Nighttime, in the skies of Gensokyo.

Yamame, Orin and Satori fly through the sky, searching everywhere for Rika, Tenshi, and the spirit.

Satori tags behind the girls while looking around, then the thought suddenly strikes her.

She looks at Yamame and Orin and reads their minds, only to find food in there, so she asks "girls, what's this sudden obsession over finding those girls?"

Yamame and Orin look back at Satori, then look at each other, then Yamame smiles, giggles, and says "we have to repay Rika's kindness."

Orin immediately adds "yes, miss Satori. It's not every day we get treated to such tasty foods!"

Satori keeps her cool and collected face as she asks "wait, when did that happen?"

Yamame blushes and says "that little dead sparrow was especially tasty."

Orin giggles and adds "it was so nice of Rika to hold that service before cooking it."

Looking a little more confused, Satori asks "but when did all that happen? I didn't even smell any food there. She was even standing there, next to the celestial all the time!"

Yamame smiles back and says "you were too busy picking on that spirit, miss Satori."

Orin adds "you should keep your eyes open, Satori-sama", then looks at Yamame with a smile and exclaims "still, cooking all that food in just five seconds was pretty amazing!"

Yamame covers her drooling mouth, slurps, then says "oh yes, I totally agree!"

As the two girls giggle amongst themselves, a sweat drop falls down Satori's left cheek as she grabs her third eye, points it at herself, then says "dear mind, we have been abandoned."

Satori looks ahead as Yamame says "oh, I really hope Rika comes to meet Kisume. I'm sure she'll like her a lot."

Orin chuckles, then says "I want to see how fast she can cook again! Oh! Maybe she can cook a corpse for Okuu!"

The two girls giggle, making Satori sigh and look rather annoyed and disappointed, her third eye mimicking her own facial expression as they continue their search.

Meanwhile, down at the Youkai Forest, at a corner in the Youkai Mountain, Tenshi and Rika grunt as they struggle to keep on their knees while the sword collector continues to strike them with the lime-green bolt.

He smiles with malice, enjoying the girls' pain, yet not noticing that Tenshi has gotten used to the pain, and is merely feigning.

The spirit laughs, then says "all of this could have been avoided, ladies, if you had just given those swords to me. Now, it's too late. You can die, and once you are mere corpses, I'll takes those swords from you."

Tenshi rapidly stands up and charges at the spirit with her sword raised, shouting "not if I can help it!"

The spirit stops his attack to block Tenshi's sword with his own, giving Rika a chance to rest.

Coughing, Rika rolls to her back while on the ground, breathing in as much air as she can before coughing again.

Blocking the spirit's overhead strike, Tenshi looks back and asks "Rika, you are ok?"

Rika manages to sit up and reply "y-yes! Hang on, I'm coming!"

When Rika tries to get up, her exhaustion gets the best of her and only ends up falling on her seat as soon as she tries to get up again.

Tenshi, though exhausted, manages to fight off the spirit while saying "that's ok! I can take this WIMP all by myself!"

The spirit smiles back at Tenshi and says "how brave and noble of you, celestial. Just for that, I'll give you my all!"

The spirit swings his sword with great speed and strength, causing Tenshi's sword to vibrate and make a constant metallic sound that continues for a moment, while Tenshi recovers from the blow, then the sound stops, and Tenshi manages to stumble back to balance.

The spirit smiles and says "well, there's some fight in you yet. Well, it's just a matter of time now."

After seeing Tenshi staggering before regaining her balance for a second time, Rika feels great urgency, and tries with all her might to stand back up, then remembers reading about recovery spells from one of the books in Patchouli's library and Patchouli's own teachings on self-healing, then opens her hands and places them in front of her knees, closes her eyes, and says to herself "I hope I remember."

A mint-green light surrounds Rika's hands, and almost immediately spread around her legs.

Meanwhile, Tenshi struggles to keep on her feet, as every hard blow by the spirit takes a lot out of her, making her stagger backward, until she hits the mountain wall.

Rika finishes the spell and immediately springs on to her feet, excitedly saying "I'm coming, Tenshi! Hold on just a-"

To her horror, Rika witnesses as the spirit takes advantage of Tenshi's fatigue and pushes her sword out of the way, then lunges his blade straight into the right of her abdomen, then cutting her up by slashing further to the right.

