Chapter 1

This is set for the episode Bloodbath in the beginning when

they figure out that there is a stalker going after Abby.

Abby is in her lab working on tests. She has just came back from court and she was tired. "Ugh! I hate court!" she groaned to herself.

Suddenly, Abby had the sudden urge of hunger building up in her stomach. So she went left her tests running and headed upstairs to the vending machine to get a Klowny Kake.


"Abs! Hey Abby, you down here?" McGee called out. "Hmm? I wonder where she is?" McGee thought. He looked around, searching for Abby. There was only one reason he was down there, and that was to see Abby in her court suit. Then, suddenly he saw her court suit hanging up and he realized she had already changed.

"Come on, Abby! I didn't get to see you in your suit, yet!" he yelled to no one, his voice echoing through the vacant lab.

Suddenly he started coughing violently and was becoming dizzy and light-headed, and he bent down, hands on his knees trying to control his breathing. He breathed in and then stopped to sniff; he had just enough time to smell the scent of bitter almonds in the air before he passed out.

Abby was coming down the elevator when she realized she hasn't seen McGee all day.

"Maybe he is down in the lab," she thought, smiling.

When she reached her lab door, she entered and immediately smelled the cyanide. At the same time, she saw someone's hand poking out from behind her evidence desk. Covering her mouth with her lab coat, she made her way over to the hand. Once she turned the corner, Abby gasped and bent down next to the body.

"Tim? Timmy! Come on, Timmy wake up!" Abby cried as she shook Tim's shoulders. Then she knew that crying wasn't going to help. Grabbing McGee's hand, Abby stood up and dragged Tim out of the room. Slamming the door, Abby hit the airlock button. Once the alarm went off, she dropped her lab coat from her mouth and bet down to McGee's mouth. She gasped when she couldn't feel his breath in her ears.

"Oh god, oh god. Timmy, no!" Abby cried. But then she told herself to calm down and check for a pulse. Pressing her trembling fingers to his cold neck, Abby let out a sigh of relief when she felt a weak thump against her finger. After five minutes of talking to him, even though he was unconscious, Gibbs, the team, and a group of men in lunar suits came running towards her. The lunar suited men rushed into the lab to decontaminate it, while Gibbs bent down to Abby and McGee.

"What happened, Abby," Gibbs said as he called an ambulance as Tony tried to wake McGee up.

"I-I don't know, I left for a few minutes and came down to see McGee passed out on the floor. Then I started smelling cyanide and I brought him out," cried Abby.

"It's okay, Abs, McGee will get through this." Gibbs said, looking down at McGee's pale face. His lips, nose and the tips of his fingers were blue and his chest was barely moving. He hoped McGee was going to get through this, and they were going to find the bastard who did this.