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Chapter 77

Hot Rod raced though the hallways of the City. She couldn't believe what Optimus had asked her to do. He wanted to bond with her. What could she offer The leader of the Autobots as a mate. Her mind was filled with questions that she didn't have the answers to.

Hot Rod headed to the one place that she could think and sort things out. The one place where she always went to think or be alone. Lookout Mountain was the best place she could think of. She headed to the entrance of Autobot City and transformed. Unknown to her she was being followed as she left the city.

The drive to Lookout Mountain was fairly quick as Hot Rod was driving faster than she normally drove. She wanted to get to the lookout as fast as she could and get her processor cleared. Hot Rod arrived at the lookout in record time. She transformed into her robot form and headed over to her favorite spot and sat down bring her knees up to her chassis.

Why would Optimus want to bond with me. I'm nothing like Elita. She was courageous and confident in what she did. I couldn't even reveal that I was a femme until I almost went offline. Hot Rod thought to herself.

Hot Rod just didn't know what to do. Sure she love Optimus with all her spark but she wasn't sure that she wanted to bond with him. Bonding was permanent. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a noise behind her.

Hot Rod quickly stood up and brought out her weapon and turned around to see just what caused the noise. It was her sister.

"Whoa hold your fire Roddi. It just me." The pink femme exclaimed as she held her hands up in a surrender position.

"Sorry about that Arcee. I thought that you were someone else." Hot Rod said as she lowered her weapon and sat back down on the ledge.

Arcee went over to her sister and sat down beside her and put her head on Hot Rod's shoulder like she had always done when Hot Rod was having trouble in her life.

"What's the matter Roddi. You know that you can tell me." Arcee said softly.

"You know exactly what is wrong! What does Optimus see in me. What can I offer him if I bonded with him?" Hot Rod cried out.

"Well what he see in you is a lot of things. For starters he see a femme that is willing to defend her teammates when they don't even trust her. He sees a femme that will befriend a group of bots that not a lot of Autobots would even think about befriending. He see a femme that is loyal to her faction and he see a femme that is willing for forgive her teammates for the way they treated her." Arcee said softly as she wrapped an arm around Hot Rod's shoulders and pulled her sister close.

The pink femme knew that with out a doubt that Hot Rod loved Optimus but Hot Rod had told her a long time ago that there would be no way that someone would want to bond with her. Hot Rod was very independent and was afraid that if she bonded then she would have to give up her independence. This would not be the case with Optimus as he believe that the femmes had a right to be independent.

"Roddi you know that Optimus would never force you to give up your independence if you bonded with him. Take a look at Elita and her relationship with Optimus. She was a independent femme as was the leader of the femmes. Chromia is still very much independent from Ironhide. As well as Moonracer is with Ratchet. Optimus would never let you be dependent on him. He knows that you are a capable fighter and doesn't need anyone to cover you in battle." Arcee told Hot Rod who just looked at her.

"Maybe I'm just a little scared at what would happen. I've lived as a mech for most of my life and am used to being the protector and not the protectee." The flame colored femme said to her sister who was doing a great job of getting rid of her fears.

"Oh Roddi NO one is going to do that to you. Optimus would never make you give up fighting." Arcee replied. "Besides you would just ignore all the orders and do things your own way."

Hot Rod could hear the smile in Arcee's voice. She was right about the fact that she would still do things her own way.

"I think I'm ready to give Optimus my answer. Thanks Arcee." Hot Rod said giving her sister a big hug. What would she ever do with out her family who had been there for her though so much in such a short time.

"That's my sister." With saying that both femmes transformed and headed back to the city.

It took the femmes a few minutes to get back to The City but when they did the entire Autobot army and Soundwave and his creations were waiting for them.

Hot Rod transformed and walked up to Optimus who was walking towards her. She held up her hand to stop him.

"Before I tell you my answer I want to thank everyone that has help me though my transformation from a mech to a femme and from a teammate to a friend. You showed me so much. You showed me that I can be myself around you and still be treated the same. Soundwave, you and your creations help me when I was aboard the Nemesis and help me though a hard time when I was fighting with Chromia. For that I thank you." Hot Rod told the crown that was gathered.

"Now for my answer to Optimus's question. I ran away from him because I was scared of some things but thanks to Arcee I knew that I didn't have anything to be scared of. So here is my answer." Hot Rod trailed off causing everyone to hold their 'breaths'.

"I will bond with Optimus but not right now. I want to bond with him on my own terms." Hot Rod told the group.

Loud cheers erupted from the Autobots. They were happy that Hot Rod had agreed to bond with their commander but were a little disappointed that she wanted to wait a while.

Optimus walked up to Hot Rod and wrapped her up into a big bear hug. "I'll wait as long as you want me to. I admit that I may have asked you a little to soon but thank you for giving me an answer."

Hot Rod let a smile come to her face. She was glad that Optimus was alright with her answer. She really did want to bond with Optimus but not at the moment. As soon as Optimus released her, she turned to the group of Autobots that had gathered around them.

"What are we all standing out here for? There is still a party going on."

With saying that everyone headed back into the base to enjoy the party. Soundwave headed back to the Decepticon ship but not before he and his creation gave Hot Rod a huge hug and told her that he would always be on her side.

Hot Rod watch her friends leave for their base with a few tears in her optics. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Optimus looking at her with a loving look on his face. Hot Rod smiled back know that she was loved and would always be loved.

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