She watches as Tenshi tries, but fails to scream while her eyes go blank and quickly drops to the ground.

To Rika, that moment lasts a whole minute, while in fact it only takes 5 seconds, and when she sees Tenshi fall to the ground she loses herself for a moment and attacks the spirit with relentless fury, her sword roaring with rage along with her as she activates her Soraogan mode and pushes the spirit away from Tenshi with sheer brute force.

The spirit frowns with fright as he jumps away from Rika, then says "I wasn't expecting this from someone as pure as you!"

Angry, Rika shouts "shut up and fight, you monster!"

The spirit smiles again, then says "I see. You sealed your darkness away, and now you channel it through that magnificent sword of yours. Now I REALLY want that weapon, miss."

Enraged, Rika lunges forward, trying for a killing strike, shouting "you'll pay! You'll pay for that!"

Filling his face with worry, the spirit blocks and backs away, doing his best to match Rika's attacks with his own sword.

After managing to push the spirit far enough from Tenshi, Rika stops her relentless attack and glares at the spirit, who stares back and confidently asks "are you done already?"

In her rage, Rika tosses her seal card in the air, and without declaring anything, the card activates and opens the large golden gate, which Rika enters and jumps out of with her fire and water swords.

With an ominous shadow on her angry face, Rika glares at the spirit and says "you dare take a life away, just so you can have a stupid sword! You're going to see the error of your ways before morning comes, and if not... well at least I'll feel better knowing there one less monster like you roaming about!"

She pulls out a spell card from her apron and shouts "Water and Dark Sign, Cocytus: Gessenkohou!"

Rika's sheathed water sword begins to charge up as soon Rika placer her left hand on the hilt, and just as the sheath itself starts to glow bright blue, she unsheathes the blade with a full swing, causing a giant tidal wave to rush forth, creating a large magical lake-like area.

The spirit and Rika now fly over the magical lake, then the spirit smiles and says "you missed."

Still glaring, Rika holds the hilt of her family sword with her right hand, charging it with dark red bolts, then unsheathes the sword with a full swing and covers the entire lake area in darkness.

Frightened, the spirit looks around, trying to see anything, but the darkness is too thick, yet Rika can see him as he shouts "that's is a nice trick, miss, but you'll need more than that to defeat me!"

Without making a sound, Rika starts to swing her water sword, creating many waves of water that settle above the spirit, and with a violent thrust downward from her sword, the blades turn into a thick and heavy rain that falls hard on the spirit, and Rika, using her water sword, controls their direction, recklessly moving them around to cause as much damage to the spirit as she can manage.

The spirit screams as the magical droplets cause actual damage, and finds himself unknowingly floating down to the large magical lake, where his foot touches the water and half of his body gets immediately frozen in a magical ice block that prevents him from phasing out.

Rika reveals herself to the spirits while in the darkness, her face showing undeniable rage as she sheathes her water sword and points her family sword at him, then says "so you want these swords so badly, you'd kill for them, is that it? How SELFISH! A sword isn't worth a life! It's meant to PROTECT lives!"

The spirit calmly replies "you are not a collector, dear. You don't know what you're talking about."

An ominous wind blows behind Rika, then she disappears into the darkness once more, where she uses her family sword to draw a large circle, creating a giant full moon-shaped dark danmaku orb, and as she does this, the image of a fake full moon appears behind her and the orb, making it look like the orb's outlines glow silver, and just as the darkness vanishes, Rika unleashes her attack and watches as the orb explodes on the smiling spirit, making him scream out, his scream echoing to the distance.

Meanwhile, flying above the fields near the Myouren Temple, Orin and Satori manage to sense the energy being used by Rika's spell, and raise their heads to look toward the Youkai Mountain.

Curious, Yamame asks "what is it?"

Orin excitedly exclaims "it's Rika! Come on, she's over there!"

Yamame gasps with excitement, then says "alright, let's go save her!"

Satori quietly follows after them, then thinks "these girls are very attached to that girl... especially Orin. N-no, Satori. You know how animals are. Give them food, and you win them over. I'll just have to cook something special for her, that's all."

