a rhythm now "and full of cream" The plate tilted as Mac reached across causing Harry to stop the slide. Cream now sat on 3 of her fingers and Harry turned back to James as she deliberately cleaned each finger tip with a light touch of her tongue, a butterfly touch of her lips and the edging of the last finger into the O of her puckered lips. James groaned with frustration, his fingers gripping the remains of his own pancake and now there was the cream splurging down his knuckles

"Watch out you'll make a mess" Harry warned

"Not quite the one I had in mind" he uttered low enough for just Harry to hear

She dipped her head looking up through her lashes coyly "later" she promised

Mac had gone to find more supplies and retuned with another load of warm pancakes "Here" he pronounced "this lot's make your own" placing the pile on the coffee table and in one mass move everyone was kneeling in a circle.
Harry took the third pancake and held it waiting for the syrup "Here let me" Dempsey burned his stare into her eyes and they never unlocked as he dripped the sticky stuff across her food. The swirls of syrup built up as they connected and as he continued to pour their mouths were both opening, tips of tongues showing, tracing a circle desire ready to burst forth and very nearly breaking through despite the company.

Tony lifted the bottle out of Dempsey's grasp with a protest that 'he was hogging the syrup'. Harry took the can of cream being offered in exchange and without losing the pyrolytic contact with James she lifted it, tilted her head back and pressed the top releasing a stream of cream into her mouth

Dempsey could feel the pressure built up in his body "you can't do that to me - not now" he gasped breathlessly taking the can off her trying to resist thrusting his body over hers "I don't think I can last" he growled not if you do any more of that

To be honest Harry had already lost her self control and as she swallowed she pushed her lust back down as far as she could make it go

The syrup bottle was remarkably empty although the table had become remarkably sticky and, blissfully unaware of who had started the eating cream from the can; the boys had passed it, shaken it, and extrapolated any last contents into their own mouths.

"Whoops we've missed goal of the week" Mac noted as the closing credits cut in.



"Oh damn I forgot that bar of chocolate hang on two ticks" Tony stopped just yards down the road.

"Leave it" Mac moved on again

"It's on floor at the side of the sofa" Tony stood still "it won't take a second to pick it up"

"But it might interrupt something" Mac suggested now stationary but 5 yards ahead of Tony, Bob and Dave

"Interrupt?" puzzled Tony

Mac was exasperated "God are you thick?"

"It would seem so"

"Harry and Jim" Mac started

"Nah we've speculated for so long we gave up" Dave explained "they just work as one"

"So she wears his New York Yankees sweat top after going to a gym that's no where near her home at 10 at night?" Mac pointed out

"Well she arrived after us" Bob added

"And how do you explain her arriving with that bobby?" asked Tony "must be the new job for Monday"

"Dempsey is the best womaniser I know – he taught me tips" Dave offered as explanation

"And she had wet hair" Bob decided that was proof

They all walked on "Dempsey will eat my bloody chocolate" moaned Tony

"We ate his pancakes" Mac pointed out

"And his syrup and cream"

"Good goal from Clive Allen tonight"….. the four rolled on down the street



Harry laughed at Dempsey, at least he had successfully curtailed the evening with the boys, insisting on prepping the new job for Monday with Harry before he spent Sunday recovering in bed. Picking up the bar of chocolate that Tony had left behind she broke off a square and holding it in her teeth invited James to share it. By the time the miniature block had melted away their hands had discovered the nakedness that lay beneath their sweat tops. Dempsey led the way from the lounge and the scattered beer cans, dirty plates and empty containers but Harry tugged back towards the kitchen. She touched his nose and smirking cheekily she set the microwave to melt the chocolate bar and broke off a bunch of grapes.

His hands were teasing around her waist and his kisses across the back of neck. At the ping harry dipped a grape into her pot of melted chocolate and started the feeding process for the second time that day. On his first attempt Dempsey dropped chocolate onto their clothing and by his second their jumpers were piled next to the Fairy washing up liquid at the sinks edge. After the third attempt he gave up with dipping the grapes and drizzled the warm liquid on to her tongue. The over loaded teaspoon spilt half its contents over her upper body and his tongue traced over her curves as he rectified his mistake. The giggling pair decided that the bed offered more artistic opportunity, James managed to discard the remainder of his clothes and Harry's whilst she fed him the last of the grapes and then what started out as small drizzles here or there became more random; just before the supplies ran out their lust took over and they soared high thrilling, satisfying and exhausting each other.

They relaxed and settled enjoying mutual comfort, heart beats settling back to normal and breathing slower and steadier, drifting contentedly. "Wow" Dempsey breathed "that was…. wow"

Harry snuggled and murmured her assent until after a time she wriggled - freeing herself from the bed she pulled at the sheet. James' weight held it in place and she tugged sharply - he protested.

"There's chocolate all over" she pointed out

"It'll wash"

"Exactly my point"

"In the morning" Dempsey said pointedly

"You can't sleep in that" she protested "and we need to shower"

"I told you that before you had a bath" he noted her stern face and decided on discretion.

Five minutes later Dempsey, dripping wet, found Harry in his towelling robe standing over his ironing board. He took a dry towel from the cupboard and studied the creases fading from the cotton as Harry pressed both sheet and quilt cover.

"Ironed sheets?" incredulous was an understatement

"You've obviously never done that"

"I change 'em - that's more than most guys I know"

"There's very little that's closer to heaven than climbing into a bed with freshly laundered, crisp, ironed sheets" Harry explained almost dreamily

"I've got to admit that for me it's more about who's in there babe"

It took Harry less than a minute to do the necessary in the shower, soon she slipped on the long silk nightdress that James had packed for her and slid between the sheets.

"Absolute bliss" she moaned softly and leaned over to deliver a slow kiss "and I have no intention of getting up in the morning lieutenant" she whispered seductively as her lips moved down to his chest

Dempsey smiled "I'm thinking about getting up again right now" he drawled starting on her forehead and intending to cover every inch of her again.






References to Dempsey's dad as a mechanic, the car repair story and his conception as well as Harry's penchant for ironed sheets are all courtesy of stories Michael has told of his own life