A/N: Well, here I am again! I told you I'd be back again soon… this story has been causing me so much pain. Haha. I spent many hours stressing over it… it's still unfinished, but since I have the story planned out, I figure 'what the heck?' and uploaded the prologue. I hope you enjoy. ^.^

Chapter 1: Prologue

An icy wind chilled the outskirts of the Pridelands as the darkness of night swept over it. Everything from the swaying grass to the tree leaves was tinged a silvery blue color. The savanna was eerily quiet; no animal in their right minds would dare come out at this hour of the night. But, of course, not all of the animals were in their right minds…

A pair of hyenas were resting together on a boulder that was a short distance from Priderock. Both were female, but they looked like polar opposites. One was very petite and light in color, and the other was very large and dark. They both had a mysterious aura surrounding them; one that would cause any sensible animal to shy away out of fright.

"It's a strange thing…" the dark one said, "what hunger will do to the mind."

"What do you mean, Shari?" the light one said. She had a very high pitched, scratchy voice.

"How… being hungry will cause you to do things that you wouldn't normally do…" Shari trailed off.

"Like…?" the light one prompted.

"Well, Jinga… for instance, killing your own kind…"

Jinga shuddered.

"Not that I've ever stooped to that level… but I've seen it happen," Shari whispered, examining her claws. There was a long silence. All that could be heard was the soothing music of the chirping Night Whisperers.

"We should really be getting back home, Shari… we could get caught if we stay…" Jinga whispered.

"WHO CARES?" Shari shouted through gritted teeth as she slammed her paw down. Jinga jumped.

"Shhh… Shari… you're gonna get us killed!"Jinga whispered loudly.

"Ever since… that… that…" Shari shook her head uncontrollably. "That… SIMBA… exiled us to that desolate wasteland…"

"Shari… calm down…"

"NO! I've been hungry for so… LONG!"

Shari lowered her head, regaining control.

"We've been forced to live in exile for so long…" Shari moaned. "Where food is scarce… and the lakes are dry…"

"I know, Shari…"Jinga said sympathetically.

"But not any longer…" Shari said in a dangerously low voice. Jinga looked up in surprise. Shari stood up and hopped off of the rock.

"We will no longer be treated like VERMIN! " She threw her head back on the word 'vermin.'

Jinga got up and followed Shari as she slunk up behind some tall grass.

"What are you getting at, Shari?" Jinga asked her. Shari smiled excitedly.

"Don't you see, Jinga? To hunt in the Pridelands, we must have control of the Pridelands!" Shari was practically shaking with excitement. "And, the only way to gain control of the Pridelands is to destroy its ruler…"

"You can't be serious…" Jinga stared at Shari with bewilderment. "You can't honestly think that we could bring down Simba?"

"Not on our own, we couldn't…" Shari said. "We'd have to get the whole pack involved!"

"Even if we did get the whole pack involved, we still couldn't beat him… he has his lionesses to protect him…"

Shari was pacing restlessly in front of Jinga. "We'd get him alone… away from all of the others. He's useless without them!"

Jinga furrowed her brow. "And… how are we going to do that, Shari?"

On that note, Shari's frantic pacing ceased. She cast a maniacal grin at her friend.

"We'll have to watch Simba. You know, see what makes him tick…" Shari grinned maliciously. "We'll have to find out his weakness…"

On that note, the two hyenas disappeared into the tall grass, swallowed up by the night.