Meanwhile, back at the Youkai mountain, after spending almost all her energy on that attack, Rika slowly heads toward Tenshi's body, then drops on her knees, letting her sword fall on top of Tenshi's making an "X" on the ground with them, then crawls straight toward the celestial, crying while whispering "I'm so sorry, Tenshi. I let him kill you. I wasn't strong enough."

Tenshi's lips begin to tremble as she grunts, then manages to whisper "yo-you idiot. C-celestials can't... die... that easily. It... takes more than... this to kill us. Even... with his stupid sword. It... still hurts."

Rika feels the weight of the world leave her shoulders after hearing Tenshi speak again, then manages to hug her while excitedly, and almost crying says "you're alive! Thank goodness, you're alive!"

Tenshi manages a weak smirk and says "you... crybaby. Heh heh."

From behind them, the voice of the spirit echoes as he says "aww, how touching. You know, if you were at least unconscious, I wouldn't have to kill you, but since you're both so wide awake, you leave me no choice."

Standing several feet away, the spirit stands with his clothes a little broken, and his posture seems to take some energy from him, just to keep himself balanced while standing, yet it seems he took little damage from Rika's attack.

Tired and frightened, Rika opens her eyes wide and whispers "how can that be?", then raises her voice as she says "I hit you! It was a direct hit!"

The spirit smiles and says "it was a very good attack, miss, but I am just too strong for you. Now..."

He raises his sword and points it toward the girls, then rapidly gets closer to Tenshi and Rika while shouting "you die!"

Unable to do anything else, Rika places her exhausted body over Tenshi's to try and protect her, then hears the spirit grunt and a woman's battle cry, while another shouts "Orin, push him hover here!"

Rika lifts her head along with Tenshi, then watch as Orin uses her claws to push the spirit away from themselves and Satori, who fires large red and blue orbs, along with red and blue shards in large circles, pushing him toward one of Yamame's webs.

Satori shouts "Orin, jump back!", then the spirit swings his sword with fury, missing Orin by an inch, then swings behind himself, cutting Yamame's web, and just as he sheathes his sword to get another, a red and white charm lands on his forehead, making his body look more solid.

When Satori, Orin and Yamame look back, they see Reimu, Shikieiki and Komachi standing in front of Rika and Tenshi, all looking furiously toward the spirit, then Reimu shouts "now let's see how strong you really are, mister!"

Smiling, Rika looks at Tenshi and whispers "Tenshi, we're saved!"

As Reimu, Shikieiki and the others force the spirit away from Rika and Tenshi, the exhausted girls smile at each other, then their swords start to glow brightly, looking like a giant bright "X" that flies in front of them, and just like that, Tenshi and Rika find themselves surrounded by a very familiar scene.

Rika and Tenshi find themselves on the ground of a large courtyard, looking around while wondering where they are, and that's when they see a man holding the Sword of Hisou, Tenshi's sword, while saying "she's just a DEFFECT!"

Recognizing the scene from that memory that presented itself during their fight on Bahva-Agra, Rika and Tenshi look with surprise at the events, watching what happened after that man tried to kill little Rika.

Tenshi whispers "it's that memory... again..."

Rika helps Tenshi up so she can see, then whispers "what is all this?"

Little Rika lies on the ground with the large sword wound on her back, and though in pain, she manages to turn around and look at her attacker as he prepares to strike her again.

Rika can see her parents running to her as fast as they can, but it is clear they cannot reach her in time.

The man swings the sword down without hesitation, only to be met my a little blue-haired girl that stands in the way, forcing him to stop his attack.

In a demanding tone, the man says "get out of the way! Don't you see she doesn't belong here?"

The little blue-haired girl shakes her head and defiantly stares back at the man, as if challenging him to even try.

Clenching his teeth, the man reluctantly sheathes his sword, knowing only too well the punishment that could befall him should something happen to this young girl, so with a loud "hmph", he walks away.

Tenshi looks at the little blue-haired girl and thinks "wait a moment. But that's... That was... me?"

Little Tenshi turns around and admires little Rika's beauty, then kneels beside her with a concerned face, and gently touches her head and asks "are you alright?"

