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"Could someone please tell me why I'm the one doing this? " Kakashi, the squad leader of one of the most successful Anbu Special Forces teams, asked as Sakura fought a losing battle with his hair.

The pink haired woman rolled her eyes and yanked, too hard in Kakashi's humble opinion, on the hairbrush she had lodged in her superior's hair before she ground out. "You know very well why you are the one doing this… and DAMNIT Kakashi-Sensei what on earth do you use in your hair to get it to stick up like that! I've already washed it 2 times and it's still sticking all over the place!"

Kakashi thought "washed" must be a new word for water torture because the hair wash he'd had to suffer through earlier could only be likened to plunging criminals heads into water and threatening to drown them if they didn't talk, and no matter how much Kakashi had insisted that he really didn't use any hair products his torturer just wouldn't accept that answer.

"Just use the wig Sakura-Chaaan…" Naruto said in a bored voice as he fiddled with the pile of discarded clothing. He shuddered when he picked up the lacey dress with the frills… He was actually very glad he'd been delayed by Tsunade earlier which had caused him to be late for whatever this could be called because it certainly wasn't like any mission briefing he'd been to in all of his career and therefore he had been spared the sight of his lover in the frilly monstrosity. He just hoped that whatever outfit had been chosen didn't look anything like that, he'd hate to think what would happen to their sex life if he got that image stuck on his brain… he'd probably end up laughing his head off in the wrong moment or something.

"Guahh! Fine, give me the bloody thing then!"

Sai stepped involuntarily back when Sakura ripped the fake hair out of his hands. Being the "new guy" on the team could be hard a times and Sai had never really been good with people anyway so when Sakura was in one of those moods, which she was more often than not it seemed, he just kept out of her way as much as he could. He'd seen how hard she hit Naruto when she was annoyed about something and his pale complexion would probably be permanently bruised if she did the same to him.

"It just would have looked a lot more natural if we could have used your real hair, you have the length for it, but there's just nothing that can be done with that horrible mop!" Sakura grumbled as she pinned the wig to what Kakashi was sure was his scalp but was actually his hair.

"Which brings us back to why the hell am I the one doing this in the first place?" Kakashi said wincing as Sakura plunged another pin into his head. He'd have to seriously find out what he did to the girl this time considering all the assassination attempts he'd been put through by her hand. First he had been dressed in various outfits until she finally found one that felt suffocating enough for him, then she had proceeded to attempted drowning and now she was boring needles into his brain!

"You're the only one who fits his type and you know it! Naruto is too short and stocky and Sai would never be able pull the seduction off. Now stop complaining so we can finish getting you ready!"

Kakashi didn't even dare point out that he would have been ready an hour ago if it weren't for her… apparently getting ready for girls meant trying on at least 20 outfits, removing all body hair… and he meant ALL body hair!... twisting their hair into something so unnatural they had to use a full can of gel and two canisters of hairspray to hold it up and then putting on so much makeup they no longer looked anything like themselves. Although he really did have to admit that things really were quite interesting without all the hair… for example his clothes now felt very tingly and nice rubbing across his body although it did make him feel oddly naked somehow.

And Kakashi was already feeling horribly naked without his mask and bandanna; he couldn't imagine what it would be like once he was forced into those clothes again. Plus the color contact lens he wore must be faulty because it itched and he would occasionally see everything much darker when the black color of it would move in front of the pupil.

Sometimes it really didn't pay off to be the best team in the field Kakashi thought. They'd been assigned to catch a notorious serial killer who had been plaguing the city for some months. The killer only preyed on a certain type of transvestites and luckily for Kakashi he fit the body type perfectly; lean, tall and muscular. All men who should, according to their fit appearance, be able to defend themselves but had still been found strangled to death in various places of the city.

Once she'd finally finished putting on his makeup, a process that had been made difficult by Kakashi shouting that she was trying to make him go blind with the damn mascara, Sakura ushered him out of the chair and pushed the reluctant man towards the changing room. "Come ooon Kakashi-Sensei! Stop being such a damn brat about it!"

Damn brat about it! Kakashi thought he deserved to be whatever the hell he wanted about it while Sakura forced him into the outfit again. Granted they had been through a lot together but Kakashi had never been this close to his female team member before and he honestly would have been perfectly fine if he'd never in his life gone through having Sakura dress him and seeing him in clothes like these. He didn't so much mind the fact that she was in the same room as him while he was naked anymore, considering the fact that she had been the one to give him the full body wax earlier it wasn't the worst he'd been through.

And then of course Sakura did her final assassination attempt by trying to crush him with the corset.


Naruto was still fiddling with the odd assortment of clothes when the door to the changing rooms opened again. The first thing that caught his attention was the forever emotionless Sai actually turning beat red and grabbing his nose in a vain attempt to stem a nosebleed. Naruto turned around with a thoughtful look on his face and promptly fell off his chair.

There stood his lover in a black military jacket that had been styled so short that it looked more like sleeves than a jacket, a dark red corselet that, even with his strong lean figure, managed to make him look sexy instead of ridiculous. His feet looked like they would go on forever in those pin-heels and nylon stocking.

And to top it all off Kakashi was wearing a leather mini-skirt… a leather mini-skirt that really did not leave much for the imagination.

Well at least now he didn't have to worry that the image of his lover in drag would kill their sex life… all he had to worry about now would be surviving long enough to actually finish the act before he came prematurely or passed out from blood loss.