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Chapter 1 – Into The Library

"Okay! Nobody panic! We've got everything under control! Stay back!" He stormed into the corridor, apparently locking the main doors and windows as he spoke. "Do as I say, everyone get into the library and stay there! It's for your own safety."

One of the hotel's receptionists seemed utterly shocked, marching up to him. "Who do you think you are? Stop this immediately!"

"I'm the Doctor, nice to meet you… Emily." He read off her name tag. "And this is Rose." A young blonde woman appeared behind him.


"Now if I were you I'd be doing what I say."

Rose ushered me into the library with a few others who had been watching the action unfold.

"Excuse me…" I grabbed her arm as she tried to leave the room. "What is going on?"

"Aliens…" She ran out the room back towards the Doctor, disappearing into one of the open rooms and coming out with a duvet, and dumping it into the library. She repeated this a few times as I watched, then asked me if I wanted to do something to help.

"Sure… like what?" I hesitantly replied, still slightly confused as to what was happening. I was aware that aliens existed, it was all over the news, you had to be blind and deaf not to know, but I'd never experienced it first hand until then.

"Kitchen… food…" She panted running back out again.

"Well don't just stand there!" The Doctor yelled to me, still in the midst of an argument with the receptionist. "Look! Either go into the library or leave now!" She left after that, clearly thinking that these two were absolutely crazy, and I guess off to try and find the hotel manager.

So I went to get some food, not entirely sure why; most likely thinking it would be important if there were aliens. I took as much as I could, Rose soon appeared to help, and we took it all back to the library where the Doctor was stood impatiently waiting.

"Good work." He began working on the door, it sounded like he was locking it, but he had no key.

"How are you…?"

"Sonic screwdriver." He held up this small silver tool, blue light glowing on the end as it made a whirring noise, and turned to finish locking the door. "Sorry what's your name?"


"Nice to meet you Ellie!" He grinned. "Right!" He announced to everyone. "I've detected an alien presence coming from this hotel… don't know what it is, but we'll soon find out! So if you could all just stay in here 'till it's safe, it would really help…. that's all for now!" He looked questioningly at his sonic screwdriver, tapping it like something was wrong. "Hmm…?"

"What?" I asked him, but he ignored me, peering at the blue light and apparently tracking something across the room. "What are you doing?" He was getting worryingly close to my parents as he continued towards them. "What are you doing to my parents?"

"Your parents seem to have an alien presence."

"My parents are not aliens!" I yelled at him, rather offended.

"I didn't mean that they were…. they just have an alien presence…" He then addressed my parents. "Ever encountered an alien? Were you ever somewhere where aliens attacked?"

"No they weren't!" I retaliated.

"Okay, okay…" He walked over to Rose, who it seemed had been trying to calm most of the others.

I watched as he took her away from them, discussing something with her, grinning at something she said, then kissing her. So that's how it is. I distinctly remember thinking, smiling at how cute they looked together.

I ended up wasting a lot of that afternoon with my parents, trying to reassure them that everything was fine, but when I had the chance I would go and talk to the Doctor and Rose, asking what they knew about the alien they'd tracked, aliens in general; embracing the chance to find out everything I could. The only contact I had with the other hotel guests was a brief introduction; names and a little small talk before going back to the people they knew; obviously pushed out of their comfort zone and terrified by it. But then again we all were.

"Ellie…" Someone caught my attention from across the room, just when I thought everyone else had fallen asleep. I shot him a questioning look, though I doubted he could see it. "Come here." He whispered to me; the room so silent I could hear him clearly. I got up from my place by the window; I'd been staring out of it for hours, so much running through my head that I wasn't even tired.

I struggled to remember his name as I walked over, a two minute conversation was all I knew of him and even then I couldn't remember if he'd even mentioned a name. I was kicking myself inside; yes I had good reason to be distracted, but I knew I should have been paying more attention.

"Hi…" I sat down next to him on the sofa, pausing as I took a moment to look at him. His eyes were shining as he smiled at me, delight and definitely something else in their depths; I knew he could tell I was staring; even in the low light I could see he was gorgeous. I gently pulled my gaze away. "You wanted something?" I tried to make it sound casual.

"We didn't get a chance to talk properly earlier… I'm Daniel by the way… you can call me Dan."

"Ellie… but you already knew that I guess."

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