Unable to speak from the pain, little Rika manages to blink a few times, letting little Tenshi know what she's going through, just because of her eyes.

Tenshi scowls as she looks toward the man that almost killed Rika and says "those bullies! I'll tell my father on them! That'll set them straight! Thinking they can do whatever they want. Phooey!"

Just then, Rika's parents arrive, her mother particularly angry at the situation, but both her and the father calm down and turn Rika around so that her mother can heal that wound, yet making Rika whimper from the pain.

Rika's parents and little Tenshi almost cry after that, but for Rika's sake, they manage to steel themselves as her mother begins the healing.

After healing Rika, the woman grabs her daughter, while her father combs her hair with his hand, joining in for a family hug, then set her down next to little Tenshi, Rika's mother saying "thank you for saving my daughter, little one! You are very brave."

Tenshi smiles at the man and woman, then looks at Rika's face and notices she's still crying, so in order to cheer her up, she points at herself with her thumb while smiling confidently, then says "the name's Chiko, which means 'arrow', or 'pledge'. What's your name?"

Rika stares at Tenshi for a moment, and after sniffling and wiping her tears from her face with her forearms, she says "m-my name is Rika. Thank you for protecting me, miss Chiko."

Tenshi sighs with annoyance and says "no, not miss! I am Chiko, not miss Chiko!"

Tenshi notices Rika's face, then sighs and puffs her chest, striking herself and making herself cough loudly, and after recovering she says "anyway, you don't need to thank me. You just focus on healing, and I'll make sure those bullies never do something like that again. They will pay for that, I'll make sure of it!"

After making Rika smile, Tenshi grabs Rika's hand and makes her entwine their pinkies together.

After noticing Rika's curious stare and chuckling a bit, little Tenshi says "with this, we make a promise. From now on, you and I are friends. In fact, I'll come by tomorrow, and every day, so we can play together, like friends should."

Still holding their pinkies entwined, little Rika and little Tenshi smile at each other, then Rika nods and says "yeah! I promise to play with you!"

Little Tenshi says "then let's pinky swear!"

At the same time as little Tenshi, little Rika, as if suddenly know what to do, says "here and now! We here by promise with this pinky swear to meet again and be friends!", then they both shake three times before breaking their pinkies apart, then they smile at each other as little Tenshi walks away, waving at the family of three, then turns around to follow the road back home.

The real Tenshi watches with shock-struck eyes as she whispers "I... I remember."

Rika looks at Tenshi curiously, then asks "Tenshi, are you ok?"

As if not even listening, Tenshi whispers "why? Why couldn't I remember this?"

Their surrounding turns black for a moment before their swords stop glowing and float back to the ground, still shaping an "X", and as soon as they find themselves back at the grounds of the Youkai Mountain, Tenshi breaks down to cry and embraces the surprised Rika.

While Rika and Tenshi watch their swords memories, Reimu, Shikieiki and Komachi use their danmaku to attack the spirit from the sky, and while Yamame sets up net traps on the ground, Orin tries to land her claws on him, and Satori tries to find an open spot to strike with her danmaku, but the spirit proves to be too strong and skilful, using one of his swords to create a powerful shield while avoiding Reimu's, Komachi's and Shikieiki's danmaku.

Confident, the spirit smiles and raises his arms in the air, leaving himself completely exposed as he says "HA! You may try all you want, you will never defeat me! I will not rest until those two swords are in my hands, right where they bel- OOF!"

The spirit stands stiff on the tip of his feet and drops his sword to the ground with his eyes open wide and his cheeks puffing up, and the girls in the field and in the air all wince at the sight.

A foot sticks itself between the spirit's legs, then slowly backs off, allowing the spirit to fall to the ground, curling into a ball as he writes all around in pain.

Surprised, Reimu exclaims "Parsee? Didn't you go a little overboard there?"

Grinning wickedly, Parsee watches as the spirit slowly stops on his belly, groaning as he tries to get back up, then raises her foot again, then stomps on the spirit's back with all her might.

With every stomp, Parsee speaks, saying "take... that... you... lousy... bastard! Don't... you... EVER... run... over... my... beautiful... BODY... AGAIN!"

