Chapter 6


The elevator bell rang and footsteps came closer and closer to the 'Team Gibbs' bullpen.

"Timmy!" Abby yelled and ran as fast as her legs could take her.

McGee was back from the hospital and was about to be attacked by one of Abby's bone-crushing hugs. Tim grunted when Abby jumped up onto him, almost knocking him backwards. He would of it Tony wasn't behind him to stop him from falling.

"Ah... Hey Abs, it's good to see you," gasped Tim. "Uh, I-I can't breathe, Abby."

"Oh, Sorry," she said as she let go.

Gibbs came up and shook McGee's and said, "Welcome back, McGee,"

"Thanks, Boss. It's good to be back. The doctor said I may be a little winded for a three weeks and my lungs may be scared, but he said I was good to go." replied Tim

Gibbs smiled and slapped McGee on the back. Ziva came up and hugged McGee and kissed him on the cheek. "Good to have you back, McGee."

"Thanks, Ziva," Tim said as he returned her hug.

McGee turned to Tony and nodded, and shook hands, "Welcome back, Probie."

"Thanks, Tony," said McGee as he smiled.

Gibbs returned to his desk and barked, "McGee, DiNozzo, David! Get to work!"

"Yes, Boss!"

"On it, Boss!"

"Yes, Gibbs!" A chorus of answers rang out.

"Yes," McGee thought, "It was good to be back."