Chapter 8 – The Two Travellers

The Doctor and Rose disappeared that morning, taking their blue box and leaving no evidence that they were ever there.

Every night since then I've looked up at the stars wondering how many alien species are out there, wondering what threat might be heading our way that we're completely unaware of. I wonder where the two travellers are right now, wonder which galaxy they're in and wonder if they're off on a dangerous adventure or just having a quiet day together.

Most of all I find myself praying for the two of them. In just a few days I witnessed the most beautiful relationship; the mere memory of losing her overwhelms him with pain, she soothes his every woe, he longs for her to always smile and she makes him endlessly happy. I have never seen two people more in love than them, nor anyone more deserving of the happily ever after that fairy tales speak of. And although I'm not sure what I'm praying to, I pray they are happy, I pray they are safe, and ultimately I pray they are together.

They never ask to be thanked, just move on to the next adventure, hand in hand. The Doctor and Rose; off to save the Universe once more.

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