Parsee's last stomp causes the spirit to groan loudly, accompanying his painful groan with a loud crack.

Satisfied, Parsee sighs, smiles, dusts her hands, then says "alright, he's all yours now."

Reimu, Shikieiki and Komachi float back to the ground and promptly pick the spirit by his arms and legs, preventing him from writing "so jealous" on the ground with his finger.

Satori approaches Parsee, and while Yamame and Orin join her, she asks "Parsee, what are you doing here? How did you find us?"

Surprised, Parsee says "what? What do you mean by that? I've been with you the whole time!"

Satori looks back with a confused face, even her eye looking up at Satori herself, then Orin sighs and says "Satori-sama, you really need to take a rest or something."

Yamame adds "seriously, you've been really off today."

Parsee smirks mischievously and says "geez, you're getting old, or something. Don't you remember? I was with you when you first trapped that damned spirit. I tried to bash his head with a large rock, but then you made me laugh when you called him a lolicon, so I dropped it."

Satori lets herself drop to the ground, some hair strands standing on end as she wriggles her lips and looks at her third eye, who looks back at her with a sweat drop to its left, then she says "but... I couldn't read your mind at all! I... I didn't see you!"

Parsee sighs with annoyance, then says "come on, I even yelled at you when he cut himself free from the web!"

Yamame and Orin nod at the same time, Orin saying "yup. She did.", while Yamame says "uh-huh, I heard her loud and clear."

Satori holds her head while her third eye start to spin, then says "bu-but... you were as surprised as me when we saw he was free."

Orin smiles and says "well, he was so close."

Satori lies on her side on the ground while holding her head, so Orin grabs her like a child and says "come on, I'll carry you for a while.", while Satori whispers "but I couldn't read her mind."

Parsee approaches Yamame, and with a mischievous smile, she says "he, heh. She's jealous of that Rika girl."

Moments later, Reimu, Shikieiki and Komachi throw the spirit close to Rika and Tenshi, then Reimu stomps his back, right where Parsee's footprint is, then shouts "SAY IT!"

The spirit groans as Reimu pushes her foot deeper, then says "I-I'm sorry! Please forgive my selfishness!"

Rika ignores his pathetic please for forgiveness, gently swaying her body left and right, while holding the sobbing celestial on her hands.

Reimu asks "Rika, is she alright?"

Before Rika can answer Reimu, Tenshi sobs loudly, then says "please... please forgive me! I didn't remember, I'm sorry! I am so very sorry, Rika! I'm sorry for calling you names. I'm sorry for making you battle me to the death! I'm sorry for ridiculing you like that! I'm-"

Rika shushes Tenshi and gently rubs the side of her head, then says "it's alright, Tenshi. I've already forgiven you. Ever since we finished our battle last time."

Tenshi trembles as she buries her face in Rika's chest, then says "thank you", just before expiring and falling unconscious on Rika's embrace.

Reimu exclaims "whoa, what happened to her!"

Rika says "it's alright. I managed to heal that wound of hers. She's just so exhausted."

Shikieiki smiles, then says to herself "good. They finally patched things up. They must have seen it."

Komachi stands close to Shikieiki and smiles, then says "just like you said, Eiki-sama."

Reimu looks at the spirit, then asks "and what should we do with this?"

The spirit groans with depression, then says "I failed to get my swords, so I don't CARE what you do with me."

Rika sighs and says "you are a mean spirit, mister. Caring more about swords than life. But I guess I can forgive you since you didn't really kill Tenshi."

The spirit bows his head as much as he can as he says "you have a wonderful soul, miss."

Rika looks at him, then asks "hey, about what you said... about my sword and me channeling..."

The spirit now sits with his legs crossed as he looks at Rika, then seriously says "I'm sorry, miss. A sword only reflects what the person carrying it holds. You cannot remove that, ever."

Rika sighs, then nods and says "I understand."

Curious, Reimu asks "did something happen?"

Rika smiles, then says "it's nothing important, miss Reimu."

Shikieiki smiles, knowing what Rika and the spirit were talking about, but keeps quiet.

The spirit now stands next to Reimu, placing a friendly elbow on her shoulder, saying "so, if there's nothing else, I shall be going..."

When he turns around, Orin, who holds Satori, Yamame and Parsee stand on his way, then Shikieiki, in a mischievous undertone, says "oh, you certainly are going..."

With glowing eyes and a crescent smile, Komachi raises her scythe, making it glow blue, then says "going straight back home!"

The spirit screams, and a blue beam of light flies straight back toward the subterranean with the screaming spirit in it.

The next morning, Tenshi wakes up inside the Hakurei Shrine, and immediately sees Rika kneeling to her right, squeezing some excess water from a moist towel.

Tenshi moans as she sits up, making Rika say "whoa, take it easy, Tenshi. You shouldn't be moving like that just yet."

Tenshi looks at Rika, ignoring her pleas, then grabs and embraces her tightly, saying "you really are an angel, little girl", causing the diamond on Rika's sword to glow bright blue for a long while before dimming down.

At first, Rika is a bit surprised, but after a moment, she calms down and hugs Tenshi back, then says "it's alright, Tenshi. I already told you that I forgive you."

Tenshi nods, and as she and Rika gently push each other back, she says "I'm sorry those bullies did that to you, but I assure you, they got what they deserved."

Rika smiles, then says "I don't really care about that, Tenshi. I'm just glad that you and I get to be friends. And now we can continue our friendship, just like we promised back then."

Tenshi gets up and walks out to the shrine's porch, stumbling a little before managing to sit down, then place her elbow on her thigh in order to rest her head on her hand.

Curious, Rika approaches Tenshi and asks "a-are you alright?"

Seemingly depressed, Tenshi says "we can't do that, Rika."

Worried, Rika gets closer to Tenshi, unable to see the smile on the celestial's face, then worriedly asks "but... why not?"

Tenshi turns around, revealing her smile to Rika, then extends her pinky to her and says "because we're going to make a new promise, to strengthen the old one."

Rika smiles back and immediately extends her pinky to Tenshi.

Watching from her room, Reimu smiles at the sight, then closes her door and sighs, saying to herself "that Rika sure is something."

Orin jumps from Reimu's closet and shouts "you can say that again, sis!"

Reimu shouts "what the hell are you doing here?"

Satori pops from Reimu's hamper, still holding her head and repeating "I just don't get it. I couldn't read her mind, I couldn't smell the food."

Yamame drops from the ceiling on her web with a smile, then asks "hey, when are you making breakfast?"

Reimu shouts "get out of my room!"

Parsee peeks her soaking wet head trough the window, wearing only a wrapped towel, then says "hey, why are you guys in there? I wanna go in there too."

Reimu shouts with all her might, her scream echoing all around the shrine, shouting "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM~"


Rika sweeps some orange leaves from the shrine grounds, while Reimu nervously drinks tea on the shrine's porch, trembling just slightly as she presses her teacup to her lips, and her hand shivers as she reaches for the dumpling on the small plate to her left.

She's about to take a bite out of her dumpling when there is a loud crash, and the sound of the shrine's roof crumbling.

As if waiting for this to happen, Reimu sighs, turns around to look at Tenshi, who sits on a large keystone, then asks "what the HELL do you want today, you ANNOYING CELESTIAL?"

Tenshi smiles and waves at Reimu, then says "came to see Rika!"

Reimu grumbles and says "again."

Tenshi smiles widely while closing her eyes and says "again!"

Trembling with rage, Reimu looks at her ceiling, then trails her eyes to two more patches on the it, then shouts "you're fixing that, again!"

Tenshi looks up, then says "darn, I should have veered a little more to the right."

Rika stands next to Reimu with a smile, and chuckles nervously, then says "Tenshi, welcome back. I see you made another hole..."

Tenshi blushes as she rubs the back of her head, then says "heh, sorry about that."

Rika pulls a hammer and some nails from under her apron, then says "the lumber's on the roof, so please do your best."

Tenshi grins as she accepts the hammer and nails, then salutes Rika and says "sure thing. I'll make it look like new!", then jumps out the shrine and up to the ceiling, leaving her keystone on the floor inside the shrine.

After rubbing her forehead with her index finger and thumb, Reimu sighs in anger and pushes the rock outside, where Marisa stands to the left of the porch, eating one of Reimu's dumplings, then asks "ah, so she's back again, ze?"

Remilia stands to Marisa's right, and sounding dignified, she says "really, I would have kicked that celestial right out of here from day one."

Reimu smacks Marisa on the back of her head for eating her dumpling, then looks at Remilia with a smile and says "you know, I thought of doing just that, but seeing Rika smile like that every time that celestial gets here really makes up for it."

Out in front, Rika smiles widely, looking angelic as she happily sweeps the grounds from all the autumn leaves.

Meanwhile, down at the higher levels of the former hell, Orin plays with a brush and red pain, working on painting a very familiar stone.

From inside the stone, the familiar voice of the sword collector's spirit desperately says "come on~ I apologized a thousand times already! What more do you want?"

Satori stands to the stone's right, and subtly points at it with her left hand, then says "Lolita~"

The spirit instinctively replies "complex."

After a moment, he angrily shouts "dammit! Fell for it again! Ugh! Has the yama said if I can go to the new hell yet?"

Satori flies away back to the palace, saying "it's getting hot in here. See you later, Orin."

Orin stops painting, swipes the sweat off her forehead with her forearm, then turns around and says "I'll be there in a flash, Satori-sama~"

The spirit desperately whispers "come on, you can tell me. When am I moving?"

Orin finishes with her red painting, kicks the bucket down to the lower levels, then says "sorry, old man. You've been denied! See ya."

The spirit screams "wait, how can this be? NO~"

On the rock, Orin painted the word "DENIED" in bright red for all to see.

After the spirit quiets down and everything seems to calm down, the spirit says "hmm... well, I guess all I can do now is just go back to sleep."

From the right, Parsee jumps out of hiding from behind some rocks with a wicked smile on her face, she chuckles, then quickly kicks the stone down the hole to the lower level, making the spirit scream as he falls, then looks down and shouts "now we're even, you beauty-trampling lolicon!"

At Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld, Youmu cries as she runs around wearing only an apron and her bloomers, tending the gardens, cleaning the clothes, dealing with new spirits, fixing Yuyuko's meals, and cleaning the shrine, all under Yuyuko's watchful eyes.

With her face red with embarrassment, Youmu cries "I'm so sorry, Yuyu-sama!"

Smiling, yet sounding strict and annoyed, Yuyuko says "less whining and more working! You be glad I refrained from forcing you to wear this tight little bik... err, what was this called again?"

Yuyuko lifts two separate white cloths on her right hand and shows them to Yukari, who opens her fan and giggles, then says "it's 'bikini' dear."

Yuyuko bows and smiles, then says "thank you", then turns back to addressing Youmu in that strict tone and says "this tight little bikini! Now MOVE IT!"

Youmu cries "wah~ And in front of a guest too."

Yuyuko continues to stare at the bikini, then suddenly stands up and playfully says "I think I'll try this on."

Yukari covers her face with her fan, while Youmu peeks her face with a dark blue shadow that is cast on her face, and her eyes turn to tiny white dots, while gushing streams of blood from her nose.

The end.

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

Rika's Water and Dark Sign "Cocytus: Gessenkohou" (Water and Dark Sign "Cocytus: Moon Fall") was created by Snapshot 2010

Story by Snapshot 2010

JUL 21 2010

Written by

Willie G.R.


And it finally ends, with a lot of random bangs everywhere, and Parsee getting her just revenge over the totally owned evil spirit. Poor Youmu, though. Maybe Yuyu-sama really is being too hard on her. Oh! And so that you understand where I got that "Lolita~ Complex" joke, it's from Touhou M-1 GP 4th – Satorin Okyuun. Can't leave the link, but you can find the subtitled version on Youtube under the names "4th 東方M-1ぐらんぷり: Satorin Okyuun Judging (English Subtitles)", and "4th 東方M-1ぐらんぷり: Satorin Okyuun (English Subtitles)".

Anyway, now that I am done with this, I'll fully focus on writing and posting the SDM's back story, so look forward to them. Anyway, you take care and see you next time, if the spirits will allow. On a side note: Don't give swords to Kogasa.

NOTE that our favorite celestial, Tenshi, had another name before forcefully ascending to heavens, which is why that other name was used for her younger self instead.